Hydrotherapy Started 4.5weeks, and my 5 week update.

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After a lull of not much happening, its suddenly full speed ahead, and now its all appointments galore!! I had my first Physio appointment to discuss the plan of action, and I was given new exercises to try out at home. That was at 4 weeks post op on a Friday, and the following Monday was my Hydrotherapy session.

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The water felt amazing, its been over 2 years since I’d last had #Hydrotherapy and I’d forgotten the sheer bliss of walking unaided, pain free and such warmth. It was busy and as I’m not a newbie to hip rehab, I had a fair idea of the structured plan. I also knew what to expect, though that doesn’t stop me from making daft mistakes!!

To warm up • walk up and down pool forwards. • walk up and down pool sideways.

• Hip Flexion 20reps

• Hip Abduction 20reps

• Hip Extension 20reps

• Hip Flexion Rotate at Knee Inwards and Outwards. 20reps

• Squats 20reps

• Calf Raises 20reps

• Step Up Forwards 20reps

• Step Up Sideways 20reps

• Sit Down Cycling in Pool 60cycles

I came out after 30 mins, I’d done way too much, but hand on heart it felt good to move freely, to be productive and proactive in recovery. I knew it was too much, but there is no pain, just aching muscles. I felt weak coming out, and it was a lovely surprise to see Hubby sitting in waiting room for me, and he’d bought chocolate!! This is the sweetest gesture!

Homeward bound I felt sorer, but a soothing hot water bottle fixed that. Still not taking any painkillers, which I’ve taken since 2005 so its a HUGE improvement for me.

The following day was dreaded dentist again (I’d had an appointment the week before, and sitting for 50mins seized my hip like hell. I suffered for days afterwards) so I did not look forward to this appointment at all. Again I sat for 60mins + this time, and hip was aching a lot from previous days Hydro. Eventually I got seen and 5 injections later I had a tooth removed.

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(I have a lot due to #EhlersDanlosSyndrome which means anaesthetic runs out fast, or it doesn’t work. EDS also ruins all my joints, my bones, my teeth, cartilage everywhere!!) Not just a hip issue. It went as well as it could. And considering hip had been beasted the day before, then forced into a sitting position passed 90degrees it felt OK??

Its now Wednesday night, and I’ve rested my obviously sore achy face, but I’ve managed to complete land Physio at home, and its been hip wise totally OK. I’m starting to really feel it’s worked.

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4 weeks post op, time is flying by!! #HipArthroscopy #HipDysplasia

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Omg its 4 weeks, and the biggest changes are happening, I’ve progressed to one crutch outside now, had my LAST Clexane injection, and started my Hospital based Physio as well.

Once I had gone to one crutch inside the house, I was eager to do it outside, to be less cumbersome and lumbering. And the gamble paid off, I did ensure I felt no pain or stiffness first though. Reading my body and its signals. This had a impact on my mentality, I felt a lot more independent, and less ‘sick’.


We went to #Barmouth to celebrate 150th Anniversary, it was a spur of the moment trip. Set off at 1.30pm and arrived at 4pm, once there we walked the beach (me already on a beach, surprisingly OK even though only 3 and a bit weeks post op) and with 1 crutch too.



This trip tested me beyond anything I could of imagined, the crowds were bigger than I thought they would be, queues were enormous!! So lots of standing, trying out this hip, and it coped. Yes painkillers were needed, but less than pre-op, and all the aches and pains were worth it. I took 2 full days to recover, a lot of hot water bottles and rest. But I was happy as Larry I’d done it.

And so onwards to more Physio and Hydro that’s coming up in the next few weeks, in fact Hydro is on Monday afternoon. Exciting times…..

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Are you a Unicorn or Mermaid? #Glossybox #October

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Glossybox arrived and I’m a…… #Mermaid just the box I wanted too. I’d really wanted a Meemaid one, as my username everywhere is Sirenmoonbee, so mermaids are my thing!! Plus I’d seen inside the #Unicorn ones. So imagine my surprise, and disappointment that my #Mermaid box were exactly the same!!

Would of been nice two completely different boxes. Only difference I could see was the quote inside the box, and the box colouring and tissue paper. Though the #Unicorns for a sticker/bookmark thingie that us Sirens didn’t.

Along with the boxes they created jumpers saying unicorn or Mermaid, and though they were embroidered, they were so over priced £29.99 for a simple fruit of the loom Grey Marl jumper with a word in it. Not only is grey marl used for prisoners in the uk, it just looks cheap, and I’m 41year old woman, not a ganster teen. And for customers loyal to glossy they should be getting deals not ripped off. I couldn’t see how it cost or is worth £29.99 but that’s just my opinion.


What was in the box was good though, and I knew I’d personally got my monies worth as I’d be using 90% of it myself. I actually eye rolled so hard over the #LordAndBerry Brow Pencil which isn’t FULL Size. But I stand corrected, I ended up using it immediately. It’s a marbled eyebrow pencil giving the brow multi tonal coverage, looking a lot more natural. So even though I’m generally over lord and berry being in EVERY box, it turned out good this time.

