I got a date!!


Not the boy girl date kind, but the most important one ever!!! A date for surgery, i’m so excited, scared, worried, and a hundred other things all at once. Hubby is super worried, and i know he doesn’t want me to go ahead with it, only because he’s worried and he’s scared of losing me. He doesn’t realise he’s stuck with me for good, there’s no shaking me off his tail. Lol x
So the date then, Well it’s for 11th Nov so i was told last week and that gave me 7 weeks to go, now though it’s been a whole week of telling people and letting it sink in, so now it’s 6 weeks to go and counting….. I think it will go super duper fast as this next week i’m packing for a quick getaway with the kiddies and Chap in Wales, we’re planning on swimming everyday as that is one thing i can join in with! (sick of saying No i can’t do that, or No i’m too sore!) So by the time i get back from that and back to normal with washing etc… it will be around 4 weeks left, so then it’s Xmas shopping time as i’d like to get a fair bit done ahead of time. Then the rest of my shopping will have to be done online, which will be a blessing anyway as i hate Xmas shopping crowds and getting squashed, and rugby tackled to the floor!
And of course i’m trying to wangle a full Christmas dinner to be made for me, as i’ll still be on crutches so could be tiring and difficult in our small kitchen.

Now i need a packing list, and a list of questions to ask at my pre-op if i haven’t emailed them before then xx

All Better Now


I’m finally better, the pain has gone but i still have many tablets to take. So i will still take them and i’m not going to push my luck, by eating lots of spicy food either. I haven’t started to exercise like before, as every time i try it wrecks me for hours, so too does walking for around 30 mins. I’m shocked with how fast the hip has deteriorated, and the simple things i could do only 2 months ago are huge problems now. At least this pushes me forward towards my surgery not matter how frightened i am. I’m worried about the pain afterwards, but my friends (off injuryupdate thank you) has assured me the pre op pain is worse, so i’m banking on that as this is pretty awful, all day everyday.
I think i’m a lot happier now i’ve stopped fighting my own body, and started to except that i can’t do things and stop pushing myself that only makes me suffer for days later!! I’m going with the flow, but i must admit i’m counting down the days to op day. I haven’t got a date yet, but i’m hoping Santa will do this for Christmas for me, or if i’m really lucky i could get in sooner?!

Stomach Ulcers


Ouchy!!! I never really understood how painful stomach ache could be, it was a bolt out of the blue, so no warning system. I had cramping pains near my ribs, so the upper part of my tummy, and it went on for a few days,steadily getting worse so i headed to the GP’s for some advice. She said it was a stomach ulcer due to me taking my Diclofenac for too long (it’s been 4 years, of me taking it everyday twice a day!) and it’s inflamed my stomach. I’ve been given some new tablets and told to try and come off the Diclofenac if possible, i’m taking Omeprazole and i have removed the Diclo, although i can feel it in my hips that i no longer take these tablets. But the pain of the stomach was so bad i’m not going back on them, even if the hips do hurt!!
Spent the last four ish days set up on a make shift sofa bed, so i can watch sky planner while i’m dying, and not move much. Finally it seems to of eased a fair bit and it’s only when i’ve eaten something does it twinge again for a hour or so, then it will ease off again. The bonus is i’ve lost weight from all this, hopefully i can keep it off, then it will of been worth being poorly for. I feel like i should and could of been warned of this at any time from numerous GP’s and Specialists, and Orthopaedic Consultants, time and time again i find you the patient has to find the info for yourself, and if you can’t then your left in the dark! Because these people hardly tell you anything! Ok rant over, i’m just glad i’m feeling better now xx