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Let me introduce a fabulous jewellery designer #IcedRainbow. I recently received a twitter competition win from this jewellery company, and I thought I would show you all what I got. But first who is IcedRainbow

Founded in 2009 by Tom the designer and creator of icedrainbow.
Creating Fun Bold Colourful statement dainty home decor accessories and jewellery.

All of which are proudly handmade & manufactured in his UK studio office based in ESSEX.

Each piece is made with various materials such as SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS,perspex,wood & finished with sterling silver or stainless steel, His vast array of colourful products are Inspired by travelling wildlife nature and many other aspects of life , He’s always been creative and quirky as a self taught designer.

Having always been an artisan of many things way before icedrainbow. It all started in 2007 making things for family and friends to eventually setting up the website (icedrainbow) in 2009.

Tom Believes that it’s not what you wear that defines you, it’s how you make yourself feel when you wear what you buy, because each and every person has a different personality and accessorising your home and yourself lets you create a style that’s unique to you.

The meaning behind the name:
Anything can be iced in all colours of the rainbow,
by using crystals and colourful pieces of perspex in his work that was how the name came about, Tom is also a Qualified Chef & keen interest in baking hence the unusual colourful quirky name.

His Motto “Be Yourself,Be you be beautiful be true”
Express your style & wonderful nature through the art of icedrainbow’s creations. They’ve been Adorned by many, seen by few but mesmerise those who have stumbled upon them, Aim for the stars and never look back always look forward, creating a world full of colourful creations & providing homes, necks,cakes & kitchens with a wide range of rainbow delights.

So what did I receive as my prize, well I got a LOT.

I got five various happy birthday cards, 2 cute animal ones and 3 gin based ones, I love these. They are going to be hard to give away! I mean who doesn’t love a Gin birthday card.

buy here and find other cards too here


I received 3 pin badges, I got my favourite, which are a Mystical Hare, a Flamingo and Prosecco pin.

You can buy here various pin designs.

Flamingo Pin Mystical Hare

I also received some keyrings in the form of a delicious Battenburg, and Home keyrings. With a Hot Chocolate Magnet, and 2 pendants which are a Snowflake and Feather.

Find some over here Feather Charm Necklace

And here my Magnet is at home with my Beefeater from Harrods, and my Jack and Sally Disney Magnet designed by Jasmine Becket Griffith.

Find IcedRainbow at Instagram Twitter

Primark Haul… Can a haul be a few items??

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After an extremely long illnesses and then appointments, we finally went to Primark in our local town, I’d been wanting to go since Christmas. In fact I feared all bargains would be gone by now. But I was pleasantly surprised. So here’s my haul, can it be a haul when it’s 6 things in total?? I’m not sure, however here it is.

I managed to get some amazing bargains, I was feeling very spoilt and lucky. I know it’s not a lot to some, but for me I’m well pleased. I tend to buy things as I actually need, not just want, saves money, space and wastage that way.

First up I found a super soft cosy Burgundy jumper with Trumpet Sleeves. Totally has a 70’s vibe to it. I love this colour!! Was £10 down to £5

Then I ended up in nightwear the real reason I wanted to be there. I needed and wanted new pyjamas.

Soft and again cosy fleece PJ’s with super lazy pusheen kitty on. Childish yes, but who cares. I’m 41 but I love them. Was £11 down to £3 what a bargain!!

I bought pants too, but I’m not photographing them for you, no one needs to see them. But they were £5 for 3 pairs, Lacey and lattice design.

More PJ’s but Harry Potter ones this time, again were £11 down to £3.00 woohoo!! And I just had to wear them straight away last night. So comfy.

I also bought some false nails #CloudNine ones, as primark always does the best Halo ones, coffin ones and cheap too. My favourite place to buy them (probs weird as I’m an ex nail tech, but I love value for money) and of course their glue, I buy the 2pk glue that comes separate to the nails. So there you have it my mini haul, each thing I bought I totally love and will wear to death.

Until next time lovelies Debbie xx

My favourite 10 #Asos Christmas items

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So for something slightly different, instead of carrying on #London adventures for this #Blogmas post I thought I would search my favourite 10 items on Asos

All I did, was type in #Christmas in the search bar, to find my favourite things, be they Male or Female, Home Assessories, Decorations I chose things that caught my eye.

Cat hot water bottle, snuggly socks


Cute ultimately snuggly fluffy socks, and cat hot water bottle, if anyone knows me by now, I LOVE hot water bottles, so this is my number one gift. And actually I am that person that loves socks for any occassion. So this gift rates highly for me!

3 Set Causal PJ’s


From the ultra Glam #BouxAvenue here is an ultimate snuggle set, comfy trousers, relaxed tee and jacket. For all those wintery nights and Netflix binging.

Mickey Christmas T shirt


Who doesn’t love mickey, and all things Disney?? I love this mans T-shirt (though I’d be wearing it, not my husband) its subtle enough without it being overly childish, and the relaxed fit would make this extra comfortable.