#Kawaii Brush Cleaner, it’s one of those half achy shapes, you stick on your fingers and use soap and clean brushes. I think it’s great, I will use it. But I’d never buy one at £7.99!! Bet I could find similar cheaper, but no matter least I have one now.

#Sleek the only product I won’t be using.  I don’t use blusher anyways, but this shade is shocking. Think Aunt Sally from Worzel Gummage. Why would anyone chose this shade? *side note* some even got Red. That blows my mind. Besides the colour, I personally don’t like the feel, texture of it. But it is clever going from cream to powdery. I could see a lot of people loving it.


#Bang a brand I’ve never heard of, but it feels luxurious in the hand, it’s weighty but small. Gorgeous silver lid, glass dish. It a powerful product, light pinky gold, for highlight, blusher, lips or eyes. Better yet Cruelty Free.

Last but not least #MakeUpRevolution Palette, Unicorns Vs Mermaids and it’s totally suitable for this box. Crazy colours for myself, but maybe it’s time I lived a little? It’s a £4 palette and as I have lots of make up revolution already I knew it would be reasonable at building up, blending out and giving colour popping shades. I wasn’t disappointed.


Overall I loved the box, but I felt it could of been more fun for two completely different boxes. And instead of grey marl prison jumpers, maybe nice black and white t-shirts instead.

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3 weeks post hip arthroscopic surgery

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How is it three weeks already? Thankfully it’s going by pretty quickly and each day I’m getting stronger and more able. Downside means I can help family more, especially when I use the perch in the kitchen. So no more time off as a housewife and mum. Not that I’ve had much time off really, as from day one it’s been all about physio, which honestly truly takes most of the day, and all of your energies!!

As you can see above, the scars are fantastic, super tiny and clean, easy to disguise if you wanted too. Not too deep or wide. Really amazed they can do so much epic work inside and leave such tiny marks outwardly.

This week I’ve managed to go pillow shopping, which changed all comfort on bed, real game changer!! And my new bed really helps as well. It’s the perfect height and firmness too. Hips never been so looked after. So back to shopping, I took 2 crutches while outside, and I’m so glad I did. As good as I can mobilise and I can, I soon wear out, and feel weak, with horrendous back pain. So shopping wasn’t a long affair, just enough to get things done, and back home to crash out all night as a recovery.

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Another thing that’s new this week, is medication. Tormented by co-codamol and crippling belly ache, I’ve swapped it for Ibuprofen 400mg instead. 1 three times a day. Not as effective, but it’s nice to be free of stomach ache. So I’d say I was coping, it’s not perfect, and it doesn’t take everything away, but it helps.

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Physio has gotten more intense, probably subconsciously I’m holding longer, or stretch is more thorough, as I’m still on basics, but I can feel a difference. Still hate tummy time though. And now I’ve introduced some light weights for upper body.

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Just doing gentle light weighted chair exercises, so there’s no pressure or stress put into the hips, it’s all to increase my heart rate and to lubricate joints, as crutches are hellish on shoulders, hands.

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And finally my success this week, I’ve successfully gone down to one crutch around the house, making moving much easier, and more effective. Not quite brave enough to do it outside yet, but it’s progress.

Only pains I feel so far, are constant back ache, this is awful daily so I need to keep an eye on it. Knee pain still but it could be from the torn mcl done in May. And occasionally hip aches like a dull ache, I’m thinking it’s more muscular though. Only twice have I felt that awful groin pain, both times I’d clearly done too much!! So I’m hoping I learn not to push too far to awaken that pain again.

So there you have it, so far I’m immensely pleased I went ahead with this surgery.




2 weeks post #hiparthroscopy surgery

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Two weeks post op, well technically its 16 days as I write this, on my lazy Saturday morning. I say lazy Saturday, but while recovering pretty much every day is exhausting and gruelling with Physio. I’d read, researched and compiled exercises from various sources. But after twice feeling a sharp groin pain, I’ve decided to stop. Not stop Physio all together, just do the important ones.

As I haven’t come this far to undo it all now, and with no official Physio guidance until 20th October, I’ll have to seriously learn how to take a backseat. Which is immensely difficult for me, I much prefer the proactive approach.


Glute squeezes is the first exercise, and pushing knee into a flat surface and holding is the second. Both basic exercises designed to awaken muscles and ensure they don’t waste away. Ideally do these every few hours, around 10 reps but always build up to 10, not to start at 10.


My worst exercise is Tummy Time or Prone Lying down, you lay on your tummy flat for now, but it’s a long exercise, Hospital want you to manage 2 hours a day, broken into 30mins x 4 sessions.


Another one I don’t like really. The sensation is odd feeling, and I tense up when it should be totally relaxed. You will need some help achieving this exercise. Rotation of the hip while your assistant holds the knee and stabilizes it.

