#Blogmas Winter Walks

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It feels like forever since we went for a walk, it’s not. But the perception of it is.

Due to the car being off the road, we’ve had to shift our access to walks, and go from home. So it’s super gentle and even paths, just muddy as it’s extremely popular with dog walkers.

But hey we have glorious blue skies, and just a slight nip in the air, perfect.

Watching the sun go down always lifts the soul.

Drinking in the views, we are exceptionally lucky to live a few steps away from all of this.

Pay some respects for an ex neighbours plaque, gone far too soon. He would always take the dog down here, so it’s a perfect spot.

Muddy and murky walking back up, hip did not hold out well, and old piriformis flared up too.

Mustn’t grumble though, least we got some fresh air and got away in our minds for a short time.

Now it’s time to kick off shoes and catch up with #WorldsStrongestMan as that’s my personal Christmas tradition.

#Blogmas Its that time again…

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Quite how it’s Yule season already is beyond me, you’d think with the heightened state of anxiety on the world it would of gone slow, but honestly for me, this year has flown by.

I’ve seen people have put up their decorations early this year, and it’s nice to see and read happier posts because of it.

I just can’t seem to leave spoopy season yet, But I’m letting some Yule tide creep in.

Went for a nice woodland walk, (first one since the hip incidents) HAD to use a stick and keep it flat ground too, mainly thinking I could collect pinecones and see the Autumn ish leaves, But no luck for me. All pinecones nibbled, but glad they are.

And no leaves left on the trees, so shop bought add ones are needed for my Christmas wreath.

Never made one before, but my daughter bought all the bits and we made one each.

All lit up and pretty and certainly helping me get into a Christmas mood.

This is my daughters wreath, and on her door she added a little one too.

Loved doing this, made such a difference to my own headspace, as I’ve not successfully crafted all year due to my hands, so this was the pick up I needed.

Home time But first…

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We woke up super early, packed and loaded up the car and checked out of our lovely weeks home.

Instead of going straight onto the road, we popped to Boscastle for that last pasty (I swear no one makes them as good as this shop)

St Nectans Glen is our mission today, not the paid part as we don’t fancy it, but the woods to it is all free. Only a quick walk, as we have a long drive home.

Cairns are built in the stream, a spiritual place for a lot of people. I wash and cleanse my chakra bracelet again.

Nearly didn’t get up again, stupid hip playing up.

We found a log with money hammered into it, so paid our fairies some silver as it’s tradition.

Once we reached the part that goes to the paid section, we retraced our steps back to the car.

All in all I’ve loved this holiday, definitely felt odd at times, and sad, not having the gathering, drummers and dancers, having no restaurants open or pubs it did spoil some aspects of it.

Now home to try and recover this awful awful hip.

Port Quinn Walks

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In our penultimate day, we’ve took a day of walking that is further up the coast from the Rumps.

In fact you can see it in the distance. Weather much calmer and warmer too.

Cute little castle that you can stay in is here, totally isolated and looks amazing too.

We found mine shafts and caves.

Bit scary in places. Thankfully they had some fencing around.

Hip is getting much worse, and I’m taking a lot more painkillers than I had originally planned. But I’m hoping it will settle once we are home.

Our little cottage was glowing in the glorious sunshine.

What a welcome home!! Now it’s time to start packing, we have to leave in the morning. Forever grateful we managed to stay the whole holiday while the lockdown came down earlier.

The Rumps Walk

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Another windy day, but we don’t really mind, as honestly it makes us giggle, and have so much fun all day.

This time we are doing a walk called The Rumps.

Wrapped up well and wearing the right clothes, it makes the weather all the more exciting and interesting. Had to start using a walking pole following Tintagel incident.

Stunning views and some lovely people we met along the way. Waves crashing and spraying, it was amazingly exhilarating.

I could really imagine living here and having this on my doorstep, but I also know it’s not that practical, and it’s just a dream, but a girl can dream.

We were totally blessed with another double rainbow, this is the reward for having slightly drizzly rain and glorious sunshine.

Rocky Valley Spiritual Walk

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Continuing on our Boscastle holiday, we took the option of walking Rocky Valley, though the wind was around 85kmph so windy in fact it blew me to the floor a couple of times, I clearly can’t brace well with my weak hips!!

A few noticeable changes to the bridge this year, this time we didn’t have to step in the river to get to the step.

we cleansed our matching chakra bracelets in the roaring river, to cleanse and envoke the energies and properties of the water element. The Air element ever present, Water all around is, the Earth showing us how amazing cliffs and coastline can be, while Fire kept is warm under the weaker autumnal sun.

