Bloody Stockings


Well i can certainly say i hate them, with a vengance!! It all started because i felt itchy on my legs, so i thought it might be my stockings irritating me, or the latex part as the rash and itching feels like an allergic reaction. I want to scratch my skin off, and i do rake it every night unfortunately, but it’s so hard to stop. Went to the GP’s to ask and got no joy really, she tried to write me a prescription but didn’t know any brands to write down, so asked me to pop over to the chemists to ask them, then she could write it and i could try a new brand and hopefully a new colour too, perhaps the itching would go?? Well the damn chemists said with or without a prescription i couldn’t have the ones they stock as they are for sale only, i’d have to go back to the hospital for some. But this hospital has already said i must go to the gp, not them. Aaaaarrrggghhh worse thing is i know other girls that are getting dvt stockings and tights on the nhs and in various colours!! So why can’t i? they gave me the bloody dvt from neglect and now they can’t be arsed to treat me, and worse still they had all overlooked the fact i’d had a stomach ulcer recently and i’m taking Warfrin without any sort of protection for my stomach. I only got worried as i’d just read in the local paper that a man had died as he had the same problem that they hospital staff had overlooked the fact he had a stomach ulcer while taking Warfrin and ultimately bled into his stomach and died. So terrified it would happen to me i asked the gp, who said oh you should of been on protective medication for the day you were diagnosed with a dvt. Well why wasn’t i?? How did my gp’s and consultant and the Anti-Co-ag nurse all miss this simple fact?? how anyone survives is beyond me, thats twice now i could of died from simple neglect. First was obviously walking around with a dvt getting bigger and bigger daily for 6 weeks because no-one wanted to give me any preventative treatment even though hip surgery alone puts you in a high risk category, i was extremely lucky for none of that clot to break off and kill me, seen as this is extremely common!! Second i could of bled to death anytime in the 3 months i’ve had this dvt without any stomach protecting medication. Disgusting is how i see it, there’s only so many times you can shrug off all these mistakes and put them down to bad luck. And did i mention our local hospital, is STAFFORD hospital and half of it is shut due to the novovirus, and you want to send me there, i don’t think so, i don’t have a death wish!!
So it’s all just so depressing to be honest, still have a staple stuck inside the leg, in the scar bit. And yes i’m still on 2 crutches officially, although around the home or quick visits out i use 1 crutch, but don’t have any appointments for x-rays until the 27th April.
And i’m still itchy, didn’t get any help from the gp and i haven’t got any help from the co-ag nurse either so i guess it’s up to me to find out why my legs are so itchy?? On the side effects of warfrin there is a skin rash warning, and i have recently changed brand of warfrin so i will try to change my brand back and see if that makes me feel any better. And try not to scratch myself until i bleed as that wont be very helpful. xx

New Blog for Jewellery


As the title says i’ve just started another blog about the jewellery i’ve been making in my spare time, that have had a huge impact on my recovery, both mentally and physically. Without this new journey i know i would not be the positive happy person i am, especailly as so many things have gone wrong that would make most people depressed and give up. But i’m having a blast discovering new things about myself and in positive thinking and the impact that alone can have on recovery times. My new blog is at and even if you think it’s all tosh, i think what have you got too lose buy trying?? Healing is more than just having tablets from the doctor or undergoing surgery, it’s about combining the Mind Body and Spirit.



My INR is 2.9 this week so it’s all good on the blood front, and i’m now allowed 3 weeks off before i have the next bloodtest! Yay no more pin cushion status for me. And for the first time since before surgery, i got on my stationary bike to exercise. I loved it. I had to make sure it had no resistance and i didn’t put more than 50% weight through the leg. But other than that it was lovely, it took it slowly as it’s more about putting my leg through the motion than me powering it out to burn calories. But it felt good and i managed to do 20 mins all in, funny how quick time goes when you do it in front of the tv. My warfrin dose is staying the same so that’s a weight off my mind, as the varying doses wipe me out, but it’s been like this now for over a month so the body is nice and used too it now.
Still upset about ESA but apart from doing all i need to do, such as contact people and welfare officers, and gather evidence such as x-rays and mri and ct scans to take before and after surgery to show the hearing. But after that i’m wanting to go with the flow and just concentrate with healing, and rehabbing as much as possible, so i can get out of this situation. Although if there were any jobs for my partner available he would love to get a job and save me the hassle!!
Thinking about it and feeling negative will only hinder my recovery and get me depressed so it’s not worth it, as the hearing may not be until June!! Going to see our local mp and get his take on it before election time as well, it may work in my favour?

ESA Employment support agency.


Employment support! Ha more like hell, thats what they put you through. My problems started when i went for an assessment on 1.11.09 and there a pen pusher fake doctor, stated i was fit to work, even though i couldn’t stand or sit for prolonged periods, walk with a walking stick and took a lot of painkillers all day everyday. Anyways i appealed that decision, and further stated that the assessment would be invalid after the 11.11.09 anyway due too having major surgery and recovery from that. Well my appeal decision came back yesterday and i also lost that. I am fit for work, even though i’m on two crutches for another 3 months at least, i have a HUGE dvt in the leg which means i have to raise the leg often, and not stand or sit for long times, otherwise the pain is so intense, and it swells. And i’m still on the same painkillers and can drop off alseep at the drop of a hat (hardly safe am i) and together with a lovely drug called Warfrin, which makes you cold, tired, and really a danger to anything, should you fall over or cut yourself you may bleed too death. You would need serious medical help. I somehow can’t see how someone would want to employ me in this state can you?? maybe when things have started to improve, hell i’d be the first to look for a job, it’s hardly the high life being bored out of your skull everyday with no money to play with is it? So angry that you have to deal with so many idiots, that have no medical background. They are not just calling me a liar but also they are discrediting the experience of all my Doctors and Consultants, they did not study for the best part of 25yrs + for a pen pusher to override their decisions!!

Anyways rant over i guess, the next step is a tribunal and lets see if i can get anyone to listen. May call my MP as well seen as it’s election time. How dare the Jobcentre take my Husband off Jobseekers to go onto ESA too make our life easier when all it’s done is give us hell. They did that so statistics look better for the Government. I understand some take the system for a ride, but i’d love to know how, as the internet is full of thousands of genuine disabled people not being paid properly, yet they claim there’s thousands of benefit cheats!! ( expenses anyone, the government can commit fraud, but i can’t claim genuinely without being made out to be a criminal)

Wish me luck guys, this is one stressful ride, and i’m sure it will hinder recovery xx