Not included on my exercise sheet but told to do it by physiotherapist the day after surgery is the Hip Abduction while lying down, so not as much pressure goes through the leg. Simple but very effective.


So that’s what I’ve been up to everyday since surgery. I tried some other exercises but they aggrivate the groin and I’m no longer doing them, at least nor until I speak to a professional. Here they are below.


So that’s it, that’s my recovery so far. Not the most exciting. Although I did have a wonderful evening in the middle of this week. You can read that in my previous post. I was invited to a blogger event. Very spoilt, had a wonderful time, and I forgot my woes for a few hours. Side note its took a couple of days to settle hip down from that outing, but totally worth it too. I’m also over my #Clexane as they bloody hurt!! Oh well 15 down 13 to go…..


Anthony John Salon Blogger Event

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I’ve just had one of the best salon experiences I’ve ever had last night. I was offered to experience the salon, and drinks and canopies as a blogger, to see inside the workings of this salon with a difference, and write about it.


So here I am writing about this beautiful, modern and sleek salon. You’d be forgiven for thinking you’d stepped into a spa rather than salon. The decor is crisp, clean and elegant, and instantly welcoming. Situated in a Home of the Country village, a far cry from the hussle and bustle of high streets. The calmness and wellness of spa like settings, means you can unwind, relax and enjoy the experience. Which is exactly what I did.


The staff were lovely, they had the added challenge that I’m on crutches, and not just from my recent surgery, but I have mobility issues anyway. And from this prospective, I was wholly impressed with the adaptability of the staff, the accessibility of the salon, and how I wasn’t a problem. As a person that uses walking aids, I see the lack of compassion, or even the desire to assist almost on a daily basis. So when I say I was treated like a human, like a normal person, know that this isn’t a natural occurrence.


First off was a tour, I was offered to choice to proceed due to said crutches, offered assistance and they went at my pace (rather than race ahead and make me feel like a burden) we went into the colour developing balcony. Where the colour clients can sit, have unlimited  soft drinks, hot drinks from their fridge, or coffee machine, the area is peaceful, and away from prying eyes, and gives you a true area of relaxation while the colour takes. This is not other salons where everyone man and his dog can see you. This already impressed me.


Then down the stairs, across to find some others stairs to even more upper space. I honestly thought we’d seen it all. Clearly this building is a tardis, as there is an incredible amount of space.


Following the tour, we separated and got to try out different treatments, and I began with the most exciting for myself, a hair tutorial updo. Something I really needed in my life, as lately I’ve felt drab, dated and uninspired. Its no wonder really, as I’m often in hospital, or recovering or doing Physio. Nothing about those things say glamorous hair style. So I’d definitely say I was stuck in a rut. Laura Jayne immediately put me at ease, we discussed expectation, desires and achievability for me. We soon married up ideas and it was nice to be heard, as well as giving their well formed knowledge. And a glorious curl tutorial with straighteners was given, I had opportunities to have a go, while also having it done too. The conservation was free flowing and easy. The staff are very attentive, thus giving the boutique expensive spa feel but being an actually affordable experience. 


Once I’d mastered my tutorial enough it was time to switch places and go and find Anthony John himself, and have a colour consultation. I’m no stranger to colour, but I’m usually purple and I do it at home, so this part was a real education for me, understanding skin tones, eye colour and marrying them up, with your desired colour choice, I discovered I’d already been subconsciously choosing cool toned colours and I was delighted to find out that I was right in that choice. The whole chat was relaxed, informal and really useful, it explained my pull towards certain colours and not knowing why.

Once this consultation had finished, I felt more confident about my hair’s its condition from my own at home processing and I was encouraged to further this knowledge about my hair, by going under their unique Kèrastase camera that can magnify your scalp by 200 times, bit freaky and scary. Do I really want to know? And incredibly magnify your hair by 600 times. To really get to grips of what’s going on, notifying areas that need extra TLC, or potential up coming conditions. So I braved it with Troy, who guided me through the process, explaining the findings in easy to understand terms, I have an oilier scalp than I used too, so this could be medication, previous surgery or even seasonal. So a prescription of products were discussed and I got some samples that Emma prepared for me. I also saw that even though the hair had been previously bleached harshly, dyed purple then brown at a later date, the cuticles of the hair were calm and smooth, though some were sensitive. So much better than I ever imagined.


After all this pampering the evening was over, but the treats didn’t stop there!! Not only had we been treated, and taught valuable information. We were also give goodie bags along with prescription samples. How spoilt are we?? I had a really wonderful time, I was nervous and anxious as I’ve had a few salon experiences that put me off salons as a whole. And now I’m a convert, but not back to a high street one, this is much more my cup if tea.

Here’s my fabulous goodies that I got to take home, some #KMS #AddVolume, #MoistRepair, #Mousse, #HairStay anti humidity Spray. As well as #Shampoo and #Conditioner along with my #Kèrastase specific to my hair condition treatments.