I’m annoyed….

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With myself. I was meant to see MiCats

Musculoskeletal Integrated Clinical Assessment and Treatment Service (MICATS)

on the 30th May to discuss my issues with my hand, and how I struggle at times to hold things, to pick up cups etc…

But I rescheduled for the Stafford County Show, knowing I had the GP the following day, and I could get the x-ray results.

Well…… That didn’t happen, somehow my appointment was 8.40am and I thought it was 1.40pm or 1.45pm so I rang to ask which one, and they dropped the info that I’d actually already missed it!! And the earliest I can get in, is 20th June!!

This is ridiculous, I feel like I’m never going to get my hand sorted out. Yes it’s totally my fault, so I’m annoyed with myself. Ggggrrrrr

Stafford County Show 2018

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Hubby actually entered a competition, and he won! A family ticket for our local county show at the showground. We got to pick either the Wednesday or Thursday. I wanted Wednesday, as it had showjumping on that day.

We got there on a drizzly wet grey Wednesday morning at 10.15am and had missed some things as it started at 7am!! But no way could I survive that length of time. It was busy busy busy immediately.

We headed straight for the animals arena, where better for me to start. There’s tonnes of stalls and marquees for tractors, clothing, crafts and food. But none of these really called us. Do first up was the #ferretshow which bizarrely I loved, it was entertaining as well as educational.

Following this was a #dancingsheep show, and yes… They did actually dance too. And again I found myself learning new things, all about the breeds and fleeces. How they sheer them too. I loved it.

These were highly entertaining, and though raining quite heavily we enjoyed it. Off for a walk around, looking at some stalls, eat our picnic too. Sadly not as I’d imaged, I’d hoped for glorious sunshine liked we’d had the day before.

Wandering around we spot ducks, rats, snakes and owls and the like.

Heard beautiful music from the Grandstand. Perfect addition to the day.

Can you believe we found a PINK tractor?! I loved it.

Along with new fantastic looking tractors, there’s vintage and retro ones too!!

Woodland areas with besom making, willow baskets, fabulous crafts. Gorgeous scenery and nature’s best views. It’s just brilliant being outside even if it’s raining.

Horses next, showjumping. My guilty pleasure. I love horses.

We then saw hounds and beagles.

Then it’s #dancingdiggers which was actually really good. It was clever and interesting, and good times along with it, even pink smoke and sparklers. What a way to end this awesome adventurous epic day!!

Now to not move for days, I’m broken body wise, pain through the roof. But worth it. Fabulous event.

35 weeks post #HipArthroscopy New Challenges #couch25k week 1

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As you may know in life, if you do the same thing over and over you soon plateau. And that’s where I am with my hip, I’m getting good and reliable with the post hip replacement exercises I’ve been doing since 28 weeks they have made a HUGE difference.

But I’m going to attempt to push my boundaries while I can. So I’ve started a #couchto5k NOT RUNNING I stress, more like 1minute walk unaided, walk aided 1.5mins and so on, to try and challenge the hip, strengthen the muscles and get this form of walking straight lasting longer and longer. Because I can walk unaided, but not well or for long. My form reverted back to #Trendelenburg gait and pain flares up hugely!!

To do this I can’t be far from home, and most definitely I can’t be alone, in case I can’t get home. And I honestly can’t do it for long, but every little helps (as Tesco says)

So far only I’ve done it Monday (run 1 week 1) and in the evening my hip was crunchy, slipping and unstable, and the following morning extra pain in the groin and outer hip, the opposite knee was weak and feeling sore, so I’ve obviously activated some long gone muscles.

Tuesday I chose to solely rest lower limbs as literally no choice in the matter. But instead I did weights for my upper limbs.

  • Bicep curl 10reps x4
  • Shoulder press 10reps x4
  • Lateral raise 10reps x4
  • Bicep row 10reps x4
  • Tricep kickback 10reps x4
  • Chest press 10reps x4
  • Tricep overhead 10reps x4
  • Front pick up 10reps x4

Now using 5kg weights. I get easily tired and have to have a break, also my hand needs bracing else holding the weights can be impossible.

Talking of hand, had to cancel my MiCats appointment on 30th May due to family adventures, so that’s rescheduled for 4th July, it’s only an assessment appointment anyways. I see the GP at least 31st May, so if any medication needed I’m sure she can prescribe.

Wednesday saw us doing run 2 week 1, tentative walking as hip is angry still. It’s so difficult to keep form, when joints feel so unstable, so slower than Monday, but persevering and even if I’m the slowest person alive, then I’m still happy as I’m progressing. Besides it’s great bonding time for me and hubby. Groin is feeling like it’s on fire after the session, so hot water bottle and medication to see if it settles down.

