1yr #Hipaversary #hiparthroscopy

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It’s finally been my 1year Anniversary since my last surgery, my Hip Arthroscopic surgery. And to celebrate it, we did it in style.

First off we visited #50cent for his 15th Anniversary Get Rich Or Die Trying Tour, this is immense, I loved every single second of it. We had Lethal Bizzle first up, then 50cent and GUnit. It was like the 00’s had come alive once again. And better yet, we knew once we got home and slept, we were off on Holiday!!

So off we flew the next day in the afternoon to #Rhodes hip obviously hates flying but I was well prepared for this.

To arrive here in the gorgeous sunshine, I knew it was the right decision to go.

This one wonderful week away, we visited as many sites as we could. Drove around the island and swam nearly everyday. I ate better here than I ever have done on a Spanish island (easier for veggie food too) the warmth honestly did my hip some good, as well as my hands. Though ankles continued to swell each day if we had been on our feet alot. But painwise the warm dry heat does absolute magic to them!! This is why pensioners move aboard.

We did a fair amount of steps, we had to stop every few so I could adjust hip, take stock and breathe into it. But boy oh boy was I rewarded. Going down was always my worse part, but I did it and so did my dodgy ole hip that’s going to be replaced. It’s like its final adventure with me. I get sad thinking that soon it won’t be with me, but I know it’s daft really. Anyone else feel a bit sad??

So I’ve made it to 1yr and it’s been a huge learning curve, my fitness has improved greatly, the muscles around the hip are stronger, I trust myself more which was a huge mental issue for many years. And all because I took physio seriously and did it religiously. I also stopped trying to race ahead and do more than my hip wanted to do, I kept to the basics and finally got results. Granted it never stopped my pain or limitations of the hip, but I’m sure that once it’s replaced, it will greatly improve my recovery period.

And better yet, I didn’t put on the usual 5lbs + that I usually do on holiday!! We ate more like at home, less carbs, more protein and salads and I came home 1lb heavier, which has already gone 3 days after getting home.

Obviously I got off the plane and I couldn’t speak, lost my voice. Maybe air con had something to do with it. The day after being home I had to see the doctor, as I felt super poorly. And it’s laryngitis so on antibiotics and feeling very sorry for myself right now. But what a week we had!!!!

Bad back and hippie woes!

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This week I launched my Tragically hip tees on https://www.bonfire.com/to-all-those-tragically-hip/ and you too can own one, raise awareness for all us hippies, click Here

It has 10 days until campagin ends and then they ship out 15th August. So that was my Monday, feeling marginally better back wise, ice really being my friend for pain relief.

Tuesday I managed to go down to one crutch, feeling a lot less broken and I’ve started to actually move a bit more, I’m scared of it becoming too stiff.

Wednesday I did some gentle stretches, I found ones for back pain, I did the minimum as it was all about movement, not actually exercise.


Simple and gentle was all I was after, and now I’m finally back onto my walking stick, huge improvement since Sunday. Last of the nice days tomorrow so we decided on an impromptu beach visit. I obviously felt better in my head.


Thursday we popped to Barmouth, a journey I don’t usually mind, though this time it certainly was harder and more painful indeed. But sun was glorious, water was heavenly and to swim was a good giggle. Only time my back didn’t hurt was in the sea!! My head wanted to do loads, but in truth just a quick swim and stroll to the ice cream shop did me in. Had to keep sitting down, not that the seats are comfy.



I practically slept all the way home, the day really took it out of me, way more than I imagined too. But I’m glad we did it, a sunny day at the beach is always worth it.

Phew then Friday it was my birthday, a lunar eclipse, blood moon and mercury in retrograde. I was bodily broken, still feeling the effects from the beach visit. But we’ve had a gentle day, with my parents, then a movie #spidermanhomecoming as I’m a Spidey fan. And pink gin, what could be better??

Sadly too cloudy for us, Thor God of thunder came to visit so we had no view of this spectacular celestial event, once in a century event. Gutted.


