4 weeks post op, time is flying by!! #HipArthroscopy #HipDysplasia

Health, Hips, Hypermobility, Hip Arthroscopy


Omg its 4 weeks, and the biggest changes are happening, I’ve progressed to one crutch outside now, had my LAST Clexane injection, and started my Hospital based Physio as well.

Once I had gone to one crutch inside the house, I was eager to do it outside, to be less cumbersome and lumbering. And the gamble paid off, I did ensure I felt no pain or stiffness first though. Reading my body and its signals. This had a impact on my mentality, I felt a lot more independent, and less ‘sick’.


We went to #Barmouth to celebrate 150th Anniversary, it was a spur of the moment trip. Set off at 1.30pm and arrived at 4pm, once there we walked the beach (me already on a beach, surprisingly OK even though only 3 and a bit weeks post op) and with 1 crutch too.



This trip tested me beyond anything I could of imagined, the crowds were bigger than I thought they would be, queues were enormous!! So lots of standing, trying out this hip, and it coped. Yes painkillers were needed, but less than pre-op, and all the aches and pains were worth it. I took 2 full days to recover, a lot of hot water bottles and rest. But I was happy as Larry I’d done it.

And so onwards to more Physio and Hydro that’s coming up in the next few weeks, in fact Hydro is on Monday afternoon. Exciting times…..

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