#MarchMeetTheMaker Instagram Challenge the end already!!

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How I managed it, I’ll never know if I’m honest. I’m never organized and planned, but somehow I puddled through these 31days and completed it.

So first up was Day 22 ~ To do list. Organized. Well I do neither of these things, I’ve learnt over the years, some days I can be productive, others not a chance. So to do lists used to frustrate me and also remind me how disability rules my life. A stark reminder of things I could do, and no longer can. So I wing it.

Day 23 ~ Hands at Work, I’m really struggling with one hand at the moment, we think it’s Arthritis at the base of the thumb, or it could be ehlers danlos syndrome causing issues. So it’s often splinted or braced.

Day 24 ~ Achievement, my biggest one award wise is obviously my #SBS award that #TheoPaphitis created. But my own personal achievement is uniting spoonies around the world with my jewellery. And the greatest achievement is Family!!

Day 25 ~ Being a Maker means, I can wear jewellery that expresses my personality, it’s unique and often a one off piece. A do bespoke pieces and each one as unique as my customer, and always made with love.

Day 26 ~ Books, Podcasts etc…. I read all sorts but lately I’ve been diving back into my Tarot, Reiki and Witchcraft ones

Day 27 ~ Recommend a Maker, first off I recommend Oh Gosh Silver a silver smith that is incredible.

Then I recommend @masquerade_mad on Instagram, she made my queen of hearts headband for my 40th birthday!!

Day 28 ~ Organized, as I’ve said above I’m never Organized. To reduce bending and mobilising I have jewellery making stuff all over the place, rather than one spot. Messy as hell I am.

Day 29 ~ Community is my crafty friends, my spoonie customers, we all support and guide each other.

Day 30 ~ Top Tip, is be kind, to everyone. You never know their story, their demons, their struggles, and stay as positive as possible.

Last Day, Day 31 ~ Creative Friends. I recommend @ripbambi @percycutetees @masatolondon @terrifoss @icedraimbow @strangeling @cardsandcandlesforalloccassions all on Instagram, I personally own pieces from all of them, I speak to them and count them as artists close to my heart.

So there you have it, I’m cluttered, disorganized and I struggle a lot. But each piece I create is with love, care and with the customer in my heart.

Instagram Challenge #MarchMeetTheMaker week 3

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Somehow I’m still going and not missed any days. Not sure how, but I am.

So let’s get started with Day 15 ~ Boomerang. But I can’t do videos on here, but here is the still photo of said video.


Day 16 ~ Support, I posted a photo of my number one fan. My hubby, bless him, without him MysticMoon would not exist.


Day 17 ~ Feedback and Customers. And I’m extremely grateful for mine. I hate blowing my own trumpet, feels weird.


Day 18 ~ Inspiration and mine is this wonderful quote


Day 19 ~ Can’t live without. Easy peasy it’s Family for me


Day 20 ~ Tools of the Trade. My ever faithful beadsdirect tools, which I’ve had forever.


Day 21 ~ Day in the life of me. Well honestly it’s less about jewellery lately and more about recovery. Learning to walk unaided. Physio rules my life, I’m either doing it, or recovering from it.



So there’s another week completed, not long left of the challenge. I wish I had more jewellery to share, but honestly at this point my health comes first. Catch you again soon xx

Physiotherapy 26 weeks post hip arthroscopy

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images (16)

Following the successful Surgeons appointment last Tuesday 20th March, I felt more confident going into my physiotherapy appointment on 23rd March. As now I had more information on where he believes I am, and the realistic expectations we can have moving forward.

What happened at that appointment was, I was ushered in for an x-ray the minute I checked in. This was a pleasant surprise, I wore legging too, just in case, so no need to strip off, and I was done in a flash.

