Journey So Far, 18 days post op

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Well time for another update I guess, Day 18 Post Op and all is going well. I’ve just about semi ditched using one crutch around the house, I alternate from One Crutch to using nothing in the house. But I dont have stairs so this greatly helps! Outside I’m comfortable with One Crutch but not confident enough yet to use walking stick or try without anything.
Saw the Nurse at 14 days Post Op for wound check, she said the stitches had gone except for one knot, But the tugging and touching admittedly made me feel queasy and sore. So that day I didn’t do much, funny how just going outside can really take it out of you.

As you can see it’s healing well, But there’s a knot that will need snipping if not dissolved by the third week. But seems daft to go and see them for that, when we know what we are doing, so Hubby kindly snipped the long knot off, so it should release the skin a bit more now.

As you can see it’s really good healing, caused no bother or been inflamed. So feeling rather lucky and blessed. I’ve also removed the TED Stockings as I’m doing the physio exercises (basic ones) every other day, and I’m active around the house, and most definitely fully weight bearing.


So all in all I’m feeling pretty good, Though when I walk outside for a bit the dreaded Groin Pain returns (I had hoped it was the screw aggravating it) But it may not be?! Anyways I can’t do much now until my Post Op appointment and Xray, usually around 6 weeks. But mine was due at 12 weeks, so I rung to ask if I could re-instate my physiotherapist and the program and they said as I’d had surgery they couldn’t, until the Xray confirmed bone was healing from screw holes, and the Surgeon needs to refer me to them. On hearing this I was sad that my appointment was 12 weeks, thinking that is a long time to be away from my Physiotherapist and the program she devised for me that is actually working!! so Rung the Hospital and now have an earlier Post Op Appointment, it’s going to be 8 weeks Post Op but it’s better than what I had.

So from this Survivor I bid you Hippie Healing Hugs xx