We saw the labyrinth carvings there, horrid mud but needs must, to touch them and try to visualise the 4000 thousand years they have seen.

Strange to think of the era’s, the people the world’s changes in all that time, blessed to be able to visit something so historical and meaningful.

Even though the weather made me pretty scared as my vertigo also causes anxiety, the views were amazing and dramatic. I can see how romantic novels are inspired from such coastlines.

We were even blessed with a double rainbow for a few minutes, such a beauty to behold. Felt like we had had every type of weather on this day. Even treated to sea foam and spray all over us at times.

Not being wet enough and only a short walk, we went back to Boscastle to enjoy the harbour.

The energies raised today with the Elements made this our most spiritual and emotive day. Sheer divinity.

Tintagel Walk Hippie Woes

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Woke up on our Boscastle break away to rumours of a second lockdown, and we are on our second full day on holiday.

So now we have an uneasy feeling of what are we meant to do? Pack up and leave? Stay? Rules are unsure around holidays, So it’s 1st Nov and time to kick off this Sunday with a lovely walk at Tintagel.

We walked down to the beach and the cave of the Merlin legend. With hindsight I shouldn’t of done it. But as ever you feel like it’s holiday and you want to see and experience everything. So off we went down so many many steps.

Once down I shrugged off worries about getting back up again, and went to see the roaring sea, and waterfall.

Before this photo, the roaring sea roared so much I got soaked, from mid calf downwards, so totally wet feet. Must be a tradition now, this happened last year in Port Isaac!!

Off to the cave, Rich explored more inside than I did, I just hovered just inside the front.

The climb back up the steps was the MOST painful thing I’ve ever done, I can’t describe it enough, it felt like my left hip had snapped. Total bone on bone grinding and crunching, it was horrific and had it been quieter I think I would of sobbed.

Once up, we took stock and it was then I decided I can’t do this anymore, I need a new walking stick and a shed load of painkillers.

Did tinge the day with a bit of sadness.

But we saw some donkeys, and the scenery really does feed the soul and spirit. I did however avoid a field of cows as they intimidate me so much.

Had an incredible day and we rounded it off with painting pumpkins.

Boscastle Break Away

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On the 30th October it was the start of our week long getaway. We had booked it last year as it was for the Dark Gathering, but alas due to the virus that had been cancelled.

But as we could still travel, we opted for a self contained holiday, instead choosing to do walks and take in some much needed time away from social media and news.

We checked in at 4pm and after a long day of traveling we simply settled in and relaxed with pizza we had brought down and some movies on the horror channel.

It’s a tiny cottage called The Nest, and it’s around 25mins drive from Boscastle. So snug and cosy and best of all it has a log fire too.

We settled down and put music on, ate pizza and decorated the cottage to be all Samhain themed.

On with the disco lights and the alcohol came out play too in syringe themed shots.

All in all we are extremely happy to be here, and didn’t stay up too late as we had plans for sightseeing the following day. Feels good to be back.

Getting away from it all

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I’ll be honest, with each passing day and each new restriction or rule, I’ve felt the noose getting tighter and tighter around my neck.

Social media is far from social lately, it’s a cesspit of hatred and toxicity at times, and it’s always wise to remove yourself from such negativity, so your own vibrations don’t start to mirror them.

No longer is shopping or popping to town an option or fun, everyone is scared, masked and it feels alien. The only place that makes sense to me, is the countryside, nature, be it seaside, moors or forests. I feel free and sane here.

So bags packed we are off camping, a few days with no electric, no social media or news drilled into you 24/7 instead just nature, wildlife, and the two of us.

And relax… well as best you can while camping. Site is fully booked, and it’s Hot hot hot!!

Ramshaw Rocks, Hen Cloud

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This is our second visit of Ramshaw Rocks, the first visit we’d discovered the Moors Murders connection, so it felt a bit eerie, the weather went with it too, all damp and misty, heavy clouds.

These are rocks we easily found, and we passed them with giving our thoughts and energies for ones lost to these two. I never had realized they visited Leek, always thought it was more Yorkshire way.

This time though we did it all in reverse. And it was warm, blue skies and beautiful.

The dolmon stone that they used to crawl under, to get the devil off your back. (Mines staying as I ain’t getting wet!!)

Left hip is getting rather crunchy now, and painful throughout the time I’m out. So we mainly sit around, enjoy the scenery and eat scones and pork pies for lunch.

Any time away from news and social media is time well spent. For my own sanity, and happiness. Though each time we go out, I can’t help feel in speeding my way into another hip replacement, if only they were even doing them at the Hospital it’s all still on hold.