Seen O’Hara


I got to the Hospital just in time and had to leap out of the car and run in, (not literally, but as best as i can in my state) as there was NO parking for nearly a mile away, so Rich parked up while i went in and signed myself as in, and straight away i was took to clinic C, then called for x-rays within 3 Min’s on being in the building!! Well impressed already. Had them took and walked down to the clinic C Waiting room again, only to be called into O’Hara‘s room straight away. He spoke to us to find out background info, he watched me walk, stand on one leg, and he did some pulling pushing on the legs while on his couch. He looked at my x-rays and confirmed that I’d been wasting the last 2 years on PT as that was never going to work!! He also dropped a bombshell on me and said I’ve got dysplasia in the right side as well, not as bad as the left, but there anyway. So surgery is possible on the right side as well. Before we do any deciding on the next step, O’Hara says he would like a CT scan in order to measure my bones, density of them and see which way they are facing. So that appointment is coming up in 2 weeks time on the 12th of may, same time as 2 of my friends are having surgery so my mind will be elsewhere!! Hope things go perfect for them though Kate and Rayray xx

Freaked Out!!!!!!!!!


After doing lots of walking (painful but worth it!) in the countryside, my right hip feels weird!!!!!! Where my scar is it’s always always felt solid as a rock underneath, but now it’s all squishy like it’s empty under the scar?? I wonder why?? Also it’s super tender to the touch, but i have surgery over 18 months ago, so it’s new weird not surgery weird. Whenever i lean over that side it feels so sore, and while walking it sends shockwaves rippling up the leg so walking is not nice or worth it!!

So i’m gutted as i love walking in the country (even though i still pay dearly for ages afterwards and need to munch on lots of painkillers!!) I’m house bound and have been since Monday. Too scared to even try any physio as i know that would kill, so just doing free weights for my upperbody to keep me active, as it’s all good for the soul.

I’d just successfully reduced the amount of dreaded Tramadol i take by using Reiki (don’t knock it until you try it, no faith or belief required!!!) It just works, so that good, so i’m hoping that this new weird pain may be reduced with Reiki, but i have had to increase my painkillers again, hopefully it’s for a short time only though.

I see O’Hara in a few days now, and i’m pretty scared that i’ve built him up to be some kind of hero that is the answer to all my problems, and he won’t live up too this and be just as dismissive as the others, but fingers crossed he will live up to it and be lovely and give me answers to questions i haven’t even thought of. Plus side if right hip is still feeling weird least he’ll be the best person to ask about it and the timing is good for that, so everything happens for a reason don’t it??

Happy healing to all hippy sufferers xx

Walking Stick


WooHoo it came friday it’s all pink and spotty from and a very reasonable price too! I hated the thought of having grey or black one and think i’d rather limp than use one of them, but that is because at the moment i still have the luxury of choosing to use one. But others do not and for them it doesn’t matter what it looks like just how useful it is. So i’m sorry if it sounds vain to them, i do not wish to offend anyone.
But i am excited now, about surgery, as good ol camping weather is here and the hills beckon me to climb. I have itchy feet to join Hubby but alas it’s not for me until i’m new and improved. The countdown until my consultation has started (1st April it started) and already i’ve whizzed through 5 days!? With the kiddies being off school, i’m sure it’s going to go by in a flash, with kids filling my head with rubbish and all chaos around you, I won’t get a minute to think or mope until the 20th April when they go back, and it will be for just one day. I can’t wait, just to finally hear what is wrong and how to fix the problem will be magic to my ears!

For everyone that’s recovering Happy healing xx