I specifically asked for Mr McB so I had a bit of a delay, but it was worth it. Once in there I explained my fears, my woes, asked for advice. I got patience, support, guidance and time too. Moving forward the plan is to see if a steroid injection will settle it down. As flares are common, but can be settled and good results happen once it does. Or it could be floating bone spurs off the femoral head rubbing. If the relief gives a few weeks or months great, or it could just give hours or days, that shorter length would indicate it’s time for the waiting list. So really I am delaying it potentially only until sept time this year, before I say yes to a replacement. I feel more confident in the process, less fear. My only downside was that it’s probable I would still have pain even after a replacement, as scar tissue, muscle damage etc from previous surgeries have affected the hip long term.

But in the meantime I should be doing physio as much as I can tolerate, to build up the muscles as best as I can. My Physiotherapist will love hearing that.


Learnt from Physiotherapist that it is grade 4 osteoarthritis in the femoral head, so it’s as bad as it gets. We both feel the steroid won’t do much, but it would give us a bit more time to build surrounding muscles. So that’s our view at the moment.

  • Stationary bike 5mins
  • Standing hip extension forwards, red band 15reps
  • Standing hip abduction red band 15reps
  • Standing hip extension backwards, red band 15reps
  • Hip bridges 15reps
  • Glute raises, lie on front 15reps
  • Swiss ball hip abduction squeezes 15reps
  • Side steps, green band 20reps

So my exercises have changed a bit to help build up supporting muscles, and not too many so I cause a huge flare up again.



Glastonbury ~ Spring Avalon Faery Fayre ~ Jasmine Becket Griffith Part 4



I know i know, 4 parts are excessive. But this was a weekend so full and packed that I had to share it. And of course my dream to see Jasmine Becket Griffith came true. So how could I not blog on this??

Last post on this I showed you the epic campsite and woodland walk, and the amenities. But I hadn’t shown you the pool!! Who knew that a pool was actually available and included in the price. After a nice gentle wake up ( you don’t often get them on campsites) we only got shouted awake by 2 children this time. We had some breakfast, coffee and had to pack up. I seriously didn’t want to leave.

Planning the day was hard as we had to also pick up our youngest from Nans, to take her home which added to our journey overall. So we packed up the tent and car, ready for the journey. Now came the decision what to do with the rest of the day? Should we try out the pool?? Well we did. I had too, never before have we had this opportunity on a campsite like this.


The pool was AMAZING!! Beautiful to look at, lovely and warm like a bath, and had plenty of lockers and seating in the area. How spoilt did I feel? Really spoilt, and we had the pool to ourselves too.

One big pool and one small baby pool, lovely decor and thoroughly relaxing. Just what we needed after all that packing.

As ever though swimming made us a bit tired, achy too (we’d both done hydrotherapy exercises in the pool) so the plan to walk up the Tor was but a pipe dream, especially for me. I’m nowhere ready for that yet (if ever??) as sad as that is to admit. So what could we do before the epic drive home. I shouted let’s see #JasmineBecketGriffith again, I mean I may as well, and this time ask for a photo with us both with her. And our wish was granted, because honestly she’s the nicest person you’ll meet, as well as her hubby Matt. He took the photo for us, so I’m truly grateful. Such a friendly couple, that really appreciate their fans, and go that extra mile for everyone they meet.



24 and 25 weeks Post #HipArthroscopy

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In the excitement of #Glastonbury and seeing my idol #JasmineBecketGiffith I noticed I hadn’t updated on my Physio and Hip Saga since week 23.

Well, where do I start? After a month away from physio at the Hospital due to sickness, being booked up and then snow drama. I finally got to see her on 12th March. And I had to tell her what had been truly going on.

