Best Served Cold By Pat Adams- Wright #Blogbooktour

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#AD GIFTED as always this book was gifted for a review, but all opinions are my own.

Totally new author for me, I confess I’d not heard of her before either, so fresh eyes, fresh characters to learn and either warm too, or hate with a passion. It’s exciting either way.

Amazon universal link –

My Review

As the title suggests it’s a revenge story arc, it’s a classic bullied person seeks to get revenge. And although it sounds predictable as revenge stories are, it has a good narrative from the murderer themselves, explaining and detailing their crimes.

It’s full of suspense and I was full of wanting to save the person, but then thinking they kind of deserved it too. I switched from wanting them caught to wanting them to get away, so many times. My head was playing an internal tennis match.

I wasnt sure of the main character at first DCI Kirsty, but I gently warmed to her, and she has a keen eye and trusty gut instinct that you want all law enforcement to have. I love the sound of Benny, he conjures up quite a character in my mind’s eye. He is definitely my favourite one.

I’m interested to see if this becomes a full series, will DCI Kirsty feature in more books, as I’m sure to read them. I’m keen to see how they all develop over time and with more cases under their belts.


IcedRainbow Featured

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Let me introduce a fabulous jewellery designer #IcedRainbow. I recently received a twitter competition win from this jewellery company, and I thought I would show you all what I got. But first who is IcedRainbow

Founded in 2009 by Tom the designer and creator of icedrainbow.
Creating Fun Bold Colourful statement dainty home decor accessories and jewellery.

All of which are proudly handmade & manufactured in his UK studio office based in ESSEX.

Each piece is made with various materials such as SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS,perspex,wood & finished with sterling silver or stainless steel, His vast array of colourful products are Inspired by travelling wildlife nature and many other aspects of life , He’s always been creative and quirky as a self taught designer.

Having always been an artisan of many things way before icedrainbow. It all started in 2007 making things for family and friends to eventually setting up the website (icedrainbow) in 2009.

Tom Believes that it’s not what you wear that defines you, it’s how you make yourself feel when you wear what you buy, because each and every person has a different personality and accessorising your home and yourself lets you create a style that’s unique to you.

The meaning behind the name:
Anything can be iced in all colours of the rainbow,
by using crystals and colourful pieces of perspex in his work that was how the name came about, Tom is also a Qualified Chef & keen interest in baking hence the unusual colourful quirky name.

His Motto “Be Yourself,Be you be beautiful be true”
Express your style & wonderful nature through the art of icedrainbow’s creations. They’ve been Adorned by many, seen by few but mesmerise those who have stumbled upon them, Aim for the stars and never look back always look forward, creating a world full of colourful creations & providing homes, necks,cakes & kitchens with a wide range of rainbow delights.

So what did I receive as my prize, well I got a LOT.

I got five various happy birthday cards, 2 cute animal ones and 3 gin based ones, I love these. They are going to be hard to give away! I mean who doesn’t love a Gin birthday card.

buy here and find other cards too here


I received 3 pin badges, I got my favourite, which are a Mystical Hare, a Flamingo and Prosecco pin.

You can buy here various pin designs.

Flamingo Pin Mystical Hare

I also received some keyrings in the form of a delicious Battenburg, and Home keyrings. With a Hot Chocolate Magnet, and 2 pendants which are a Snowflake and Feather.

Find some over here Feather Charm Necklace

And here my Magnet is at home with my Beefeater from Harrods, and my Jack and Sally Disney Magnet designed by Jasmine Becket Griffith.

Find IcedRainbow at Instagram Twitter

#GerardCosmetics I’m loving this month

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#AD Affiliate

This month I’ve been incredibly fortunate to be able to try out some incredible products. I am on their PR list and I do have an affiliate code.

However I’m under no obligation to post and share my love for them. I choose to do this on my own, as they are incredible products and very affordable too.

Yes I have an affiliate code, (SIRENMOONBEE) Which ive yiu 30% sitewide, however if you are in the UK like me, I suggest to you via BeautyBay my code only works on the official Gerard Cosmetics but I understand my UK readers will find it cheaper and easier to order inside the UK.

As you can see I’m getting a fairly large and well used items. Some are new to try out, such as the highlighter which I know already I’m definitely buying again and again!! I got Grace star powder available here a beautiful golden glow, subtle but there, my new found LOVE.

