Easter Holidays Tumbledown Farm and Amerton Farm

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This Easter holidays has been a funny weathered holiday, with it being too cold for camping, or us with commitments to keep us near home, meant that we’ve been limited to our available days out.

First weekend of the Holidays on the 8th April saw us meet up with my parents and my eldest daughter Jema and Her hubby to be James for a pre Birthday, pre Wedding meal together at #TumbledownFarm Cannock. I must say the food was impeccable!!


Goats cheese starter, Supreme Chicken and Chips main course, and Sticky Toffee pudding. We were stuffed, but nicely stuffed. In fact we didn’t eat the rest of the day.

10th April saw us visiting #AmertonFarm to see some animals, it was a nice reasonable sunny day, and we even got to see a Peacock with its tail in full view.


We loved spotting the tiny lambs, the cute donkeys and piggies. We even grabbed a small ice cream.


We love this place so much we headed back on 18th April, this time they had chicks that had hatched, and more lambs, my youngest mini moon even got to bottle feed one, they were so cute!!



We had so much fun, its a shame its nearly over, but with that said, we are embarking on our biggest life event in a mere 12 days, our Eldest Daughters Wedding!!


April #Glossybox loveliness

Beauty Boxes

Its already that time again, #Glossies its beauty box unboxing!! And I signed up (well technically that’s not strictly true, I should of signed up with a voucher code to get 2 free products!!) But like the idiot I am, I never did, and I spotted it afterwards. However I didn’t cry for long, as I got in touch with them, and they sorted it out for me, Hurrah!! Happy Debs.


This month is a cracker for me. I love #Rodial and they just don’t seem to get enough credit though I think they are incredible, so to get not only a new eyeliner ( badly needed this) but also Sample sized Mascara too. Over the moon.  #Rodial #GlamolashXXL 6ml a full sized one would be rrp £24 at rodial.co.uk

*Freebie*  #Eyeliner #SmokeyEyePen 1.2g rrp £17


I’ve heard about Co-washes but haven’t managed to try them out yet, imagine my joy when I spot one in this box!! #Elgon #Deliwash #CleansingConditioner as I read the card, apparently this is a combined shampoo and conditioner in one, so great for people on the go. Or if like me you actually struggle to wash your hair due to crunchy subluxing shoulders! Not sure if its full size rrp £14.50 available at elgoncosmetic.com


ModelCo #ContourStick chunky little crayon that is for the hollow of your cheekbones, to help define and shape the face. Think its not full size, however the rrp for full size is £17 at modelcocosmetics.com

Really excited about this next item, its a Double Time  Brush Buffer+Powder Duo by #Sportex I don’t have an arsenal of brushes like most girls, and if I can get 2 brushes into 1 all the better, especially needed some buffing ones. This ties in neatly to the previous item, the contouring stick. Its full size Rrp £10.99 at sportfx.com

#MerciHandy its a cute Lollipop scented Cleansing Hand Gel, handbag sized and great when I’m at Festivals or out Clubbing. Its bacteria busting and smells delicious, what’s not to love about this baby? Its full size Rrp £2.90 at en.mercihandy.com

*Freebie* #TheBalm #MeetMatt(e)Trimony colour is #MattKumar



Blogger Review #PurepotionsSkincare

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After contacting this company through a #Bloggersreview site, I set up the chance to do a product review for this company that does natural skincare. I received the products free for this review.

We exchanged a few emails, so she would know what skin type I had, which products would be better suited to me. And a few days later, this gorgeous package arrived.



I recieved a #DailyMoisturisingCream #IntensiveHandCream and #IntensiveMoisturisingOintment.

Straight away I knew I was going to like these, I love the texture of the Daily Moisturiser and Hand Cream especially, feels light and is soon absorbed, leaving skin feeling supple, smooth and not cakey. As some creams are far too heavy for my skin, perhaps its due to my #EhlersDanlosSyndrome as my skin tends to bruise, scar easily as its fragile and very very sensitive.

