Hip surgery


I had surgery for trochanter bursitis in the right hip, but I’m a year post op and with physio therapy I’m stronger there than i ever have been,but the pain has got worse and it developing in the other side (left) hip too. i would of expected better results a year on, but I’m i have a labral tear and that’s why the pain persists. I’m trying to get my consultant to give me an MRI/MRA to look at the soft tissue to diagnose me one way or another.


Hip pain


I thought I’d start a blog for others in the same boat as me, just trying to get properly diagnosed and treated. It all started for me after i fell over drunk, running for the loo. I fell forwards but ended up on my bum facing the sky!! I was drunk so only felt small pain in my swollen left ankle, but i continued to dance on it all night as you do! I was walking a few days later when my right hip gave way and it was so painful just to walk, especially uphill.