Still being healthy, Jan 2017

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How I feel today, like a plank of wood, as flexible as that. Which is clearly odd as I’m #Hypermobile, but this is the misconception. Just because some joints can extend out of joint, doesn’t mean they all do, some of us older #Bendys are now not flexible, instead just #Arthritic and #Stiff

However only movement cures this, slows down #Arthrits so its time to pull up my big girl pants and do some #Physio

CT Scan went brilliantly, though I have no results as of yet. As I believe they have to discuss and agree as a Team before a decision is made. And its only been 6 days so not likely to hear just yet. Though the quicker the better really for me.

Still on our healthy eating and cooking from scratch, while accommodating our youngest daughters new vegetarian lifestyle. Really enjoying it, if I’m honest. But I will admit when visiting family its hard not to slip off the routine and healthy eating, as they want to share cakes, snacks, and lots of carbs!!

However I have lost some weight, I’m feeling less bloated, so its all good. Now for exercise I’m honestly struggling. Pain is my nemesis. I just can’t sit on the Turbo Trainer for longer than 5 mins. Its so damn painful in my seat bones.


I am doing the Active 2 game on the Xbox Kinnect as I can opt for a tailored cardio workout program, which pushes me to exercise 4 times a week. It also includes lots of stretches, physiotherapy exercises which are important for me and my hips general health.

So far 2017 seems to be great

Hippy New Year Update

Health, Hips, Hypermobility, SURGERY


This week has been a week of discoveries for me, we as a family discovered new love of food, being healthy, and implementing that into meal planners, making things from scratch. My youngest daughter going vegetarian, and us as a family making steps to be healthier, fitter and happier.


Vegetarian Cassoulet


So along with tweaking our food, and meals, we needed to reintroduce exercise, Physio based movements for me. As I do need to keep joint moving, even though it hurts. So instead of focusing on exercise I can’t do, I’m solely looking at exercises I can do, with this disability.


Some exercises you can do, if you have lower limb issues like me


See the area of whitening, and how large its got since first xray in 2009, before the Right Hip had its Triple Pelvic Ost, to the last one in 2015 which was after metal removal from Triple Pelvic Ost.


After meeting with my Consultant over my constant hot burning pain in the groin,hip region. We’ve discovered that in the xrays, there’s a whitening where I had a break in the bone for the #TriplePelvicOsteotomy it seems this has calcified and caused a sclerosis on the bone, causing bone spur and compression in the socket. New xrays taken but not seen yet, and CT Scan ordered. Going to be booked in for Arthroscopic Surgery.

So first two weeks in January 2017 I’ve discovered a desire to eat better, workout better, and to be a better advocate for my own health. As no one is going to do this work for me, and if more surgery is needed, I need to be in a better shape too.



New Blog kind of….

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So instead of blogger I find myself here at last, WordPress is my new blog home. Hoping to finally put blog niggles aside, and get blogging again.

On blogger I was having so much trouble, that blogging began being a chore! Which will never do. I have imported my old blog onto this, so all my hip saga is still documented, for good or for bad.

Lots to tell you, but barely know where to start, except the Amitriptyline didn’t work, not even 20mgx3 a day, so now I’m on Alzain Pregablin x2 a day, which seems to he working on slight niggles, aches and pain. But sadly NOT the ever present bone on bone pains. Said pains hindering my Physio,exercising and weight loss. And of course Gabapentin/Pregablin increases appetite and weight.


So trying to inspire and motivate myself with Wedding Countdown Gym Gear from #boohoo


As its my Eldest Daughters wedding in May. And for further surgery they may ask me to lose weight (curses).

img_20161231_150422┬áSo here’s me, step, free weights, ankle weights, crutch too. And not forgetting sparkly trainers from #Everything5pounds. Now all I need is real pain relief and a miracle.

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