The Intensive moisturising ointment is much heavier, dense barrier style cream, which is really good for heavy duty dry skin around knees, ankles, elbows. But I’ve been using on my old scars, to try an improve their appearance, condition and generally give the skin surrounding them some much needed TLC. My skin on my legs is so dry and flakey and has been since my #HipSurgeries and got worse following a #DVT so they badly needed the extra intensity.



I would use the Ointment at night, wearing older Pjs incase the cream rubbed off and stained my clothes, this way the cream would have all night to truly absorb in, and coupled with heat, the cream would absorb better due to pores opening.  And what a reward I got, my skin feels so silky, and appearance of flakiness has gone, this really is a treat for me. I think I could dare get out my legs!! See below for scar pictures, I know they are old scars but for me, they now feel a bit more like my skin.



The #DailyMoisturisingCream was just perfect for my tired skin, lightweight and sensitive, just what this girl needed, after becoming so allergic to so many products following a #Horsefly bite a few years ago.

My favourite product from the three was the #IntensiveHandCream I never ever imagined I would become a hand crem girl, in fact I teased my 16yr old as she uses it already!! But as I’ve used my hands more and more on Crutches and Walking Sticks my hands really do take a beating, coupled with dodgy joints that sublux and swell, I often wear splints to control the joints wear and tear, I use a medicated Ibuprofen gel, which seriously dry out my skin. The smell of this hand cream is top notch, the other creams don’t really have a scent. Smooth and soothing, non greasy and just a handbag sized little warrior. This is definitely my favourite.



These natural moisturisers are  formulated to maintain supple, soft and hydrated skin as part of a daily skincare routine.  They are rich and deeply moisturising, but gentle so they are suitable for all skin conditions, especially those that suffer from Eczema, Dry Skin or likee Flakey Skin. 

It is worth noting that the Hand Cream and Daily Moisturiser are #VeganFriendly however the Intensive Ointment isn’t due to #Beeswax in the ingredients. Points below to remember.

  • naturally rich in EFAs
  • provides intensive hydration
  • fragrance and preservative free
  • free from harmful chemicals
  • 100% natural
  • also suitable for those who may be prone to eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, skin rash and any sore skin condition
  • suitable for all ages


#MarchFavourites Skincare, perfume, blogger’s pen!

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#MarchFavourites this month I’ve completed an Instagram challenge, and got a #BloggerReview parcel. So I’ve bundled up some new products I’ve been trying and loving, some are from #WendyRowe #Glossyboxuk @glossyboxuk, some are from #PR @purepotions #Presents and what I’ve bought from a fellow #sbswinner. All have rocked my world this month. 

We have the gorgeous #Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base, which under my foundation looks amazing. Gives a soft dewy finish, with little sparkle hints on the bridge of nose and cheekbones. Expensive but my gosh its gorgeous!!

Then we have #purepotions Intensive Hand Cream which I adore the smell of, It gently protects the hands whilst feeding nutrients into the skin for healthy regeneration. Sea Buckthorn, Shea Butter and Hemp Seed Oil feed essential fatty acids into the skin to replenish its natural barrier and encourage skin growth to help restore cracked skin. Herbs of chickweed, calendula, chamomile and nettle work to combat the itchiness and redness associated with dry skin.

#LauraMercier powder, a splurge but its awesome!! I often don’t get on with powders, I use this sparingly along with the Burberry primer, for that ultimate Night Out or Special Occasion. These both will be used for my Daughters Wedding Day.
#L’EauDeRose perfume, its divine, so soft, floral and feminine again its going to be my go to product for that Special Wedding Day. It reminds me of Paris, Romance and Innocence.

#SarahChapman SOS Spot Stickers omg these actually work!! I was so sceptical, but I had a few stressful weeks, broke out in spots and gave these a shot, where have they been all my life?? Amazing product.

Love my @homebargains Rose Gold Pen, feels beautiful, writes smoothly, and its a joy to look at too.

#Primer By Nanda its my @wishapp buy, love #Korean beauty products and they are cheap but really good quality. Smooths out my wrinkles, hides my pores.

#BOrganicSkincare Pure Organic Shea butter will help you feed your skin whilst Vitamin E,I’ve been using this for a few days now and I love the smell, skin is so soft afterwards!!


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