Email reply from O’Hara


ther doctors and physiotherapist have led me to believe. And there is a way to correct it should i have too after giving the left hip and femur time to fully heal. He recommends leaving it for two years in total to give everything time to settle down. Copied and pasted the email so you can all read it.

F.A.O. Ms Debbie Wyatt

Dear Ms Wyatt

Many thanks for your kind and detailed email of 5 August 2010.

When we originally saw you with your troublesome left and right hips your left leg was approximately one inch short. With your left leg being one inch short, the muscles on the outside of your right leg were having to work especially hard in order to stabilise your pelvis.

Following your operation we have fairly successfully given you something very close to equal leg length on both sides but inevitably, until you are fully rehabilitated following the operation on your left hip you can’t necessarily expect your right hip to feel entirely normal.

Your most recent x-ray indicates that your left leg remains about 7 or 8 millimetres short – this isn’t very much and something which, if you are very concerned about, you could treat with the sort of gel insert heel raise that you will find in Boots.

Experience following the type of operation that you have had performed indicates that it can take well over a year and in some patients’ cases 2 years, to rehabilitate fully and get full value from the operation. You will really only feel this once we have removed the metalwork.

One other thing that I have noticed is that on your CT scan you have an abnormal twist between the lower and upper parts of your right femur (thigh bone), whereas the socket is pretty normal. If the symptoms in your right hip don’t settle down maybe we ought to think about doing an operation to cut the right femur and twist it in to a more correct alignment.

I understand greatly that you are most concerned about having a second venous thrombosis and I do hope that everything goes well for you when we remove the metalwork. You won’t do yourself any harm by taking half an Aspirin a day and this will certainly reduce the risk of you having a further venous thrombosis.

I do hope that this answers all your queries.

Yours sincerely

Mr J N O’Hara
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Pre-op date and rightie playing up


No way i’ve got a date already for my Pre-op. It’s for the 11th Aug, after being told the surgery wouldn’t be for 3-4 months at best. Now i have a date, i really can’t see my surgery being much longer than 4 weeks later, which will be days after i get home from my Holiday. I guess the sooner i have it done the better, then i can truly put this surgery behind me and aim to recover fully.

This all sounds good and it is, but whats plaguing me is my Rightie. It’s really playing up, and i had no joy telling the Registrar on my Birthday (he wasn’t interested in the slightest!). Now my exercising has been kicked up a notch, it’s burning again. It’s like a red hot pain thats irritable and nags constantly. So much so my painkillers are now solely for this hip, sure my Leftie has pain and tiredness but this i feel is manageable, and i could cope without so many tablets. Whereas the Rightie is freaking out and i couldn’t cope without tablets. My physio exercises seem to aggravate it a lot, so does simple walking. I’m beginning to think the pain free months i had, weren’t because it had gone, but more because i wasn’t active enough to aggravate it?? It’s exactly the pain i had for years, and i’ve had surgery years ago to remove the Bursa, The IT Band stretched, i’ve tried 3 solid years of physio on it, acupuncture ultrasound and nothing seems to of worked. I was hoping on my last ditch effort to cure the pain, that surgery on the Leftie would cure it, due to easing the pressure and strain on the Right. Think i’m going to have to email O’Hara as i know my x-rays show no Bone/Joint problems, so i need some advice on what i can do next. (in a weird way i wish it was a Bone problem, then i would be able to ‘see’ it and move forward easier, as O’Hara is a whizz with Bones)

Anyways i’m not as negative as the post probably sounds honestly. Just a little niggled that this pain is back, without that life is great and my movement and walking is so much better, even my confidence has grown. Been out clubbing without a stick no less last Saturday, and i managed all night, and barely sat down. I was super proud of myself and it gives me greater confidence for my upcoming Holiday in 4 weeks time Yay!!!

Bikini body is not going to plan, so Rich bought me a new game called EA Active Personal Trainer, which kicks my ass everytime and i’ve never sweated so much, so i’m hoping in my final month i can lose more weight, as i’ve stalled the last few weeks, and even gain 3-4lbs a week before i’m on and it takes me 2 weeks to lose it again, so it’s up and down so many times it’s depressing. But looking on the bright side, i’m fitter and stronger than i was and i’m thankful for that! xx