55 Weeks Post #HipReplacement

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Flying by these weeks and in general I’m feeling pretty good. So it’s easy to forget yourself and act normally.

In my case I spent the longest time without my stick, only to be harshly reminded it’s not at it’s best yet!! And I’m not ready to say goodbye to it either, mores the pity.

I’ve been so focused on my hands recently, That I’d overlooked my hips entirely!! Which has caused a huge kick in the ass. I’ve got that familiar sitting on a golf ball feeling back,though I have been perhaps overdoing it lately.

With that in mind, I’ve had a whole week of resting the hip, but now it’s physio time. I hope it doesn’t kill me off again.

  • Stationary bike level 2 x 5mins
  • Leg press 40kg x 20reps
  • Kettle bell glute squeeze x 20reps
  • Upside down Bosu ball squats x 20reps
  • Flat Bosu ball side lunges x 20reps
  • Standing on 1leg on Flat Bosu ball x 1min
  • Trampoline marching x 1min
  • Side steps up stairs x 20reps

I did more than I’ve ever done, hard sweaty but I survived. Now back to that resting!!

Good Food, and Great Company

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It can’t always be doom and gloom, and this girl needs more than just outings to the hospital, or doctors surgeries. I mean you become very depressed and anxious always staying housebound and hospital bound.

Some days you have to get out and about and try to be normal.

We popped out for a Half price steak night, at Ego Resturant. It’s rare we eat red meat, and usually it’s for a posh meal. I’m using this date to celebrate my 1yr post hip replacement. As we did this exactly last year the night before my surgery.

It was nicely busy, and it was just what we needed. The atmosphere was light and bright.

And as ever the company was the BEST, it was nice to get out and treat ourselves. We all get too consumed with chores, and mundane living. So to step out for a brief time was heavenly.

Gerard Cosmetics

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#ADGIFTED These items are kindly gifted, as I’m on a PR list. I choose to share and review them and all words and opinions are my own. I do have an affiliate code 30% off SIRENMOONBEE which would pay me a commission if someone buys, this does not cost you anything at all extra.

For my PR credit this time round I decided to get 2 items I’ve already had before, simply because I can’t live my life without them.

The top HOLY GRAIL item is Slay Away The Day make up removing balm. I got the Lavender one, I’d previously had Rose. You can buy here

These balms are so soft on the skin, none of that stripped kin feeling I get with other make up removers, it’s so gentle that my sensitive skin feels nourished and protected especially during the colder months.

Next up was a Second Hoodie I couldn’t resist. I literally wear mine all the time, it’s so snuggly and warm, it’s my physio attire, so it made sense to get another one. Buy one here

For a new release for #GerardCosmetics there is a Clean Base Eye Cream so I have to try this out, see if it helps my eyeshadow life, and cut crease techniques too. Buy one here it’s on Pre Order at the moment.

And for a wild card for me, I decided to try the Trio of BB+ illumination creams in Dorothy, Grace and Brigitte. They are Bronze, Copper/Rose Gold, and Gold. Buy them here forgive my bad swatches, I’m new to it

Physio at hospital

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Is still going strong, it’s every fortnight, so this is why and how I can do some at home too.

Told her the results of my hand specialist and we agreed that as I have had poor healing hip wise with ligaments and tendons, it’s probably wise to put off hands as long as we can.

  • Stationary bike level 2 x 5mins
  • Kettle bell glute squeeze x 15 reps
  • Leg press 40kg x 15reps
  • Bosu ball against bars, side lunges x 10reps
  • Upside down Bosu ball squats against bars x 10reps
  • Trampoline marching x 1min
  • Side steps on stairs x 15reps

Not as much as usual, as these were harder to do, and leg was quickly tired.

So now it’s time to quietly collapse on the sofa and not move for a few days.

Stupid rainy days,freezing cold days have made hips and hands considerably worse lately. Hoping this increased dosage helps, but it’s early days yet.

Tried to do a small walk a few days after physio, and I had ZERO motivation,High pain and I was limping immediately so more rest days needed I feel.

No weight loss so far, but I’m happy enough with being 5 min productive each day. So even on my high pain days, I’ve found a way to be productive yet protective too.

4 weeks #etoricoxib 5 weeks post #steroid injection


After my rocky start with Etoricoxib with sickness and heart palpitations it ended up settling down, and I would say it’s been an improvement overall, just not a total fix.

