#VFest #Chelmsford 2016

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Some days I pinch myself, as I feel so lucky. This happened purely from misfortune of my sisters in law, so I feel bad that they couldn’t go. But super stoked we were given the opportunity to go.

This festival is not my usual place to go to, purely because its expensive (to me) and being challenged in the walking department, I also felt a bit terrified to be in such a big crowd.
But all my fears were unfounded. It ended up being an awesome experience, and though it was challenging to walk on all that rubbish!! It was still ace and I’d do it again.

I was so impressed with the toilets and the layout, the staff, and artists. That I had an incredible time. We managed to dance in the Dance Tent, saw Little Mix, Loved Katy B and ended with Rihanna. I was High on Life, and loving every second of it. Only downside was that it was soooooo far away, so going home was awful for hubby. We set off at 11.30pm and stopped at 1am at a service station for a few hours, then set off at 3am and finally got home at 5.30am.




It was sooooo sunny and thankfully the grass was dry (did not expect that, I was prepared for a total mudfest)

This was definitely an experience I would do again, and though I don’t get out much, the crowds weren’t too bad, and I saw lots of walking sticks and crutches, so I never felt odd one out. All in all impressed and still loving it a week later!

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OMG Steroid has worn off!! Little Update 3rd-18th August 2016 #Vfest2016

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Sadly earlier than I had ever imagined the steroid injection in my hip has worn off. After two weeks of getting the hip to settle down and reduce in size, I had one glorious week!! I was pain free, I even walked unaided. I went to Cannock Fringe Festival to watch my friend Acoustic Anarchy sing, we walked, we danced we loved it and I saw how my life should actually be like! Here is her You Tube Channel, check her out for yourselves Click here

I had no painkillers, no walking stick, it was sheer utter bliss. But sadly extremely short lived. But the pain relief was complete and total, thus proving it was the hip causing the issues and a scope or hip resurfacing is the answer. Bad news is, I have to wait until 20th Sept to see them to discuss the next step.
In the meantime I am trying my best, with an increasing array of health issues, such as suspected Rheumatoid Arthritis in the Right Hand (I’m Right Handed) Thankfully my Physiotherapist Kelly has put in a referral for me to be seen, as so far i’m struggling to hold a pen and turn taps on, thus not giving this girl much Independence. So far I’m just putting steroid cream on to help, and doing exercises to make sure I don’t lose range.
So now that I’m back to suffering hip wise, in fact it’s worse than ever, I’ve increased my painkillers in the meantime. And I’m trying to not let it get me down.

I have far too much living to do, such as #VFest on Sunday in Essex (sister in law can’t go so we are using their tickets) Could do with the pick me up, as not 1 but 2 freezers have broken on me this week alone! So though I can’t walk much or for long, I am going to take lots of painkillers to help me through so I can enjoy this once in a lifetime experience.
How crazy is this year, so many firsts and me and hubby are both 40 this year…… I will update you all on the festival, and my prior visit to London which was amazing. Apologies for not doing it sooner #AccessAllAsos #Festival #London #Fblogger #Bblogger #Blogger #HippieLife #Spoonie #Fpsbs #Pstm #EDS #HMS #RA #ChronicPain

23rd July London Bound Baby!!

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What can I say, we are London bound and I’m so excited I can’t sleep the entire night before. Like a toddler at Christmas, my anxiousness won’t settle, I’m brimming with excitement,so not a hint of sleep comes to me. By 4am I’m up getting dressed and packing accordingly. We had arranged to set off at 6am anyways, as this time we are driving……

Actually was nervous about the drive, but it was as smooth as anything, uneventful and easy on the stress level. Found our parking East Finchley Line, hopped onto a tube and Viola we are in LONDON.
First stop on our whistle stop tour is find Audrey at #MadamTussards.

We’ve been before, at Christmas time, so wasn’t expecting anything new if I’m honest. But we were shocked to see new characters and film sets, new interactive section too. But thankfully Audrey was still here. Check that off my list now.
Next find Audrey at Maddox Gallery….

Spotted her and what a beautiful picture,with all those flowers. By now its pretty warm, and we are near Regent Street. Where we spotted #Magnum ice creams being given away, woohoo so obviously we got one. I went for the Caramel Double Layered One

That was awesome, truly enjoyed mine. Hubby had the same but daughter had Double Chocolate one. All I must say tasted sublime. From here we visited #VictoriaSecret #Mac


Gotta admit the tubes, and stairs and walking are taking their toll on me, starting to slow down and feel the aches. But importantly not the deep groin ache, but just surrounding areas, knee, lower back, outer thigh. So we check into #PremiereInn #TowerBank where we meet the BEST staff we’ve ever had. Room was ace too
By now its evening, we thought the #LondonEye was finished for the night, so instead headed to see the #GoodShipBenefit as it goes end of August and little one just had to see it, after seeing all her YouTubers visit it. And once there we were given an amazing tour, even though it had effectively shut for the day. Once again staff were outstanding and thoughtful.







After that epic visit and tour, we found a #MacDonalds to eat, as I was starving Marvin. Shame it was an utter tip!! How, Why to people refuse to clear up their own mess? Its beyond me. But food was good, and I longed for my bed. Got back to hotel at 11.30pm, its been a long day but an epic day.
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