While i’m still waiting to see O’Hara i’m still exercising so he has less flesh to cut, and for me to generally feel better about myself. The only problem i’m getting at the moment is my knees, they are hugely painful and i have no idea if i’m making myself worse overall or better in the quest to be slim?? Went to Cliffhanger with the family this last weekend and totally enjoyed it and even tried kayaking, which made the hips sore but was worth it for the giggle factor. The kids all tried it and loved it, the bigger two kids even got certificates for their lesson. Three of the family tried rock climbing and i was so impressed and Three tried scuba diving, unfortunately my youngest hated it and cried (felt so guilty even though it was her idea to try it) and all for the fee of £10.00 to pay for me and hubby to get into Cliffhanger. There was many other things to try but even though we were there from start to finish we ran out of time and energy. I couldn’t do a lot of the activities due to their insurance but i understand that so no hard feelings. But once i’m fixed when this event is on again next year hopefully i will be able to try everything!!


Here is the mountain i climbed down, as you can see it was worth the effort! And then of course i had to get back up again, but it was still a wonderful achievement for me to have while hips are so bad, so i’m proud of myself.


And the water was heavenly, so we swam in it, this was our reward for making it down the mountain. It’s called Atlantis and hardly anyone was there so it was peaceful too.




Holiday was amazing!! Very much needed and i managed to do tons of walking and i even managed to get down a mountain side to swim in the lagoon at the bottom, and climb up again!! Yes i got major payback of pain once home, but my god it was so worth it!! I’ve been training while biggest loser has been on and just before holiday i had lost 4lbs so i was well pleased with myself. Of course i put it all back on with my lager diet on holiday, but it’s been a week home now and i managed to lose 3lbs again so i’m happy with that. Gutted biggest loser has finished, i was watching the usa and uk one and the australia one (aussy one not finished just yet!) and they have been my gym buddies so i work out everytime i watch them, and with skyplanner i choose when that is (thank god!)

My knees still play me up while on the elipitcal trainer, so i’m not sure if i’m doing more damage than good to myself. God knows who i could ask? as my consultants sec never seems to answer the phone.

I’m totally Ibiza sick as i miss it so much already, as soon as your back home all the boring chores and boring daily routine comes back, and it’s hard to handle. So i’m hoping to do some more camping with the kids in the 6 weeks holiday and get as many days out as i can.

Not long until i see O’Hara now really about 6 weeks which will soon fly by i’m sure, and i hope the waiting list wont be too long but if it is, then oh well, the holiday was still worth the hassle.