So we are tweaking the dosage and I’m going from 60mg to 90mg to see if that helps, going to try it for a month and then reassess. See how the side effects are and how they affect the actual pain in the joints. But the dosage change doesn’t start until 21st Jan.

We are changing the dose, as recently it’s been the main knuckles that are also in pain and not just the thumbs. Swelling has reduced though, which is a blessings. And I’m enjoying taking 1 tablet rather than the 3 x 400mg ibuprofen.

The pain is where the purple and green areas are on the picture above.

I’ve also had an appointment to assess the hands with a hand specialist too this week. Which involves xrays (finally as it’s easily been over 18mnths and I know they are a million times worse)

I was off to a private hospital as it’s nearest, still under nhs though.

Beautiful place, and fast service too.

And it was different to what I expected. Firstly he knew exactly what ehlers danlos syndrome was doing to me, and sadly that a trapezectomy wouldn’t be guaranteed, as collagen is how ehlers danlos syndrome affects us, and it’s weak, so performing this surgery doesn’t come with high success rates. So I’m better off managing it as best as I can medication wise, and with splints overnight.

The idea is while I’m needing walking sticks, and crutches it’s better to not touch my hands. He originally said 5-10years

But then I had my xrays and came back to discuss The findings, and because it’s considerably worse, he said he will do an open appointment for 2years, so I can return sooner if needed. Ie as soon as I’ve completed my hip surgeries.

I didn’t tell him I may never get off a walking stick though. I want too, but I’m not sure how feasible that actually is?

Winter Blues

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I’m not one of those that hate Janurary, nor am I thinking it’s dragging on for months. But I do hate this time of year for the darkness and wet damp miserable weather. For these bring increased pain!!

So I do fall into some Winter blues myself, and it’s very depressing at times. Usually I would make jewellery or papercut to help combat that low mood, but recently hand wise that’s NOT at option. I hate #EhlersDanlosSyndrome and #Arthritis

And all us chronic pain (spoonies) know pain and depression affect each other, the more down I am, the worse my pain, so therefore I’m more depressed. It’s a vicious cycle.

First of all I would say Tell someone how you are feeling, sometimes just sharing thoughts can immensely help, or seek a pain specialist, as lack of sleep, increased pain is guaranteed to pull you to the depths.

Take in some fresh air, I know it’s wet and miserable, but this has truly helped me so far, quick visits outside, have done wonders for me mentally. And though it’s only a little bit, I feel less burdensome, and actually productive.

Remind yourself it will pass, and it’s ok to let chores pile up until your ready, take a rest. Housework isn’t essential. So take some me time, have that rest and binge watch some awesome Netflix shows (European crime thrillers my guilty pleasure)

Treat yourself too. Life sucks when you’re constantly in pain ( yea I really do mean constantly, all day every day) so be nice to yourself when you can, a nice Sheet mask and bubble bath guilt free, a bit of chocolate and a movie ( I recommend Maleficent 2) or a nice wine at the weekend.

Hold on we are nearly through Jan, it will soon be Imbolc (First stirrings of life on 2nd Feb) the next Pagan celebration. This always sparks renewed hopes and dreams when the snowdrops start to show

Physio Adventures

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So far this year, I know it’s not far into the year, but I’ve been going steady with simple exercises done most days, with a few rest days and then walking outside too.

I’ve been using the Losing Weight App, found on the play store, and it’s free.

I know its says Man, but i am happy with it and I’m female. You can also adjust for any disabilities or hindrances you have. And they set up some structured exercises to do each day, they are merely 5mins long.

They include lunges, squats, crunches, cobra pose and planks. You can do as many or as little as you like. From this I’ve discovered I actually can’t lie down on my back and have my legs up at 90degrees, they are too heavy, too stiff. It’s not happening!!

It’s to kick start me back into a routine of doing some exercise every day, and get these hips strong.

Early days yet only just started, I’ve completed 5 days. But I’m hopeful

Have you embarked on any 2020 changes in your life? How is it going so far?

Jealousy is Murder by Jeanette Taylor Ford #BlogBookTour

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#ADGIFTED but all opinions are my own.

Now it’s Jan 2020 the BBC have started #FatherBrown again I’m loving my murder mysteries, also channel 5 has a murder mystery every day. So I can honestly say I’m getting my sleuth on!!

Jealousy is Murder
When a young woman is found strangled in her camper-van and her twelve-year-old son goes missing, DI Cooke and DS Grant have a dual problem on their hands. And what does this murder have to do with the fatal stabbing of a young man in Portsmouth several years before? And how on earth are residents of Sutton-on-Wye involved?