Thursday it’s a repeat of the upper arm weights, though my right elbow is feeling odd at times, I think the joint is loose?? But it’s doing me some good overall, getting out of breath, working the heart, it can only help surely. Outer hip pain is dull but ever constant. But groin pain is such a white HOT burning pain deep in the groin, near the pubis bone.

Friday is a killer day, I have #Physiotherapy at the hospital. Hip is all crunchy again, it does concern me a lot!! We are meant to do our run 3 week 1 today. But I’m exhausted, and sore, and wanting to amputate the leg, so I’m taking today as my rest day, and see how hip feels tomorrow. I’m disappointed with my body, it’s frustrating that it forces a rest on you when in your head you’re raring to go!! But the pain today is too great, too painful (maybe the damp weather isn’t helping pain levels too?)

*Hip steroid injection appointment came through and it’s for 27th June, so I feel better knowing they are ready and available, I can now arrange things around them, and hopefully settle all these pains down.*

Feeling Lost and Frustrated 34 weeks Hip Arthroscopy

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We’ve had some amazing days out, some glorious weather and family adventures, and I’m truly grateful. I really am.

But one thing always brings me down, and that is PAIN!! It’s limiting, it’s depressing, and it’s always always there!!

If it’s not my Hand it’s my Hip, or Lower back. The pain that blurs the edges of all the good that you do, the pain that awakens you from sleep, the pain you can’t escape. But what has kept me going is knowing that my steroid injection should be soon.

But I’ve learnt that although I was penciled in for end of May, it’s now looking more like mid to end of June. Which has admittedly took the wind out of my sails. I’m so frustrated by the waiting, and wondering, it’s agony.

It’s something I can’t change, and though I feel a little lost as to what to do. My husband is right I should just forget it, keep on, keep going, and don’t get stuck or hung up on this date. It will happen when it does.

So for now, it’s continue as often as I can with physio at home to help ease pains and stability, while understanding that I’m not a failure if there’s days I can’t do things (hardest thing to realise) rest days are important too.

Nickelback concert

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We were given the opportunity to see #Nickelback in concert in Birmingham Genting Arena, which I couldn’t pass up!!

Which is why it’s been hard to do physio, as I’ve being doing ‘normie’ activities instead. Though I confess they take some days to recover from, and an increase of pain medication. However, regardless of that, it’s an opportunity I thought was worth it, and I was right.

Got the train, so we could have a beer or two.

Stick and decent footwear worn, so I was prepared for the evening. I will say I needed to lean at times. And I was so bodily broken afterwards, it took 2 days of not moving to recover.

Had a nice cold #Amstel beer. Delicious

Seether was up first, and properly warmed up the crowd. Though they were way better than I imagined.

My leaning post, and support. Had the biggest giggles all night. We sang our hearts out, and truly loved every second.

Though it wasn’t our music genre and we were new to concerts, it was a truly magickal evening. I think I’m a rock convert!!

33 weeks post #hiparthroscopy. Clun Greenman Festival

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No physio this week, instead it’s been daily activities that normal people do. And I’m failing!! I just about manage an activity in a day, but it costs 2 days of complete reduction of any movement, or chores, or physio.


Monday we visited Clun for the green man festival, glorious sunshine and pagan friends, bringing in the summer blessings for Beltaine, it was perfect. I bought a #Selenite wand and #Quartz point, while hubby bought a gorgeous green man plaque.

We watched the battle on the bridge between the ice Queen and green man, and with his victory sunshine, warmth and life spring forth. And judging by the weather and flowers I’d say he’d successively achieved it.

Following this one day out Monday, I could not move much Tuesday, and Wednesday. The hip was crunchy, and unstable once again. I took to my crutch for support. Used a lot of hot water bottles too, to control the pain.

What I did manage to do was ring for my x-ray results (for my hand, my walking stick hand)…. Which are?? Well I don’t know, it says I require to see the doctor to discuss results, but not urgent (is to me, my hand is all but useless at this point) so appointment for gp is 31st May!! Curiosity is killing me. Only bonus is my MiCats appointment to see about steroid injection in hand is 30th May. Though I fear they will just do a consultation first, so I’ll have even longer to wait to deal with my hand!!

Bear in mind this hand has ALL of my weight going through it, it’s important so I can walk correctly and not waddle. It’s crucial to get it fixed.

And of course while hip slipped with no exercise present, shows me it’s 100% unreliable, unpredictable and I’m scared to make plans too much, as it can go at any time! I seriously hate my hip.


