Wow what a Difference!

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I am well honestly I forget…. Think I am around 15weeks post op, and I feel GREAT. I am gaining in strength every day and barely take painkillers compared to before. Yes it’s still not 100% but it’s 15weeks, Yes I still take Co-Codamol every day, but not as much as before. Yes I still use a Crutch but not like before. Pain has changed too, Now it’s using the Muscles, Joint pain, it’s tired, worn out and needs re-training. Whereas before just existing was hurting me, I could of happily stayed still all day every day to try and relieve the pain, it never worked though.

So dare I? Dare I say, I think the surgery has worked and that there is a Glimmer of HOPE that this was the final piece in the Jigsaw, and now I truly am on the Road of Recovery. Physio is very very hard and very very tiring, But I can say I enjoy it, feeling the muscles and joint gain their stamina, strength and power as they had prior to surgeries.

Not gone out to really enjoy myself yet, such as shopping and meals, as that is still a mission, and needs more energy and strength than I have. But I am ever hopeful it wont be long, and if I keep doing daily Physio.