Each time I do an activity, or at home physio, I’ve noticed a weakness, a giving way feeling and more recently a crunchy feeling too. Last slip I actually had to lie down on the floor for a while, and use crutch for a few days.

download (7)

So my Physiotherapist decided to actually test this reduced mobility and range of movement. Lots of lying on my back, allowing her to bend the knee and twisted leg in and outwards, straight leg hip abduction and adduction. All were very very painful inside the groin, white hot pain. It was good she actually got to see this joint behaving this way. And we discussed that it’s probably for the best to have the hip replacement sooner rather than later. Knowing that it isn’t a magic bullet, to cure all. But just touching the pelvic bone was tender as hell. Could it be scar tissue? Damaged muscle or nerves? Or is this bone pain? I just don’t know…. I’m at a loss, and I’m not ashamed to say I cried my eyes out too.


I’m scared to replace it, scared that it still wouldn’t end my (what feels like) an eternal quest to end pain. Could it cause more issues? More disabilities? In so many ways I’m so much better, I’m walking straighter, I can physically do more than before. But I just have this slippage and crunching that makes me feel vulnerable, scared to do things in case it slips as I’m out?

But on the other hand, what if it’s the answer? It’s a faster recovery than previous surgeries, what if this is all I need to be ‘me’ again. I have so many questions, my brain can’t handle it. I also feel selfish to keep putting my family through all this, a burden because I’m useless around the house, or for doing things. My whole life and families life evolves around hips and pain. I just want it to stop. I want to be able to clean my own house, or go out to town, without it being a military decision, heavy price long after the outing.

download (8)

Not only did we discuss getting onto the replacement waiting list, as who knows how long that will take, as it’s a custom one needed. Which require working with Switzerland, needing 3d CT scans etc all take time. But we discussed that perhaps it’s another tear, in the labrum. I thought a debridement was all of the labrum removed, however they can just be cleaned up and sadly re-tear again causing same old pains and symptoms. As touching the pelvic bone is soooooo TENDER it’s ridiculous. So the plan is to see what Surgeon says on 20th March and hope I ask the right questions, and I get some advice and guidance.

Anyone else feel like this and confused??

Glastonbury Camping ~ Jasmine Becket Griffith part 3

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Wow part 3 already, but I took so many photos to share, I thought it’s best to split the posts up so I don’t overwhelm you readers.

So last 10-11th March we drive down to the #SpringAvalonFaeryFayre to see Jasmine Becket Griffith and visit the Fayre, we planned to sleep overnight and we were camping!!

Rich found a perfect site, not too far away from Glastonbury, around 20min drive, so it did sadly mean we couldn’t visit pubs to drink in Glastonbury, but we had beer and whiskey for the tent (to keep us warm) along with electric hook up, this meant we had a heater, and electric kettle (bonus) we had artic sleeping bags too.

Our home for one night, honestly I could of stayed a week it was so lovely, peaceful and just perfect!!

Bathrooms well kept, power points, showers, hairdryers, vanity units, and artwork on walls. Kitchen areas well kept too. Cheeky bathroom selfie and hubby outside second kitchen area further up the site.

Included is also a pleasant woodland walk, to visit the onsite pool and games room, and restaurant. This site has it all.

After walks and setting up, watching the sun go down with a beer, we knew it was time to head back to Glastonbury for some tea. After much hunting, we came across some hidden sidestreets and found a chippy. Opting to eat in, we had the BEST chips ever. After those we headed back to the site for Whiskey nightcaps and much needed sleep. What an epic day!!

#MarchMeetTheMaker Instagram Challenge Week 2

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Not sure how I’m still going into week 2 but I managed it, even though I’ve been out and about I’ve stayed on track!! Go me.

Day 8 ~ Flatlay

Day 9 ~ How it’s made

All bits put together to create this

Day 10 ~ Relaxing I spent my relaxing camping with hubby and drinking whiskey

Day 11 ~ Branding

Day 12 ~ Post and Packaging

Day 13 ~ Work Clothes. Literally anything comfy especially if I can do physio in them too.

Day 14 ~ Dreams and Plans well nothing grand from me, I just want to be productive, happy, find new friends, support others and spread happiness.

