How posh am I having this, The Supporting Handmade However it’s Made Christmas Showcase!

WooHoo that has happened all in a whirlwind of Holiday with the Kids and illness. The Former was amazing and just what the family needed all round. The later hit the family on said Holiday in Sept and in Nov and it’s still here…. First Sam got it, sore throat, tickly cough, feeling run down. But it didn’t last long and next up was Me, of course! I had standard sore throat and cough, not too bad, then Olivia got it, and it threw her sideways for a few days but nothing serious, my throat was clearing up and BAM I got it again only worse, this time I had a high fever, flu like and ached all over, hurt to raise my arms, my neck was killing and sore throat was so bad I couldn’t eat, felt sick for a few days so stuck to drinking instead, then slowly moved onto soup. This went on for 2 weeks!! Then as quick as I get better my Hubby gets poorly and thats where we are right now, week 1 moving onto week 2. It has mutated each time it’s hit another person, not entirely the same symptoms for each one of us. I guess it’s attacked our own weaknesses. Just when you think your ill and rough, it mutates and gives you new symptoms, ear ache, headaches, foggy woolly heads. I ended up with Laryngitis so that explained the really bad sore throat and very furry tongue. Yuck!!

But all this is by the by, we have to get better as I have a DATE, the first date I was given provisionally was 16th Jan 2012 which I admit I rejoiced at. It would be after Christmas so no third year on crutches, I would be able to Christmas shop at leisure, and with Rich and lose some all important pounds that my lardy ass has gained.
But as soon as I got excited about that, I was sent out a new letter and a new date, Disaster! 5th Dec 2011 this was awful, what a dilemma! Not only would I be on crutches yet again for Christmas, but I’d struggle to do the Christmas dinner and shopping, and more importantly I’d miss Husbands birthday (I’d be in Hospital on the day!) and my daughters birthday. HELP!!! I quickly rung up to see if I could change the dates, but no luck I would have to wait until………. end of MARCH!!! WTF?? No way I love my family, but I can’t do that. So I have excepted the date.
Why am I telling you all this, well to show you that you think one thing at first only to completely change when you really think about it. Firstly Christmas shopping can be done online and done in the 4 weeks I have left before surgery, as who wants to be in town in December with all those queues anyway? Secondly Hubbys birthday is the 9th Dec so we’ve planned a full day out in Liverpool the weekend before I go in, so bringing birthday forward, Daughters birthday I’ll be home and we’ll watch movies with pizza and popcorn, bliss! Thirdly who wants to go out in the wet,dark and cold days anyways far better to be stuck indoors recovering then, rather than the Spring when you want to go on days out, go camping, go for picnic’s! So it makes me wonder how did I ever think there was a dilemma in the first place.
This way I’ll recover when we don’t go out much anyways, (except I’ll miss NYE) and when I’m recovered enough I can think of Holidays as we’ll have the weather for it. Better to be active then, than in the snow.
So now is the time to plan and get myself sorted, Got a Virtual CRAFTfest fair end of Nov and after that I’m shutting up my Jewellery shops to focus on the BIG DAY ahead, less stress that way. And I’ve got to get myself into Christmas shopping mode, and of course put my tree up earlier so I can join in lol
Happy Holidays and Happy Healing xx