Last Hospital visit at Birmingham


I actaully saw O’Hara yesterday and i never had an x-ray just had him see me and discharge me as his patient. Not sure how i feel about that to be very honest. I should be excited and pleased as my Hubby certainly is. But i know how much pain i’m in with the right side (he has gone back to saying it’s severely overworked and over used and has given me the chair exercises again too, to only use the left leg while rising up from a chair and slowly sitting down.) Really hurts this exercise does and your so worn out any other exercise has to be forgotten about as does housework for a fair while too! I’m to do 10 mins a day doing this, 5 in the morning and 5 in the evening, and not work out he other leg at all. No mention of the rotation, it was almost like he hadn’t wrote the email or had any knowledge of it? He simply wanted to hear how successful the left hip is and sign me off. Feel a little cheated if i’m seriously honest, and now Hubby is convinced there is nothing wrong with the right hip apart from being overworked like O’Hara says. So now i’m being told to go off and concentrate on that hip for 6 months, to build it up after decades of non useage. He did say it will hurt like hell and will tire me out, so he made sure he spoke to Richard when he said, it’s time to forget the kids and running around after them and doing the housework, but rather use my time and energy to do this exercise instead and he will have to help out along with kids, lol That was good, so now i can say ‘well he told you, you have to make tea!’

But something is feeling rather flat about it all, any normal person would be over the moon at no more surgery and recovery and all that jazz, but inside i’m doubting him and what he is saying. Which i know sounds like i don’t trust him, and i feel guilty for that. I suppose the least i can do is the whole 6 months of doing exactly what he says and then if, i still have this mobility, limp and pain issue then i guess i can redress the problem again?? What would you guys do? Should i email him again asking about the femur that is rotated and why he didn’t mention it yesterday?

AAAaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhh why can’t i just be happy with what he says? Verdict on those exercises, as i did my 10 mins yesterday is they REALLY REALLY HURT and wore me out good and proper, i slept for hours afterwards, and this morning i honestly can’t imagine doing them ever again, as i’m super stiff and super sore. But i will do them, Perhaps you guys could try them out too if you have one side weaker than the other, they are intended to get rid of the GIMP LIMP once and for all.

Debbie xx



Yay!!! I WON my case, i had the most wonderful Welfare Officer with me, and the guys that were reviewing my case were independent and one has an Orthopaedic background this helped me greatly and i’m ever so grateful. This was a victory i needed as i felt all along that my integrity had been called into question and i needed the validity and someone to finally believe me. No-one in their right mind would have surgery like i’ve just had if they could walk without pain, it’s just not sensible to even suggest this. In fact it’s insulting and emotionally exhausting. I had support from family and friends and i was strong inside, but i fear even this toppled me off my game, drained me of hope and focus and i found the whole process stressful and upsetting when i should of been concentrating on recovering from major surgery. Now i have to think of those that can’t do this for themselves, or they don’t have the support network i had. I had to find out about welfare officers this information wasn’t offered, and while at my tribunal i was the only one that had this kind of support there. That alone is disgusting, especially when many that are failed are mentally impaired in some way and can’t represent themselves. The Government are now trying to cut this valuable service and if they are successful, this would be a travesty. I wonder how long the rest of the country would turn a blind eye to this system, once there is no help? Could you imagine having dementia and trying to go through this process, it’s like a mind field. Or being in a nervous disposition and having to speak out for yourself? This system is a sham and needs to be stopped full stop, and while it’s still on going the Welfare Officers need to be saved for everyone that needs them.

Pls write to your MP’s, Parliament, Social Security, GP’s and Consultants too, make them aware of how it is failing the country’s most vulnerable, how it affects you, how it makes you feel. I certainly am, i have to stand up and be counted for all those that can’t do it for themselves!!
Did you know people dying from Cancer are going through this and not surviving this process to the end, to see their cases overturned like they should. My case alone took over 1year to be heard. When you should be focusing on trying to get better, they are making your life as difficult as possible. Is this how you want your loved ones treated, should they dare ever get ill or disabled and have to leave work? They spend more than 5 million trying to catch the so called scammers that claim for benefits they don’t actually qualify for! How much do the scammers cost the country?i hear you ask, Well it’s only 2 million i hear, so is this a reasonable way to spend the taxpayers money? It’s costing more trying to catch them, than if they all just got away with it.
The day was emotionally exhausting like i said, and i will take a few days now to process the whole ordeal and get over it, and decide how i can act and campaign for those that need fighting for. I hope some of you feel as strongly as i do, and write a letter to you local MP xx

Hips really annoy me!


Why do we need them? When do they have to be so painful and hinder me so much? The exercising has been going great and i’m finally starting to enjoy it, but the right side is playing up so much with any activity at ALL. The left is enjoying the challenge, and i’m enjoying building it up and gaining more stamina and strength. All of that will be needed badly if i do go ahead and have the right side corrected as i’m planning too. Perhaps once the left is strong and stable again the pain will go or ease up on the right side as it wouldn’t be carrying me so much then? I also need to lose 2 stone minimum, god knows how much extra pressure that is causing for the right hip, They say for every 1lb you carry 7lbs of extra pressure on the hips, so my poor hips are feeling an extra 196 pounds? No wonder they are crying out loud too me. I’d cry too if i could feel it like they do, Oh wait i do feel it like them Lol.

My shoulder also plays up and although i’m seeing a physiotherapist for it, i’m worried about it. No-one seems to be able to tell me why it hurts to breathe sometimes, or why it’s playing up as well? I use worry as i know a few hip sufferers end up with joint problems in their shoulders as well. It started off in one shoulder but now the other one is going too. It’s a nightmare, i really feel like my body is giving up on me and i have no control over it.
I have been doing some Yoga to help ease the pains and stiffness i’m feeling all over, but i still struggle with it. I love the feeling it gives me afterwards but it takes a lot to get going and motivate myself to do it each day.
Happy Healing everyone xx