So there you have another week of Instagram from me. Come follow at https://instagram.com/sirenmoonbee

Glastonbury Spring Avalon Faery Fayre ~ Jasmine Becket Griffith Part two

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In a previous post I explained that the weekend of 10th + 11th march I spent a glorious 2 days in Glastonbury, seeing my favourite artist Jasmine Becket Griffith, getting things signed and photos too. Along with visiting other stalls at the fayre, and sightseeing around this beautiful and quaint town. Every shop window was amazing, each spoke to me, the crystals, the witch tools, books, everything was incredible.

Have you ever seen such colourful vibrancy and energy in a shop window? I know I hadn’t.

Old buildings, new buildings, unusual buildings, it had it all, and I was thoroughly enjoying every minute of it.

Every side street was a treasure waiting to be discovered. You definitely need to explore and step off the main high street, you’ll discover some amazing sights. Walking through archways, crystal walls, the atmosphere is magickal, and it did my spirits the world of good just being here.

Next time I will show you the campsite and more Faery Fayre. But for now I’ve chewed your ears enough….

Spring Avalon Faery Fayre ~ Jasmine Becket Griffith part one

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After a whirlwind decision to drive to Glastonbury to go and see my favourite artist Jasmine Becket Griffith

All packed and ready we set off at 6.30am Saturday 10th March 2018. We aimed to get there before 10.30 when the fayre opened, so we could hopefully be rewarded with a limited edition chalice well fairy pin badge. But we had to be in the first 80 people there!! Not really hoping too much, but aimed for it anyways.

After some intense parking, the tightest spots imaginable, we arrived at 10am just enough time to gather ourselves together, quick loo break and go for it. Nerves were HIGH at this point!!

At 10.30 we entered via the disabled access, and I saw her immediately!! As I scanned the room I saw a huge queue!! She’s a popular lady, and honestly though the queue was long, it was lovely to see like minded people, that all appreciate the art of Jasmine. And I must say it’s my 1st ever event like this, and I loved being around such diverse range of people and ages. The outfits were amazing. I would of took photos of people, but I was honestly scared and didn’t want to look rude. I’m also Hella shy so couldn’t ask permission either.

Getting closer, and now nerves have really kicked in, I’m shaking, I feel sick, I’m sweating!! Ahhhhhh

We arrived at Strangeling UK stall first, and here we bought a 3D poster, a Calender, and Alice bag. With these we got the BADGES!! one each as we purchased separately and we even got a FREE FAN thanks to Jasmine’s Husband. It matches my bag!! Now we are next to meet them.


Here she is signing Hubby’s calendar on his birth month December. This makes it extra special.

Then here is hubby with Jasmine herself.


I got my colouring book, that I already own signed, and an oracle deck signed too.



I can’t tell you how amazing this experience was for me. I’m feeling extremely spoilt, and very lucky!! I LOVED this event, I can see me coming again that’s for sure.

Coming up soon is camping, and fayre part two……

Glastonbury here we come!! Faery Fayre

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We are off to Glastonbury for a flying visit. My favourite artist is holding a stall at the Faery Fayre it’s none other than Jasmine Beckett Griffith herself.

And I’m so excited!! Nervous and overwhelmed too. We are camping, but I’m well rehearsed for maximum luxury for hips and back, so that doesn’t worry me. Just lack of energy and pain thresholds do, but I guess they are what they are, I can’t change that. And I’ve waited years to see her. Cue fangirling moments!!

As you can see I own various oracle cards of hers, and I often use as backdrops for my jewellery. I also have 2 canvases, and 1 large print. I have a few things signed. But I’m hoping to take my colouring book, and a deck of cards to be signed.

Back in 2008 I also had a tattoo inspired by her #DarkRibbonFairy to cover an old shark (what was I thinking? Tattoo)

Halfway as tattoo done in 2 parts.


Much happier now the sharks covered. And my fairy is called Siren.

So now all I need to do is Sleep, ready for the big drive down there, and hope the weather isn’t too bad for use. Will post more once I’m back xx