Still Hurts


I have given these exercises a month now and although the left has gained so much stamina and strength the mobility is still hindering me from the right side only. I have returned to normal daily activities (ie, polishing, hoovering and normal ligh household chores) and walking as much as possible without a stick and as straight as i can (which is hard to do, and takes a lot of mental focus and easily exhausts me. And it keeps pulling me back into the depths of pain and despair, surely after a month this should of decreased somewhat and given me some ray of hope?

I have emailed numerous times with no luck, although i have tried again for the last time last night, as i’m at the end of my tether. I’ve decided to seek advice from my GP if and as and when i get to see her (as she is very very popular and hard to see!) And possibly get a new referral and even think about seeing someone else. The prospect of not seeing anyone for advice in the future even if that visit was 9 months away, that would give me some glimmer of hope and encouragement, as it is i just feel abandoned and discarded like trash.
Back onto more Tramadol which is not what i wanted, all along i’ve been tryig to reduce the amount i take, as they are not healthy. But as i increase my activities to a normal level, the pain flares up so hot and so painful that i have no choice. The pain is enough to drive anyone insane and lose interest in general life. So much of life is passing me by and i can’t control this.