H.O.P.E hold on pain ends

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So they say!! And for years this has been my mantra. But now I fear it’s as elusive as a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Does it ever end? Will it end after the 9th surgery I’ve had, or will it take the 10th?


Can I really be raising my hopes like that, only for dreams to be crushed yet again? Because it’s all consuming and devastating when you realize your body is useless, while your brain is firing on all cylinders.


Perhaps instead of chasing (Pain free) I should be looking at as little pain and immobility as possible. Pain that can be managed, activities done but with adjustments. Thinking more realistically and with common sense, than whimsical dreams and fairy wishes. Because for me working as hard as I can to walk unaided, and still not getting results can really put you in a negative head space, which makes you feel inadequate, a failure somehow.


I’ve lost all of my 30’s chasing this dream. I’m now 41, I don’t want another decade of it. I guess seeing the surgeon can help in March, maybe get some answers, some plan of action. Maybe there’s a silver lining to focus on, in some ways I’m am better than before the Arthroscopy surgery, I walk better for sure, it’s just not a stable joint. However I’m eager to see if this could be changed with physio, is it something I’m causing myself. So many things to ask, I’m looking forward to seeing surgeon to ask.

#sbsevent2018 is here!!

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After much faffing about it was finally time to go to the grand annual event, that I really look forward to, each year. #sbsevent2018

A chance to hear from amazing sponsors such as #HPUK #123reg #dhlexpressuk #iLaw_Lawyers #Square #WesternUnion #RobertDyas #RymanStationary

Here they are getting ready to go on stage. (They are so brave and confident, I’m a tad jealous of their confidence)

One by one they said what their business was, and the offers us winners can receive from using them. We also had the main man Stephen from #Superbrands explaining the importance of desirability, fame, leadership, it was eye opening to be honest.

Then it was time for #Kypros and #TheoPaphitis himself, discussing brexit and gdpr and other business issues overall, some humour and whimsical chats too. It’s not all work here!

I am one of 2256 winners!! I’m in the 0.68% which makes me a very very lucky girl to have won indeed!!

After this we had a some delicious lunch, it’s a buffet style, with all needs catered for. Grabbed some beautiful Red wine, mini 3 Cheese quiches, chips and Sandwiches (Chicken Sweet corn, Tuna, Ham, Cheese and Tomato, Prawn Mayo, Egg Mayo) for vegans, gluten free etc they had their own menu and food.

Macaroons were back!! Oh happy days, delicious fruit cake and lemon drizzle we had. Though there was pineapple and melon available and brownies too. We decided we had enough on our plates, and when we did head back to grab a brownie, all desserts except fruit had gone. We are a bunch of cake lovers!!

Next up was a fireside chat with John Roberts owner of #AO.com and hearing his rise from a daft drunken bet to a million + pound empire. His Bolton natural came through often, in the way he conducts business, ie treat customers as if they are your Nan. Something I do myself, I always act as if my customer was my mum or nan, and act accordingly. Being apologetic when things go wrong, fixing the issue in the only fair honest way. Exactly how I’d want someone to treat my mum.

Finally it was time for #TheoPaphitis to do his photos and certificates with the new winners!! Hundreds of them. So that was my time to leave, it’s a lot of sitting listening to these amazing speakers, but I’m sitting at 90degrees which my hip hates!! So I’d reached my absolute top level of pain, so it was the best time to go.

But not only do you get the opportunity to speak to top businesses, and buyers, watch presentations, play games, leave your own business cards, eat well and network. You also got a goody bag each, and here’s mine and hubbies. We got little egg cups, tiny mug, earphones, fridge deodorisers,diary books, pens, torches and fitness trackers along with sellotape, books, sweets, vouchers etc. Well and truly spoilt.

ICC Birmingham #SBS Theo Paphitis, getting ready!!

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It’s that time again… The annual event of #SBS Small Business Sunday at #ICCBirmingham. A time for us all to be inspired, encouraged, and supported by the Shopkeeper himself #TheoPaphitis

How I got into this prestigious club?  I tweeted my business to Theo on a Sunday night and he goes through them all and choses 6 winners each week. Boom I’m a winner. I won 1st April 2012. And it’s been awesome, admittedly I have had health setbacks along the way that hinder moving forwards, but I’m grateful to have this opportunity to see him, and hear the speakers, see buyers, manufacturers, understanding business more. Knowing that this value wealth of knowledge and understanding will pay dividends in the future.