Visiting Historic Chester!!

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When we last spoke properly (not the look fantastic box post) I’d just had my Friday 8th June Physio Appointment and straight after we were off to #Chester to visit my number 2 daughter for her 24th birthday.

We arrived at dinner time, and after rustling up some quick dinner, it was time to see some historic sights. First up was the famous Roman walls, which complete enclose the town, and also conveniently connect each sight with the other too.

It’s uneven in places, but wide enough to amble along. Steps can be an issue, so go slow and steady and with plenty of support. You can follow the wall at any point, and also leave in multiple places, if it’s too difficult to walk.

We found Roman bath ruins, along the walls, beautiful Roman gardens, all tucked away as if it’s a secret. It feels so peaceful here, yet in the middle of a busy town!!

Next to these we find the Roman Amphitheatre, we imagine the fear and horror this site has witnessed, the crowds it attracted. The gods and goddesses honoured here. Such different times. While being respectful, we did take a few minutes to think of those, but not to dwell. And yes we took photos as any tourist would.

The altar of Nemesis, the Goddess of Destiny, the Gladiators would pray for honourable deaths and victories.

Following on from here is Still John’s Church and Ruins

Seeing a coffin high in the walls with ‘Dust to Dust’ written inside. This place was heavy in atmosphere, it clung to every brick, so unlike the Roman Baths which felt light, airy and peaceful.

The tourist sights are beautiful, the tales they could tell, the ages they have seen. Weather almost held out all day, at the end we got drenched. But it didn’t dampen our spirits. And talking of spirits back at Sam’s, we got birthday celebrations underway.

Chester wore me out, it took painkillers, tears and gritting my teeth. It’s been an emotional epic day, and I was in bed by 11.30pm!!

Glastonbury Camping ~ Jasmine Becket Griffith part 3

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Wow part 3 already, but I took so many photos to share, I thought it’s best to split the posts up so I don’t overwhelm you readers.

So last 10-11th March we drive down to the #SpringAvalonFaeryFayre to see Jasmine Becket Griffith and visit the Fayre, we planned to sleep overnight and we were camping!!

Rich found a perfect site, not too far away from Glastonbury, around 20min drive, so it did sadly mean we couldn’t visit pubs to drink in Glastonbury, but we had beer and whiskey for the tent (to keep us warm) along with electric hook up, this meant we had a heater, and electric kettle (bonus) we had artic sleeping bags too.

Our home for one night, honestly I could of stayed a week it was so lovely, peaceful and just perfect!!

Bathrooms well kept, power points, showers, hairdryers, vanity units, and artwork on walls. Kitchen areas well kept too. Cheeky bathroom selfie and hubby outside second kitchen area further up the site.

Included is also a pleasant woodland walk, to visit the onsite pool and games room, and restaurant. This site has it all.

After walks and setting up, watching the sun go down with a beer, we knew it was time to head back to Glastonbury for some tea. After much hunting, we came across some hidden sidestreets and found a chippy. Opting to eat in, we had the BEST chips ever. After those we headed back to the site for Whiskey nightcaps and much needed sleep. What an epic day!!

Glastonbury Spring Avalon Faery Fayre ~ Jasmine Becket Griffith Part two

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In a previous post I explained that the weekend of 10th + 11th march I spent a glorious 2 days in Glastonbury, seeing my favourite artist Jasmine Becket Griffith, getting things signed and photos too. Along with visiting other stalls at the fayre, and sightseeing around this beautiful and quaint town. Every shop window was amazing, each spoke to me, the crystals, the witch tools, books, everything was incredible.

Have you ever seen such colourful vibrancy and energy in a shop window? I know I hadn’t.

Old buildings, new buildings, unusual buildings, it had it all, and I was thoroughly enjoying every minute of it.

Every side street was a treasure waiting to be discovered. You definitely need to explore and step off the main high street, you’ll discover some amazing sights. Walking through archways, crystal walls, the atmosphere is magickal, and it did my spirits the world of good just being here.

