Can I ever be classed as normal? Well if I ever could, then I think I’m pretty close too it now. The hips are behaving, even the Rightie and the shoulders are settling down a bit too. The mental madness and tears etc.. are fading now thankfully.

It’s super tempting to exercise and do lots of things, but when I do try, I’m shown that I’m not as cured as I think I am but still 100% better than I was before if that makes any sense. I’ve been doing the O’Hara chair exercises 10 mins ever 2 days, I’d love to do it every day but I need to pace myself, as these ware me out and make me sore regardless of painkillers took. So instead of totally over doing it like I normally do, but pace and leave energies in reserve.
The Hypermobility has flared up in the shoulders, but I’ve read that the steroid can cause it too flare up and cause issues when patients are down and depressed too, so it explains it and gives me hope that it will settle down once the steroid eases out my system as well.
Well it’s been 4 weeks post op now and time has admittedly flown by, with buying school uniform and planning the kids holiday. Oh and of course the riots too!
Found some amazing bloggers against the ATOS medical group, in a name and shame blog I’ve submitted by own atos story, and I’ve found help on twitter and forums. Get in touch with me if you want to know more, or need any help regarding the Atos medical assessments. and I will endeavour to help in anyway I can.



What hell this recovery is!, It’s now officially 2 weeks since the mini op and the steroid (Kenalog) injection and I have been through the mill.

I have discovered I’ve got 8 of the 15 possible side effects, Lol Some ranging from Mental problems (low moods, manic behaviour and suicidal thoughts)
To stomach pains, Irregular periods,Headaches, Eye problems, Increased appetite, Feeling bloated, Exhaustion and Bone aches. So thankfully I now know it’s not all in my head like I was beginning to think.
Sadly you have to just suffer them, but it does make me feel better to know there is a reason behind it all, and that they will ease off soon. It also explains why the shoulders have been really bad this last week.
Had an amazing Birthday though regardless and I think the steroid is starting to work, Fingers crossed xx