I wish we got new photos with the man himself each year, but alas its only at your first year you get one! Here’s mine 2012


Here it is again on Friday 23rd Feb and I can’t wait. It’s well catered for disabilities which is always good to know, the food available is catered to all needs, and usually it’s just great fun to see so many winners, the speakers and to hear others successes.

Trying to decide on clothes and of course jewellery to wear now… I’ll probably wear my eye catching Gemstone Chakra Tree of Life necklace and a collection of my Peace bracelets, as both are bright bold and me!



Until then, it’s a mad dash to ensure hip behaves itself until the day, organising clothes, make up and hair. It will be lovely to not be in clothes that I do daily physio in, and to just have a break from physio too. Back after the event to tell you more.

MysticMoon Jewellery ShopSbs

MysticMoon Etsy

MysticMoon Swanky Maison


I confess…..

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I have a hip confession to make, I’m STRUGGLING… It’s not an easy road to be painfree. Or even to any degree of flexibility either.

I have had an incident, it slipped out again!! Twice now in 10 days, first time I thought and presumed it was my own fault, I’d stepped fast and twisted. But this time I know, I KNOW I did nothing wrong. I simply walked forwards, the back of the hip felt insanely odd, something moved forward, and next thing I knew I was slowly going to the floor to correct myself and ease the pain.

So I have a dilemma, is it time to replace? Is it slipping because I’m doing something wrong? Is it muscle weakness causing the instability? Or simply it’s the no labrum I have, causing slippage as nothing is there p hold it in? Or just hip dysplasia and Arthroscopy surgery don’t mix?? So many questions, no answers. So I’ve contacted the surgeon and I’m off for some advice on the 20th March.

After this fall, I ended up on 1 crutch for a few days, the pain was intense, white hot groin pain,and shooting nerve pain down the back of my leg. I was scared and frustrated to say the least. It’s took complete rest, medication and hot water bottles to finally settle it down. It also swelled up from its usual 27inches (big I know) to a whooping 30inches on the day of the fall. Thankfully it’s gone down to 28inches now 3 days later. But it’s still tender to touch over the illiac crest area, and smarts in the groin. I even felt posterior pain where my old scar is, when sitting at 90degrees. I’m keen to get some answers, put my mind at rest.

Sorry it’s not a positive post, but it’s an honest one, a realistic one and maybe it helps someone on this journey too.


Facial oils

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*contains a product given to try, but I wasn’t asked to blog or advertise them in any way, all opinions are my own*


I’m new to the world of facial oils, and it started with a Beauty kitchen one in a gift set, since then I’ve received one in a #glossybox bought one and gifted one. And ALL are amazing in their own way.



#BeautyKitchen highly scented and not for everyone. (I can’t put on at night as the scent keeps me awake) plus it’s heavy oil so I have to pat excess off. The results are beautiful nourished soft skin though. Really velvety finish. Reasonable amount around 15ml bottle so travel sized, only need a few drops for the whole face and neck. I got this as a Christmas present in a set, so I don’t know the price.


Next in the small bottle is #DrBotanicals which was in my January Glossybox. This is delicate, fresh and feminine as it’s roses. But it does feel like water in comparison to Beauty Kitchens defined oil feel. So it’s easy to use more, it’s thin so face drinks it up immediately, so face doesn’t feel greasy afterwards. Light scent that soon goes unnoticed. Travel size is approx 15ml RRP £17.95 this is the dearest oil, so I doubt I’ll ever purchase. But it is lovely, and I’m grateful that glossybox gives us the chance to use premium products for a low monthly cost. I use this when I’m feeling like I need a treat, and I use sparingly.


Here are the 30ml bottles and first up is #TheOrdinary which was my current favourite, it’s a Rosehip oil so quite orange, heavy oil, face feels very slick, so pat off excess when I can, so it’s not all over my clothes or bedding. But I use this nightly, it’s so affordable, well under £10 for 30ml again a few drops is all that’s needed, it’s thick but goes a long way. However the CEO of #Deciem is messy, and I’m personally not sure I can support a brand like that. Products are good I can’t lie, but will I repurchase?? I’m not sure I can.

