Physio Hell or Heaven?

Health, Hips, Hypermobility, Triple Pelvic Ost, Femoral Ost, PAO

Physio, Physio, Physio is all my life seems to consist of. Every day I do the same repetitious routine in the bid to gain Strength,Stamina and of course the ability to Walk unaided and free of Pain. And yes it does work, is working, But I am becoming the most boring person on the Planet!! If I’m not doing it, I’m recovering from it, which honestly leaves me with not much else I can do.

As I’ve noticed the harder the exercises get, the more they work. But this does mean it take all day to recover from it, Painwise and Physically too. So say I do an Hour in one day, it will be me done for the whole day, where everything else has to be left, as I have no energy or pain relief to do anything else. I have yet to find the perfect Physio/Daily Life Balance.

Noticed that my hardest exercise has to be Raising my Leg up, as if to take a step and hold it for 5seconds. This single exercise has the ability to reduce me to tears, both out of frustration and pain. Wondering if the difficulty of this exercise is due to the large Numb/Dead feeling I have in the front Thigh Area? From top of the Hip and Hip Flexor down to the Knee, I have no feeling, not just numb, but dead piggie skin feeling. I have banged it, had hot water bottle burst on it and nowt? No feeling whats so ever. Wonder if that is messing with the messages going to the muscles and tendons? Have to ask at next appointment in June I think.

Anyhows I’m so close to 5 months post op, and things are going well. Not the faster healer, or recovery patient but it’s going well for me. I really do feel positive about this surgery.