Date has come :o) 8th of Jan

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So following my Metal Removal in August, the age old Pain deep inside the Hip Joint has never gone, nor eased with Activity and Physiotherapy, so finally the decision to have further surgery was made. The decision was not as easy it would seem. As I’ve now been on the Merry-Go-Round since 2007 and under O’H Doc since 2009 so knowing I have another 2 years is daunting, and overwhelming.

So I will say it’s been hard, emotional and physically stressful. While I’ve been recovering form the Metal Removal, I’ve had a seriously ill daughter who needed her own Hospital stays and surgery, and a Hubby that broke his Ribs. Ill house all round, with us barely holding it together. So to face a guaranteed major upheaval is really hard. But it is after Christmas (for once!) so I can have a good crutchfree Christmas and be done in the depths of Winter when people naturally hibernate anyways and be back to walking stick come Spring hopefully.

So what I am having done? I’m having a Triple Pelvic Ost, where they will break the Pelvis in 3 places, and shunt the Pelvis across to create a deeper Socket for the Ball Joint to fit into. I have had this done on the Left Hip, but as I had it done at the same time as the Left Femur was broken and lengthened, I’m sure the recovery was all the more grueling. So trying to remind positive that the Pelvis wont be as bad as the Two Femurs have been. They have prepared me for a 6-7inch scar on the Buttock (hope not) and the Knicker line on at 7inches. Which for my Right Leg would mean I have 4 scars then, ranging from 6-12inches long!! Looking like a Jigsaw inside and out, or a Raggy Doll. I’m hoping I can persuade him to just Lengthen the one Leg Scar instead of adding the Buttock one? Hoping it’s possible.