The Author
I’m a lifetime bookworm! From reading to my children to now creating stories of my own, books have always been a large, important part of my life. Those who have read my stories have enjoyed them, so I finally decided to inflict them upon the world in general. Some of them are ghostly tales, combined with loveable characters and interesting situations which make them ghost stories with a difference. However, I also write children’s stories, the first of which, ‘Robin’s Ring’ is published and I’m working on another Robin story. My new series, The River View Series, presents mild mysteries with a difference – and are set in my beloved Herefordshire.

Much to our youngest daughter’s disgust, I love old buildings, castles, mansions, historical places, especially ruined buildings and they are often the inspiration for my stories.

My retirement from my job as a teaching assistant has given me the opportunity to indulge my love of writing and I ask for no more than to give pleasure to my readers. When not writing, I’m making cards, singing in a ladies’ choir, doing Family History and all sorts of other things. I am married to Tony, a retired teacher, and we have six children and seven grandchildren. We live near Nottingham, England.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jeanette.ford.16

My Review

Although this is book 4 I believe in the River View series, it’s book 1 to me, new author new mysteries. New characters and plots are always exciting. Will I like them? Will they be clichéd? Will the book stall? And I’m happy to say I Loved the characters, even the villagers, Bemusing as they are. Some are clichéd but that’s ok, I think I’d be disappointed if they weren’t. And for me, the book never stalled.

The campervan mentioned in the blurb pipped my interest first, so I just HAD to read. There’s nothing more English than countryside murders and campervans.

With realistic and vivid descriptions you can easily picture yourself smack bang in the middle of the mystery, plodding the beat looking for clues.

Fast paced and an absolute page turner, I was sad it was over. I will be going over the previous three, as I can’t wait to read more from this author.

Likeable characters that you will warm too, and invest in. I think it’s suitable to all readers. A definite one to take on holiday and enjoy that ‘me time’ with.

Happy Hippy 1st Birthday

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Whoa I’m actually at 1yr Birthday for my hip replacement. To celebrate I’ve been putting it through it’s paces,well as much as I can while not damaging the other one.

So for last week’s physio we did

  • Stationary bike level 2 x 5mins
  • Leg press 40kg x 15reps
  • Kettle bell stand up/sit downs x 15mins
  • Upside down Bosu ball squats (with parallel bars) x 15reps
  • Flat Bosu ball side lunges (with parallel bars) x 15reps each side
  • Trampoline marching x 5mins
  • Dumbbell walking lunges x 15reps each side
  • Resistance band squat walking x 15reps each side.

Holey mother that was a tough one, but I can see and feel improvement. So though I feel like I’m going to die afterwards I can only hope I fix faster and stronger.

We also walked in the countryside and saw beautiful Herons and Ducks too. The fresh air after being indoors all Christmas was perfect for my mind.

Walked with a walking pole, which is way way way harder and more taxing than a walking stick. So this was seriously putting me through the paces.

At the top of the socket, there’s a screw, which I’m sure is causing pain where I’d put my hands, if I was putting my hands on my hips. The cold recently is making it nag.

Had a truly epic enjoyable time, very grateful that determination and medication gets me through it. Though I will need days and days off to recover from it.

Knees are not improving when I go up and down stairs,they are still my nemesis

3 Weeks Post #Steroid #CMCjoint

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I’ve had a full 2 weeks on etoricoxib now and I’ve discovered that taking at 4pm onwards seems to be more beneficial to me than taking earlier.

So I’m glad I experimented with timings, to see how it affected me. Had a few days of icing my left hand, which really helps which I never knew before. But the right hand that had the recent steroid is doing well.

I’ve tentatively gone back to exercise too,as I’m also rehabbing a hip replacement, so I need to move as much as the body will allow.

So onto my Xbox Kinect I have EA Sports, and using my lightest weights 2kg I have created a custom workout, to help lubricate the joints.

* Note others with cmc joint arthritis don’t do this unless you’ve spoken to a physiotherapist or doctor * For a warm up I did

  • Shoulder rotation 4 reps each side
  • Rainbow squats 4 reps each side
  • Good mornings, yoga move 8 reps
  • Bicep curls 8 reps
  • Bent over rows 8 reps
  • Lateral raises 8 reps
  • Heel raises

Not a lot, but early beginnings of moving and trusting the hands once again. I do feel like They need splinting to help stability, so I will do that in future.

Still getting a few moments of heart palpitations so I wonder if it’s worth mentioning to the gp?