Exercising while immobile


After wanting to seriously lose some weight and to feel like i’m part of the ‘real’ world again, i’ve started to exercise. Before i’ve always let my hips and the pain they dish out rule me and the end result has meant i’ve got unfit and overweight. So biting the bullet, i’ve started a gentle toning routine that does not flare up the hips in anyway, some free weights for upperbody only, and a few sessions on the elliptical trainer (which strangely doesn’t hurt the hips as the flexors are different to normal walking) and i’ve finally managed to lose some weight. The last 2 weeks i’ve lost 6lbz and 8 inches overall, so i’ve now tasted some success which has totally spured me on!!
My holiday is in 2 days and i’ll probably put it all on again, but now i know i can shift it i’m not as worried and i’ll start again as soon as i’m home, it will be only the cocktails that will put the weight on, on holiday not the food!! lol see you all once i’m home with a tan! xx