Then we have newcomer #Sofialipbalm a fellow blogger and friend, this bottle was gifted, but not for anything other than honest feedback to her personally. But I couldn’t do a facial oil post without adding her, as I was seriously impressed. It’s somewhere between #DrBotanicals and #TheOrdinary for me. It’s a delicate and feminine jasmine scent so no sleep interrupted for me. I can use nightly and it’s not orange so I don’t fear my clothes like I do with #TheOrdinary it also sits less on the face than #BeautyKitchen and #TheOrdinary so no excess patting off.


All are actually incredible, lovely results on the face, and I’m love that I have them. My downside to #DrBotanicals is I’ve had since Jan but half is gone already as it’s so watery, so no value for money!!

#BeautyKitchen downside is that the scent is a bit much for me at times, some scents cause insomnia for me such as lavender being a big one for me.

#TheOrdinary downside the boss of the brand is controversial, the oil is thick and orange, definitely don’t wear your favourite Pjs. Needs excessive patting off, as face is greasy hours and hours later.

#SofiaLipBalm downside well I actually haven’t got one, hopefully it’s easy to get hold of. As this I think if price is good, will be my replacement for the ordinary one.

21 weeks post #hiparthroscopy

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Omg I’m finally 21weeks, I swear I’ve said it twice before already!! Such a dofus.

Anyways, it was back to physio at the hospital today, but I was dreading it totally. I’d recently been feeling pain, the same old groin pain, the pain I had before surgery. It’s white hot pain that grinds you down and makes you murderous.

So today I told her I was ready to flip a table due to pain, so we adapted some exercises, and it kinda of worked, they didn’t aggravate the pain, so that was good.

  • Stationary bike 5mins
  • Hip bridges 20reps
  • Single leg hip bridges 20reps
  • Clam raises with Band 20reps
  • Side leg raise with Band 20reps
  • Glute raise lying on front 20reps
  • Side walking with Band 40steps
  • Swiss ball pelvic tilt 20 reps
  • Swiss ball knee lifts 20reps
  • Swiss ball abductor squeezes 20reps

So there you have it, similar but with some differences, and none flared up the hip so I’m grateful for that. Just need to rest up my very very sore to the touch hip.

See area where it’s hurting the most. Sharp, hot nagging pain 😥😥😥😥😥

Glossy box UK #Galentines February box

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This month’s box is Neon pink and funky, in fact I think it’s my new favourite box (more designs like this please!)

In the run up to receiving mine, I’d obviously checked on others to see what they got, as I’m nosey!! And I saw lots got the #IconaMilano Mascara which is admittedly good, but I craved the #SkinChemists Aqua Repair Serum. So I wished and prayed for it. And Woohoo I got it!! This has 3 FULL SIZE products and 2 minis

24Hour Aqua Repair Facial Serum this is suitable for all skin types, delivering vitamins and antioxidants to the skin to reduce redness and hydrate deeply. It was a FULL SIZE product 30ml RRP £64 skinchemists.com clearly way out of my price range, but I’m glad to have this opportunity to try it out, see how the other half lives eh?!

Other variables were #Oolution Eye Cream which I’ve had before, nice but I didn’t actually see results. RRP £30.99 Or there was another Mascara by #Rodial Glamolash XXL RRP £24 which again I’ve had before, I love it, but I’m very very happy with #SkinChemists

Another #Sleek palette in #VintageRomance and though I’m not a fan of Sleek before, I’m still eager to try it out, and the colours are beautiful. FULL SIZE product RRP £8.99 sleekmakeup.com/uk brilliant price for this beauty

#SteveLaurant Nude Lip Gloss a beautiful cruelty free lip tint that’s creamy and hydrating. FULL SIZE RRP £17 stevelaurant.com *Packaging lovely, it’s truly pretty, but the Nude colour on me looks like Foundation lips* and sadly this is too pricey for me as a gloss.