#birchbox 2 for £10 deal

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Now you may remember me telling you about the deal I snapped up with #birchbox where I got the awesome #cathkidston box and a mystery box for £10.

I loved my #cathkidston box enormously!! And I’d spied a #benefit product in there, and it made me very excited. And it was exactly what I wanted. A Hoola!!

Already I’ve used this as a transition shade on my eyes, to contour with and bronzer, an absolute must. I will be re buying this no doubt at all. It’s a matte bronzer so unlike the others, I’m not sparkling, so it looks more sunkissed than fake!!

Then we have a #PercyAndReed No oil oil, it nourishes hair with provitamin B5 and violet extract that protects hair even when heat styling.

Dry Shampoo by #Klorane with oat milk, I know dry shampoo seems a bit meh! But I’m actually chuffed, washing my hair can get too much for me at times, the energy and range of motion needed, I don’t always possess. So dry shampoo can be a chronic pain sufferers friend.

The last two products are a bit blah to me, only because I have these already. But they are good products, and do come in handy too. So though not exciting, I will use them up.

Fast acting Top Coat by #SecheVite it’s one of the leading top coats out there, creates a solid long lasting glossy seal, keeping your manicure looking fresh for days.

This brush cleaner is exclusive for #birchbox which is specially designed with grooves that give brushes a deep but gentle clean.

32 weeks post #hiparthroscopy physiotherapy appointment.

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This week I’ve actually felt normal. Sore, exhausted but more normal. It’s been full of action too, so less housebound which was amazing. This could be the upturn in weather and more sunshine.

Let’s face it, everything looks and feels better in the sunshine.

We went to the cinema to watch #AvengersInfinityWar which was more comfortable this time round to sit, but I’m not sure why. As it’s the same cinema and seats!? Though I didn’t do physio on the same day. Could that be the key?


A day later I saw a friend for coffee and chin wags, which was awesome. I also avoided physio this day, I was feeling it as I came home, so straight away I rested, and warmed joints with a heat pack.



Then I’ve had #TheVamps concert Night and Day Tour event, and though it was sitting, this bodily broke me. But I had physio at the Hospital prior to this event. So I’m sure that didn’t help. But I’m pleased I’ve managed to leave the house 3 times this week, a record for me!! Though admittedly now, I feel like I can’t move, or don’t want to move for a week!!



So what exercises did I do this week, well it was changed once again.

  • Leg Press 40lbs 30reps
  • Hip Extension Forwards Red Band 25 reps
  • Hip Extension Backwards Red Band 25 reps
  • Hip Abduction Red Band 25 reps (struggled with this)
  • Single Hip Bridge Right (op) Leg Bent 20 reps
  • Ball squeezed between knees Bridge 25 reps
  • Front Leg Raise, Abduction Red Band 20 reps (struggled)
  • Side Leg Raise Red Band 25 reps
  • Clam Raise Red Band 25 reps
  • Squeeze Swiss Ball Hip Adduction 25 reps
  • Side Steps straight leg, Red Band around knees 60 reps

Looking at this now, no wonder I feel broken now, lots of swelling around hip, it’s around 3inches bigger. Ibuprofen helps as good heat. I know for swelling you should use ice, but that doesn’t go well with me. So I use heat!!

No official appointment for physio until 25th may now, but I’ll do my every other day at home physio routine.

*Blood tests came back elevated still in ESR and CRP levels but negative for RF (Rheumatoid Factor) so I’ve had an x-ray on my hand, results in a week’s time*


#Birchbox celebrates 25yrs of #CathKidston


I saw this box as soon as it was released and uhmmed and arrhhhed about buying it. Deciding not to, until I saw them then advertising 2 boxes for £10. And then suddenly I’m all interested again.

So I gathered myself up and opened up my account once more purely for these 2 boxes. And I’m so glad I did.

Everything inside this box is 100% going to be used and loved, which is rare for me. I often find myself with at least 1 maybe 2 items that are a bit meh!!

First up was #ModelCo Baked Highlighter and though it’s tiny (it really is) it’s actually very beautiful, the shimmer is well pigmented so small amounts go a long way.

#BeautaniqBeauty #BrowGel and this is pure amazing, very natural and lightweight, its great for day make up, barely there days. It’s lovely.

Of course you can’t have a #CathKidston box without an item from them, and here I got a delicate pretty hand cream. I don’t actually use them, but I’m thinking I should, and what better one to try.

In the background of this photo above you can see the #AfterSpa Magic Make up Cloth. Super pink and soft and