I also made sure I tried the much raved about lip pencils. And I’m so glad I did. I chose #Cher #SugarAndSpice #Ecstasy #MelrosePlace all various pinky nudes and perfectly me, no matter the occasion. I do prefer subtle make up, muted even as mostly it’s day wear. Buy them here Cher is here

Ecstasy is here

Melrose Place is here

Sugar And Spice is here

For lipsticks I decided against another Hydra Matte as I know I love them, and will return to them once mine are all gone, instead I bought a #LyricaCollab James Gloss which is deliciously dark and seductive. You can buy here

I love the light and mirror that comes with these glosses, so I had to get another gloss but in pink, to occasionally brush over the lip pencil colours. I got #PinkFrosting you can buy Here

And because I LOVE liquid lipsticks I had to try the #RoseGold Metallic liquid lipstick, and it’s even better than I imagined. Buy it Here

To finish off I bought the Stastruck Palette, I believe it’s for highlighting, but I’m going to use mine as eyeshadow, as they shimmer and shine so beautiful. When used wet with Mac primer the copper shade is breathtakingly beautiful. You can can one Here

Week 17 post #HipReplacement

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This week I’ve been camping, we went for a few days in Cornwall. Had an event planned for the Saturday, so we decided to make the journey worth while, we set off Friday and would come home Monday.

Arrived at the most fantastic campsite just outside boscastle called Trebyla Farm it’s a simplistic working farm campsite, with electric hook up and caravans too. Idea for those wanting to escape the world for a few days. So no WiFi, no posh toilets with grand baths, or clubs and pools here. It’s back to basics camping, I love it!!

Just toilet blocks and showers available, with hot water and free so what could be better. Also available is a kitchen area with microwave (I couldn’t work it) freezer for your essentials, and dry area to wash up in.

Everything was super clean, well stocked with toilet roll and hand soap too. So I didn’t need my emergency packed ones. As some sites often run out, or don’t re stock often. These were done every morning. All bins checked each day too.

We have a large spacious tent, bought when we had 4 small children we used to camp with. But it’s size means I can stand up, so no bending to get in and out. Which honestly I’m relieved at, as I don’t think the hip would like that.

The hip coped very well with a lot of things I requested it to do. But mainly I do the kitchen stuff, I sit to make a coffee or sandwiches as I don’t like to stand too much.

And banging in pegs is not one of the things I can do, I still struggle to squat down and get up again. I’m not agile and I get stuck, so better for me not to try!

I definitely did need my pain meds, a lot more of them and my walking stick at all times. Also I needed rest stops all the time. But it coped, and I would do it again, I just need a few months to recover lol.

Weather and cold obviously made it feel stiffer to move, and I often felt seized into a position, that would take time to get out of again. But once the joint got moving, it was happier.

But look at the view we had, it’s hard to be grumbling and sad when this view greets you each morning!!

Not many on the site, so the area was super peaceful, and you are left alone to relax and plan days in leisure. Exactly what we needed. My only regret is coming home after 3 nights. I will be returning for sure.

Blog Book Tour #KenOgilvie HOUND

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#AD GIFTED for review, and all opinions are my own. I’m blessed to pick my favourite genres of books so it’s rare I don’t enjoy them.

Hound (Rebecca Bradley #2) by Ken Ogilvie

Available from AMAZON CA AU US UK

Do you love mysteries with intricate plots and new locations? Meet Detective Rebecca Bradley as she faces an escaped serial killer whose next target IS THE POLICEWOMAN HERSELF.

Rebecca Bradley put serial killer Jackie Caldwell in prison. She had the assistance of Hound, a giant young man who’s in love with Rebecca.

But then Jackie murders a prison guard and escapes. She heads north to her home town of Conroy, where she hides out in the forest to evade a massive police search.

She’s burning with hatred for Rebecca, and wants revenge for the financial ruin of her family twenty years ago in a goldmining scam by Rebecca’s villainous grandfather.

Jackie also hates Rebecca’s wealthy father, who betrayed and then helped the police apprehend Jackie’s sleazebag lover, Kingsley McBride.

Hound pursues Jackie in a bone-chilling chase through the eastern Georgian Bay forest . He faces a race against time to save the woman he loves.