#Studio10Beauty is a new brand on me, it’s a Make up Mist Glow-Plexion a gentle mist that hydrates lacklustre skin (that’s me) primes and also a setting spray. I use Makeup revolution one at £5 for quite a lot of product. This however is a MINI SIZE RRP £14 and full size would be £26. I’m not convinced it’s worth that much? Will it lure me away from Makeup Revolution?? studio10beauty.com

Last but not least it’s a MINI SIZE #Ciate gelology paint pot. Meant to give 10 days of high gloss shine with minimal chipping (we will see) it’s cruelty free so thats a plus. Pale minty green is perfect pastel shades for spring and will look amazing with pastel lavender combo. RRP MINI SIZE £6 full size is £9 ciatelondon.com

So there you have it, a great array of things to try out, feel pampered and beautiful this Valentine’s Day.

Feeling old

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Now I’m over 40, I’ll be honest, I’ve REALLY really been feeling my age. And even my mortality too. Perhaps I need to grow up, start acting like life isn’t forever. After seeing friends pass, celebrities too that aren’t far off my own age, has started to freak me out. Obviously hip issues don’t help either, as pain and immobility aren’t actually a youthful combination.

So I’ve started to tweak some things in my life, to help ease the transition into middle age. I’d like to fight it off as long as possible. Immobility I’m addressing with physio, and basic workouts on Xbox kinnect, and free weights too.

I’ve started to eat fruits, salads, and more veggie dishes. Starting to cook a lot more from scratch again. So even if they are pizzas, it’s lower cals, fresh ingredients, and salt.

These little things make me feel a bit more productive and less old. Whether it’s placebo or actual results, if it helps then it helps.

I’ve also started to actually pay attention to my skin too, usually I’m slap dash, bog standard moisturizer and cleansing wipes are my go too. But now I’m buying and using an array of products, to rid myself of that grey lacklustre dry skin once and for all. I will blog about these at a later date, so I feel I have actual results to say about. Currently using #StIves blemish control exfoliating face cream, the deciem Lactic Acid, and deciem Rosehip facial oil.

With oils though, I’m comparing #BeautyKitchen #Deciem #DrBotanicals and newcomer #SofiaLatif

So any advice for this gal to fight aging, to feel that hedonistic vibe instead of impending doom??

Primark Haul… Can a haul be a few items??

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After an extremely long illnesses and then appointments, we finally went to Primark in our local town, I’d been wanting to go since Christmas. In fact I feared all bargains would be gone by now. But I was pleasantly surprised. So here’s my haul, can it be a haul when it’s 6 things in total?? I’m not sure, however here it is.

I managed to get some amazing bargains, I was feeling very spoilt and lucky. I know it’s not a lot to some, but for me I’m well pleased. I tend to buy things as I actually need, not just want, saves money, space and wastage that way.

First up I found a super soft cosy Burgundy jumper with Trumpet Sleeves. Totally has a 70’s vibe to it. I love this colour!! Was £10 down to £5

Then I ended up in nightwear the real reason I wanted to be there. I needed and wanted new pyjamas.

Soft and again cosy fleece PJ’s with super lazy pusheen kitty on. Childish yes, but who cares. I’m 41 but I love them. Was £11 down to £3 what a bargain!!

I bought pants too, but I’m not photographing them for you, no one needs to see them. But they were £5 for 3 pairs, Lacey and lattice design.

More PJ’s but Harry Potter ones this time, again were £11 down to £3.00 woohoo!! And I just had to wear them straight away last night. So comfy.

I also bought some false nails #CloudNine ones, as primark always does the best Halo ones, coffin ones and cheap too. My favourite place to buy them (probs weird as I’m an ex nail tech, but I love value for money) and of course their glue, I buy the 2pk glue that comes separate to the nails. So there you have it my mini haul, each thing I bought I totally love and will wear to death.

Until next time lovelies Debbie xx

Physio 20 weeks post #HipArthroscopy

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After two weeks away from physio at the Hospital, I was back today. And I had to confess to the joint instability I’d felt recently. So with that the exercises were modified and switched up.

Bike as usual to start 5mins

Then Hip bridges 20reps

Then Single hip bridges 20reps

Clam raises 20reps

Side leg raise 20reps

Lie on front, bent knee glute raise 20reps

Squeeze Swiss ball between knees 20reps

Swiss ball pelvic tilts 20reps

Then finally Knee lifts both sides while sitting on Swiss ball 20reps each side

I can honestly say this kicked my butt. I can really feel it. I’ve still not found my Swiss ball at home, but I need to, they seem to to the worse exercises for me, no core strength, so balance at all.