Gosh i’m feeling broken, and that my own body is failing me. Just seen the GP about my foot, thats been playing me up this last few weeks. Pulled a bloody tendon no less. So i’m meant to rest as much as possible, WTF! I’ve just started to really gain progress in my fitness working round hips, and bonus i’ve lost weight and feel great, so resting is NOT my idea of fun right now. I’ve lost 11 lbs and i’ve not been this weight for 9 years, i’m not happy that i’ve gotta stop exercising, as i’m scared it will all creep back on?! And i’ve come on so i’m bound to have all sorts of food jump into my mouth and battle my will against me, the world obviously prefers me to be resting and chubby! And just to really top it all off, i had a tooth removed, which is somehow way more scary that having your pelvis broke in three places! Man, those Dentists scare the pants off me.

Right that’s enough wallowing for this month, time to focus on something else. I guess i can do weights while foot is healing?



On the 11th August i went to see O’Hara to finally hear the final plan of action regarding my hips, and it wasn’t what i expected at all. He has decided because of my age and activity levels then i would be better suited to have a TRIPLE PELVIC OSTEOTOMY WITH A VALGILS OSTEOTOMY OF THE FEMUR, a longer harder recovery period than a THR as they are fit and forget surgeries, but i would benefit greatly from the 10 years this surgery could buy me until i have a THR. And i could return to snowboarding without the hip being a major consideration which sounds like heaven too me! So it should be worth it in the end, i’m going to give it a proper shot, so i’m still exercising like mad to get fitter and slimmer (had a set back last 2 weeks due to changing painkiller patterns but it should be ok now), and i will do whatever they tell me to do to ensure a successful outcome. At first i was scared of this surgery as i’d heard that they can then ruin the success of a THR in later years, but now they no longer hinder as they did, so my fears were set aside. I’ve been told i will be given 8 weeks notice for surgery, but i rung the hospital to find out roughly when it will be, and they said December. (this means i need to be fully prepared for Christmas, and start my Christmas shopping asap!!) It feels so good to finally have someone say to you, don’t worry we can make you better!! Oh i’m excited but scared witless all at the same time xx