Discover a new crime writer who will have you gripped till the pulsating end.

Rebecca Bradley was psychologically damaged by the unsolved murder of her mother when she was eight years of age. Driven by her mission to catch the murderer and make him pay for his crime, Rebecca is obsessed with justice and retribution, and is haunted by dreams of revenge.

Book 2: HOUND

Author Bio

KEN OGILVIE is a new mystery writing author, with Her Dark Path as his first book. Prior to taking up writing, Ken worked in a variety of roles in the environmental policy domain, including positions with three governments in Canada (Federal, Manitoba and Ontario) and as the Executive Director of Pollution Probe, one of Canada’s premier environmental groups. He remains active as a consultant on energy and climate change, and sits on the Boards of two national nonprofit organizations – the Pembina Institute for Appropriate Development, and Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow. He is well-known across Canada for his environmental work, and has received two honourary doctorates from the University of Waterloo, Ontario, and Thompson Rivers University, British Columbia.

My Review

While this is the first book I’ve read by this author, it is in fact book 2. But I think it works well on its own as well.

Rebecca is haunted by her mother’s murder, while knowing her father probably knows something, but that he won’t share! A strain on this relationship means they no longer speak. So sad to see a relationship breakdown, but I can understand why it has.

Set in Canada, I can recall my own Canadian adventures to set the scene in my mind, means that the character Mathew is a relatable character and you can imagine it well living off grid in such a vast wilderness. I often daydream myself of living off grid, it intrigues me.

It goes from past to present in seemless manner, and definitely had me gripped. Some parts confused me so needed to be reread, but that could just be me reading too fast, and not retaining the information well. But over all a highly enjoyable read, and I’d definitely read more by Ken.

Day 64 #GerardCosmetics

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#AD #Affiliate

First things first I received these as a PR package, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. I do have an affiliate code in which I would earn a small commission from.

But before I get into what I received, let me tell you how today’s been. It’s been PANTS!! I’m not feeling physio this week, I have low energy (no reason why really) and ALL my joints hurt. Curse you #EhlersDanlosSyndrome

I have started to get back into a routine with putting make up on, back into my skincare and generally looking after myself once more. It’s so easy to fall in a trap of not caring.

Especially when you aren’t leaving the house 95% of the week, and working out a lot too.

I definitely don’t wear make up to #Hydrotherapy or while I do #Physio at home. So my interest had dropped over Jam, Feb and up until now really.

That said I have a wonderful bundle I was sent from Gerard Cosmetics

I got Hollywood Blvd Glitter Lipstick. ( Love this the most, I already have Swipe Right Glitter Lipstick. I love the sparkle they give) Good staying power too!

Rodeo Lipstick. A dusky hue of Pink, I love the creamy texture, and femininity of the colour.

Vintage Rose Lipstick. A real English rose look, it’s exactly what it says it is. Perfect day wear colour this spring.

Divalicious (Lighted) yes seriously it lights up and you have a handy mirror! Lip gloss. (This impresses me so much with the Light, clubbing gloss wearing just got easier!!) Again quite dusky pink, hint of mauve.

Pouty Princess (Lighted) Lip gloss, well the name sold it too me really. (I go for similar colours as they suit me best. So brighter pink, but so cute,. Almost retro vibe) again this is Lighted and has a Mirror too.

Kiss Assist Lip Plumper, I really don’t like lip plumpers as a rule, as they hurt me. (Especially soap & glory) like a million wasps are on my lips. however I wanted to try and I’m so glad I did, as this has NO sting, only tingle, and cooling. I didn’t feel too sticky either. And it looks lovely on top of the lipsticks too.

Super booster whitening pen, I’ve not tried it yet, as I’m awaiting a good occasion or event to go to to make it worth it. But I do hear excellent reviews on this.

Lastly I had to get #GCSquad Merch as I fully support Jennifer Gerard and her cosmetics brand, the team have been wonderful to me, so warm, so friendly, and super supportive too.

Thank you everyone, and if you do want to order you can use my link here and get 30% off your entire order. This ships from the USA so be mindful of customs and shipping. But to all my USA buddies, you’ll find shipping good for you.

Even #Zoella latest range is shipping from the US now, as it’s becoming more popular to have American brands popularity grow over here in the UK.