Next time I will show you the campsite and more Faery Fayre. But for now I’ve chewed your ears enough….

Glastonbury here we come!! Faery Fayre

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We are off to Glastonbury for a flying visit. My favourite artist is holding a stall at the Faery Fayre it’s none other than Jasmine Beckett Griffith herself.

And I’m so excited!! Nervous and overwhelmed too. We are camping, but I’m well rehearsed for maximum luxury for hips and back, so that doesn’t worry me. Just lack of energy and pain thresholds do, but I guess they are what they are, I can’t change that. And I’ve waited years to see her. Cue fangirling moments!!

As you can see I own various oracle cards of hers, and I often use as backdrops for my jewellery. I also have 2 canvases, and 1 large print. I have a few things signed. But I’m hoping to take my colouring book, and a deck of cards to be signed.

Back in 2008 I also had a tattoo inspired by her #DarkRibbonFairy to cover an old shark (what was I thinking? Tattoo)

Halfway as tattoo done in 2 parts.


Much happier now the sharks covered. And my fairy is called Siren.

So now all I need to do is Sleep, ready for the big drive down there, and hope the weather isn’t too bad for use. Will post more once I’m back xx

UCI Downhill MTB World Cup

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This weekend we did something completely different, we travelled up to Fort William ready for the #UciWorldCup #DownhillMTB

images (23)

Camping in #Bunroy Campsite we used our #Outwell Tent, and put it next to our Daughters tent and her friends tent. Ours being the biggest!! You can tell we are seasoned campers.



Midges were pretty horrendous at times, and I constantly smelt of deet spray, but I was only bitten once badly.  But we loved the campsite, and the owners too. The site itself was really beautiful, with access to a river and lots of country walks if you wanted to explore.

Queuing for the shuttle bus was overwhelming to look at, but thankfully went down pretty quick. Though it was standing for me, thank goodness I had my walking stick to help keep me upright!!


Once there, we visited the stalls, and booths offering bikes, merch, freebies and gear for all your mountain biking needs. Even as a non biker, I enjoyed the atmosphere and the stalls were interesting to me.

It was busy and getting busier, so while we could we got into a queue for the cable cars to visit the actual track start, to see riders set off, and to really comprehend the tracks descent, and technicalities. And I was blown away, how they navigate the terrain in split second timing is beyond me!

We saw the boys warming up for their upcoming heat. And heard a little lad playing the bagpipes. Chilly up here, and you can really feel the air thinning compared to the bottom. Here I took my favourite photo of my favourite human!! Hubby


I had an incredible day, I finished mine off by going back down the cable car, to stand in crowd to watch the timings of each rider, whereas hubby opted for the walk down the mountain, and seeing the riders whizz past each section. I think had I been able to do the walk, I would of enjoyed it a lot. But its not for me I’m afraid.

Though I ended my day in a lot of pain, and no spoons left, I did really enjoy myself, I think some things could of catered for more disabled watchers, and more organization of queue for shuttle bus back!! As everyone pushed in, resulting in more time standing up, when that’s the most painful thing to do. I’d do it again, and #Scotland is breathtakingly beautiful.

Easter Holidays Tumbledown Farm and Amerton Farm

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This Easter holidays has been a funny weathered holiday, with it being too cold for camping, or us with commitments to keep us near home, meant that we’ve been limited to our available days out.

First weekend of the Holidays on the 8th April saw us meet up with my parents and my eldest daughter Jema and Her hubby to be James for a pre Birthday, pre Wedding meal together at #TumbledownFarm Cannock. I must say the food was impeccable!!


Goats cheese starter, Supreme Chicken and Chips main course, and Sticky Toffee pudding. We were stuffed, but nicely stuffed. In fact we didn’t eat the rest of the day.

10th April saw us visiting #AmertonFarm to see some animals, it was a nice reasonable sunny day, and we even got to see a Peacock with its tail in full view.


We loved spotting the tiny lambs, the cute donkeys and piggies. We even grabbed a small ice cream.