Curve Christmas Jumper


I love this colour, but slightly scared of overly mustard tops, so this seems a good pop of colour without being too much. And honestly who can beat a good jumper.

Sass Belle 6 Decorations


These have really caught my eye, I love this style, and they are all so cute and traditional. And honestly not a bad price.

Christmas Tartan Pjs


I love PJs, and I love tartan, so these are win win for me. The traditional styling is also a favourite of mine.

Batman Stocking


This is so cute, I’d be chuffed to hang this up at the fireplace. I’d hope I’d get lots of DC comics merch put in. Marvel too, as really Marvel is my favourite.

Sass Belle Unicorn


I saw this and immediately thought of my mother in law, and youngest daughter. They are both unicorn crazy.

Christmas Fair Isle Hoodie


A perfect hoody to throw on, wrap up, get outside and have a snowball fight, or build a snowman. We’ve had lots of snow this weekend, and this hoodie would of been ace to have then. Keep you all warm, especially around the neck and head.

Lacoste PJs


Last but not least, Christmas PJs that don’t scream gimmick, cartoony or tartan. Just a classic chic look, that can be worn throughout the year. They look so comfortable as well.

So there you have it, my favourite 10 pieces available on Asos (my favourite shop of ALL time)


Clothes Sizing, what’s the deal?


serenity-apartments (1)

I’ve finally booked an aboard holiday, and with much excitement I embarked on the exciting holiday clothes hunt.

I knew I needed new clothes, as its been a few years since my last holiday, and with my hip issues and medication, I’ve gained weight. Which is depressing enough, but I was confident I’d find something nice to wear.

And so we hit the shops, now with surgery coming up in less than 3 months, I needed clothes that are as cheap as possible, in case my weight changes again. So my obvious choice was #Primark.


I managed to find numerous size 14 things I liked, and couldn’t wait to try at home, I also found some pieces I loved in #Asda of all places.


My joy was short lived however once home,  ALL of my size 14 from primark were like size 10’s!! My #Asda size 14 fit, but not #Primark. I’ve had similar issues from #H&M too.

I know I can swap the sizes, but I fear according to #Primark I’m more of a size 20 and although it doesn’t dent my pride, I think of those that are affected by numbers and society telling them what is and isn’t acceptable. Is this a price of cheap clothing? Is this the consequence of fast fashion? I could agree on many counts, but having been successful with #Asda who were as cheap as #Primark, but definitely better quality and better true sizing, you really can have cheap clothes, and have them for many years (as I literally will wear my clothes to their natural end, not because fashion trends dictate the end to me)

But its not all bad at #Primark the shoes are always fabulous and last me many years, and their flip flops too. And of course the all important #Unicorn inflatable couldn’t be bought anywhere else. So I had my successes there too. And boy oh boy is this inflatable HUGE!!

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#AccessAllASOS Summer is Nearly Here!! Festivals, BBQ’s and Ibiza Baby!!

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#AccessAllASOS Summer is nearly Here!! Festival Season, BBQ’s and Ibiza

Yay!! Summer is nearly here! And I love it, the Warm Air, Blue Skies and BBQ’s Aroma’s whats not to like? Well I guess wasps and mozzie’s but Hey, not bad really!! Open Air Music Festivals and Happy Smiley Faces make Summer my favorite season. And this year, I plan to do as much as my Disability allows, Physio is really helping and all the commitment I’ve given it over the Winter, is starting to pay off. I’m Slimmer, more Toned, and Lighter (which the Hips will really benefit from if I’m honest) and Hips are getting more ‘normal’ Not Pain Free by any stretch, or even walking unaided, but definitely an improvement, which I hope continues…

So with new body shape, comes the Fashion? What can I wear for the Summer this year? Scars still an issue, as in they are so big I can’t hide them, and I can’t hide the dents and lumps that surgery behind the scars create either. So Planning ahead, I use a Tanning Lotion, Usually I use this Tanning lotion

Which for Casper Ghostly white skin like mine is perfect, and it hides the scars too a bit. Not an easy thing to do when they range from 12inches to 4inches. But spotted this cheeky number on Asos it’s called Cheeky ‘Turn Me On’  Gradual Tan and it’s £12.00 for 200ml and looks like this.
and you can find it here
Or for the cheaper alternative but still just as cute and quirky there is No More White Bits, Instant Self Tan Mousse and that is £4.00 for 200ml. And it looks like this.
And you can find it here.
But as that is an Instant one rather than Gradual, I’m leaning more towards the Cheeky one, as I prefer the Gradual Tans that seem to wear longer and cover better on me. So Tan sorted now for some Clothes…. Looking on Asos I can see I’m lusting after
From top to toe, You can be Summer Ready, and Rocking the Latest Looks from Asos so what are you waiting for…….
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