Blog Book Tour Five Bloody Hearts by Joy Ellis

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#AD gifted book.

After a time away to have hip surgery and recovery, I’m back onto the blog book tour. So once again I can delve deeper into crime, and mystery and nurture that inner Sherlock in me. This time it’s a new author to me, so I have no idea what to expect.

Not everyday I can exercise or do chores, so what better way to spend some of my hip recovery, but to read and get lost for a few hours each day.

From multiple #1 best-selling author Joy Ellis, comes a mystery that will have you glued from first page to last, with a truly shocking conclusion.

Grace Repton, a beautiful older woman, walks into the police station to tell Matt she has information that could stop a murder. Her fiancé, the infamous serial killer Jeremy Reader, has told her that he has a disciple who is going to kill using Reader’s horrific methods.
Reader murdered five women and was finally brought to justice by Detective Ballard. Reader is safely imprisoned in a high security prison, and claiming to be a reformed man who wants to help the police.
But can Matt believe the serial killer or his peculiar wife to be? Can the love of a good woman really change a serial killer?
And the Fenland police also have another investigation on their hands. A Lithuanian migrant worker is found dead on the fens. There is no ID on him, but he has a Tree of Life tattoo. The third body to be found with this distinctive tattoo. Is this gang war or something even more sinister?

The police are stretched to breaking point with multiple copycat murders. And Matt and his girlfriend Liz will fight for everything they care about in a heart-stopping conclusion that will have you on the edge of your seat.
This is the sequel to the #1 best-selling BEWARE THE PAST.


My Review

This is a page turning read with many twists and loops, and so many What? moments? There are just as many dead ends to try and catch them out too. But even dead ends can reveal clues and leads to be useful. Will these leads hark back to Matt’s Past? Will it come back to haunt him and threaten everyone he cares about.

The characters are eye opening with realistic flaws and personalities. I felt no only did I learn some medical facts on complex mental health issues, but also learning about different cultures, and they’re struggles through this life.

Week 5 post #hipreplacement part two

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How is it five weeks already, this post is mainly like yesterday’s, and it’s peppered with sbs info. But read to the end and learn of my hippie accident!! I never want a repeat of that. Just as I thought I was getting over it. 😦

Thank you if you read yesterday’s post, of me off out at #TheoPaphitis Small Business Event.

Feeling very special that a tiny hobbyist like me can be chosen by the former Dragon himself, a man I greatly admire as he’s often quite detrimental to himself and is super humble.

We discover we are 1% of the entered businesses to make the cut. There has been 370,000 applications, and 2,500 winners. I won back in 2012.

After the delicious dinner, we were in for a presentation and fireside chat with Scotland’s first billionaire Sir Tom Hunter. He created Sports Division and sold this eventually to his rivals JJB for £260million. Following this success at an early age he set up his own foundation to invest in the future of young entrepreneurs. Giving them the help, support and guidance needed to be their own success stories.

Once again another humbling and truly inspiring story of how he sold trainers from the back of his van to becoming a billionaire. And not once did he allude that skill or knowledge above others were the reason for success, instead like Theo he opts to be down to earth, and say it was luck, his gumption and sheer cheek at times that won the day.

They both concluded with Q&A which I thoroughly loved, some years I’ve found this more boring and above my understanding. But this year I loved hearing his answers. What a warm and friendly man Sir Tom Hunter is.

This is the time I had to admit defeat and set to leave. Although if you were new winners you would collect your certificate and get your photo with Theo. There also were games, networking and group photos going on, as well as presentations upstairs. But I couldn’t, I needed to get home, it’s the longest time I’d been out, and the hip was nagging.

On the way out we collected our goodies bag, and though no #MrsHinch approved cleaning products this year, we got a bumper of goodies.

All in a reusable cotton tote bag, which I absolutely loved getting instead of a paper bag.

All in all I had an incredible day, and I left feeling inspired, and extremely happy…… But all that changed on one stupid accident!!

Totally my own fault, busy chatting away with Mr Moon I stupidly stepped up on the step to leave the building, with my bad operated leg. Full weight transversed to this bad leg, quick scream from me, absolute burning pain I quickly realized what I’d done.

How I kept the tears in is beyond me, I hobbled to our car thankfully nearby. Struggled to get in, pain was throbbing, and leg went warm from thigh to ankle, worried was not the word. I was convinced I’d done something serious.

