The Best News ever day yesterday, X-ray Appointment


YAY!!!! The bone has grown, i’m so happy in fact i’m buzzing about it. The pelvis is 100% healed and the femur is 60% healed so i can now full weight bear and of course now comes all the hard work. I’ve obviously got bambi legs so got to do it nice and slowly and build up to getting rid of my crutch, but at least there is an end in sight. Doctor told me to be selfish from now on and put my physio first not housework or sorting children out, so booked in for physio 3 times a week to kick start this next 3 months of hard graft off. But i’m on cloud nine and nothing can bring me down right now.

Oh to make it even better, i told him about the hassle we are having with the tribunal and he has wrote me a scathing letter saying how insulting they are saying that i could work before this surgery, and the fact my surgery wasn’t necessary. Also said how the ‘medical person/Pen pusher) has no qualifications and has had no correspondence with the Hospital or any of my specialists. So i’m so thankful for that as well, i’m going to copy the letter and send it too my MP as well.

Well i’m off to practise standing up from my chair, and sitting back down with no assistance (gotta do it for 10 mins a few times per day) to strenghten my abductors and various other bits their.

Stockingate saga


WooHoo guys i’ve finally manage to get some decent ones from the GP no less. It involved ringing up Boots the chemists to ask advice, and the help and support i got from the lady there was second to none. In fact she helped me more than all the co-ag nurses and hospitals and the other chemist, they should feel ashamed really, as they weren’t even working to what the NHS direct advises either, You’d think they’d have to at least work on one consistant level, but sadly no!!
Plus my beautiful tights from HappyHealthyLegs are going to come soon as well, so here i come summer time, you can’t scare me any longer!! So this is now over and i can rest and relax and focus on other pressing things.
The Rash has now gone, thank goodness as that was proper driving me insane. Not sure what it was but my best guess is my warfrin brand had been changed, and as soon as i swapped it back my symptoms went. The relief is immense and now my legs feel soft and free, especially as these new stockings are more like real stockings but with the same compression, and you can breathe through them. I’ve gone for a natural tan colour so i can wear dolly shoes once more. My only bugbear is that they’re not hold ups like the white ones. So you’ve got to buy spray on glue or wear a suspender belt (not comfortable) or possiblity tit tape? I tried some industrial tape (don’t try it unless your an idiot like me!) It worked a treat though and it was easier to remove than plasters, so i may carry on with that until my spray on glue comes. A friend who wears the same just puts hers on then quickly gets her jeans on so they can’t fall down, so i tried this method too. It does work as they don’t fall dowm more than an inch due to the compression, so if your wearing leggings or skinny jeans i would reccommend this whole heartedly. I’ll let you know about the spray glue or suspender belt when i discover for myself too.

Now just have the dole office to deal with and my tribunal, i hope i have the same success as i did with stockingate xx Happy healing guys xx