Hydrotherapy and Physio

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Things are going well in the Hydrotherapy pool, although admittedly I never learn my lessons and overdo it every time and curse like hell the day later or even a few hours later!! This time it was almost as soon as I got out of the pool, I had been doing a step with bad leg going first, and not holding on for stability which was seemingly easy ish inside the pool, But boy did it kick my ass out of the pool. Took me from Monday afternoon til Wednesday Morning to feel like I could move without crying, Only for a land physio session to ass kick me that day too, So now it’s Friday and I’m suffering to hell. But it is a progress hurt at least.

The Hypermobility Physio has signed me off as my crutches are causing the problem with my shoulders, and until I stop using them (can’t for another 3months) the pain and instability will keep occurring and never go away. So instead I’ve been given tools (Red then Green Theraband) to use daily in a sequence of exercises built to build the stability of the muscles around the joint, to hold the joint in the socket. So far they are working a treat and I’m getting stronger with less pain too, hence the promotion from Red band to harder Green band.

So now I am equal on legs and shoulders, Both on a Green Band which I’ve never had before and didn’t know existed either. They are hard and it’s working the muscles out proper. Even though 10 mins on the WiiFit doing Yoga equally killed me off too, not even doing ridiculous things, just Half Moon and Warrior Pose and Sun Salutation but it felt good at the time, just suffered afterwards, mainly in the knee area and quads too.

So it’s all just physio and working out as much as possible for me, in the run up to Sept (when I hope to snatch a holiday before the next surgery in Dec time) Hope your all healing well and making the most of your mobility, as trust me once it’s gone…. it’s damn hard to get it back!

Hippie Woes

Health, Hips, Hypermobility, SURGERY, Triple Pelvic Ost, Femoral Ost, PAO

After a recent appointment with O’Hara and new X-Ray I’m still on 1 crutch for another 3 months, as although it was grown and is healing it’s not fully there as of yet. He explained that while the plate is there the muscle is no longer attached to the bone as it normally is, this is why you can’t leave the metalwork in. As with this foreign body inbetween the bone and muscle the tissue,tendons and nerves around it will never feel ok, and will upset the knee (as it is massively) due to the twist and tension the muscles are put under. Goodness I culd have O’Hara explain this to Atos, would make life alot easier! I walked away feeling so much better and with a feeling of understanding for once. No longer did I feel frustrated with the pains and aches and the knee.

I have a massive glimp/limp without my stick, and although it’s very very tempting to walk without a stick or crutch I will cause myself to have this glimp/limp forever so it’s best now to do my official exercises. The ones O’Hara gave me, using a chair with bad leg nearest chair and good leg a bit in front, slowly rising and squatting (as if to sit down on chair) this puts all your weight on our bad leg, and strengthens the knee, muscles and hip this alone can stop the limping. Thankfully my Hydro therapist recommended the same exercise, so I have full confidence in her and that she knows what direct I should be moving in.

Lbs definitely need losing as I’m now 2stone heavier than when I started this surgery hippie journey which can’t be good for the old joints, I feel like it must be mainly my inactivity as I only roughly eat 1500 cals on a basic day anyway, I use MyFitnessPal as it helps calculate the cals easily with most supermarket food listed in there already, and you can easily add your activity too, no matter how small. I’m MysticMoon on there should anyone want to add me as a friend on there. Any tips of advice on how to increase activity and monitor food better gratefully received.