We love this place so much we headed back on 18th April, this time they had chicks that had hatched, and more lambs, my youngest mini moon even got to bottle feed one, they were so cute!!



We had so much fun, its a shame its nearly over, but with that said, we are embarking on our biggest life event in a mere 12 days, our Eldest Daughters Wedding!!


Its gonna be wicked…part 2

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What a first day, can we top it? Woke up refreshed but bodily tired. That was to be expected. So we casually got dressed and headed down for our epic naughty breakie… You can’t beat a #premiereinn breakfast.


All the carbs, they called me. And with our new healthy eating, they’d been surely missed. I kid myself we need the carbs as fuel for our day ahead.

Once stuffed to the brim, we head up to the 14th floor thinking we’d relax rather than dash out, as checkout was midday. Kinda saw a small A4 notice that a fire alarm would be done, but didn’t register it. But if I had, I would of saved myself an incredible struggle, cry down 14 floors, because it happened at midday!! We left the room, alarm sounded, lifts all stopped!! Omg not the best idea for me with a walking stick.

Died all the way down, staff went passed us multiple times, I stopped multiple times, legs screaming, I’m thinking I’m finished before day has started. Saw all staff and guest pile back in way before we’d got to the bottom floor. Not a great start to the day.

Headed to the #WaldrofHotel for youngest as she’s a huge gossip girl Blair Waldrof fan.IMG_20170206_142550.jpg

Then off to #ConventGarden gentle strolling as that’s all I can bear.


Then up to #Carnby where I can drool over the best shoes at #IrregularChoice I love this area too.




After thoroughly losing track of time, we hunted down a metro tesco to grab a sandwich, ate on a freezing cold bench. And ended up doing a mad dash to #VictoriaAppollo #Wicked we were wet,cold,tired and incredibly sore and got into the wrong queue!! And if we had to re- queue we would of missed the start of the show, disaster!!


Omg imagine queuing again, I admit by this point I was close to collapsing in an exhausted painful heap. But thankfully we had seat numbers, so off to the stalls we went. And OMG, are we close!!


What can I say about #Wicked? It was everything I’d ever hoped for, and so much more. The audience were silent when they should be (unlike pantos) I literally loved each second. I was moved, emotional and in awe. And it was worth every painful step to get here. And definitely worth the 10year wait.

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It’s gonnbe #Wicked Part 1

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After a grueling 10 years of wanting to see this show, I’m finally going. Hubby spoilt me and youngest to tickets and an overnight stay in #London. My hips have always held me back on one form or another from going. And it feels good to be able to say I can finally go, as I have 1 good leg to help me cope with the 1 very bad leg.


Here’s us on a typical touristy sight seeing, walking around #TowerBridge which I totally loved. Windy and cold but so brilliant to see, we also walked around #TowerOfLondon a place that I revel in its history. Then onto the V&A Childhood Museum where we could share our childhood memories with youngest daughter. I even spotted my fave toys Kermit and Paddington, but I guess they were quite common. But what did shock me to see, was my Doggy Walker. I used that as a child to help me walk, while wearing my #HipDysplasia Splint!


Wow that brought back some memories!! I guess you could say Hips have always ruled,hindered my life. After all this walking, I just couldn’t wait to check into our hotel, we use #PremiereInn every time, as staff, hotel is always impeccable. We requested the best views, as often we get walls, or dirty backstreets. But as its a special trip, couldn’t hurt to ask. And boy did they deliver!! We got floor 14.


Look at the view! Omg it was amazing. We could see #LondonEye at as it was evening the lights made everything so much more Magickal.


To finish off this perfect day, we dashed out at 8pm to hunt some food down, and spotted this tourbus along the way. #TheGhostBusTour


We found a #Whetherspoons pub and ate the best burgers ever, we were famished. Youngest daughter even got a Vegetarian burger, which was nice, we thought we would struggle to find a decent meal.


And this finishes day one of #London. Obviously I took a million pics, but I don’t want to bore you.