Our journey home was sadly 1hr 40 for a usual 40min journey, and in that time, the pain subsided if I didn’t move much, so panic left. And once home the PJ’s were soon on, with hot water bottle and lots of rest too. Felt more of a muscular tear or straining, than mechanical. Certainly hope so.

Now it’s rest and re assess the situation and hope it recovers.

Day 34 post #hipreplacement, part one

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Apologies now that this isn’t a standard #hipreplacement post. But I like to log what I do each day of this recovery, and this time I happened to be out and about. Hoping I gain confidence from it, and it helps build up the stamina and strength too. With that said here we go….

Once a year Theo Paphitis and his team of Sponsors (DHL, iLaw, Western Union, Autumn Fair, Robert Dyas, Ryman, Hewlett Packard, Webroot, Square) put on an incredible SBS event for all us winners, with networking, mentoring, 121 sessions, and talks with leading business man and women. And though I’m newly operated on, I decided to go.

Held at the ICC Birmingham, it felt good to be there once again. But alas I wasn’t prepared, no business cards and arriving by the seat of my pants, eek!!

Grabbed a coffee and sat down, grabbed my essential book and pen on the seat (thank you) and Kypros opened the show.

We then heard from Theo himself, and he introduced what was planned for the day.

Then Paul Barnes #Webroot joined him to explain cyber security to us all. The importance of passwords and VPN whenever outside near open wifis, so hackers have no way into your life, and through you into even bigger corporations. That was an eye-opener.

Then Raja Saggi the Head of SME marketing Google which was interesting on how to make your site seen, the keywords, tags, and we all tested our sites speed using I discovered my Etsy Shop responded in 4 seconds with 10% visitor loss. Whereas this wordpress site was 7 seconds with 26% visitor loss. The aim is under 5 seconds so I was really pleased with Etsy.

Raja Saggi recommend focusing on your one thing, and my one thing I’m better known for is my charity awareness bracelets. And uniting spoonies around the world. But I would like to focus on more spiritual,chakra based jewellery too.

We then had a break for dinner, and as it’s my second outing since surgery I honestly needed it. I have had to sit upright so 90degree angle for a while, and it aches. But I’m doing better than I thought. Great to see everyone, and be here, though it’s a tad early to socialize really. I’m glad I had 1 crutch rather than a walking stick.

Mr Moon had to pile up 2 plates as I find it impossible to carry things with my crutch, so I held a glass of wine, while hubby grabbed some delicious food. We had a variety of sandwiches, quiches (best part) wedges, then cakes and fruit selections.

Couldn’t get a decent photo of the sarnies as the island housing them was super packed.

Tomorrow is part two so I don’t bore you guys too much.

Day 25 skincare routine

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Now it’s no surprise that I’ve not really been into skincare as such since surgery, as standing at the mirror and sink, is harder than you think.

I have however been using quick and easy holy grails, such as the #NipFab Dragons blood cleansing pads (these are a godsend)

Quick easy and fuss free pads, make my skin feel refreshed, super clean and nurtured too.

I use one of these two after the #NipFab depending on time of day, so daytime I opt for the #Ren Evercalm Day cream, a thicker creamy moisturizer, feels spa like and with essential oils.

Then in the evening #Inkey Hyaluronic Acid Serum for that super hydrating feel that can sit on the skin all night. This is my favourite of all time!!

A while back I would this cream on a competition held by a fellow beauty blogger. And this balm is an absolute lifesaver. I’ve used on my husband’s burnt fingers and I’m currently using on my scar! It’s thick like vaseline, it creates a protective barrier that’s waterproof, while healing the scar too. It’s a dream.

For lips and dry patches on heels, and it’s lovely. Usually lip balms for me make you use them continuously after the first go. But this one, you can use once, and your lips don’t go super dry afterwards. It’s solid version of #Palmers Cocoa Butter.

For my legs, the compression stockings cause such reptile skin, constantly dry and flaky skin. I use #Ameliorate Exfoliating Cream, I once got it in a subscription box, and then because I loved it so, my husband bought me a larger one for my birthday in July. I’ve deliberately saved it until now to use. And it’s perfect for this post surgery recovery. A touch of pampering when you feel so dull and drained.