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Well it’s been two days since I had my Mini op, on Weds 12,12,12 Went in for 7.15am and called down for surgery at 10.20am, this time had no info on what steroid it was, But I think it’s the same as before the Kenalog one. Had that one back in July 2011 so pretty prepared and clued up on whats going to happen.
Came home for 2.30pm and felt pretty good considering I’d had anaesthetic and had hip wiggled and manipulated. So i know once the local part of the anaesthetic wears off the toothache like pain will hit the hip for a while, before the steroid kicks in.

This time felt a bit different, the paperwork was geared around DVT prevention and I was measured up for TEDS stockings too, out of all my surgeries they now offer me TEDS??? Just the below the knee ones, and a funky blue colour, so still wearing them now, as I’m not mobilising as much as I normally do, so it can’t hurt to prevent another one.

Straight away at home the hip felt heavier, number and achy, but I was/are expecting these pains, so stocking up on painkillers and I’ve had to only take an extra 2 doses of Co-codamol which I’m happy with. Think the hardest thing to cope with is the anger management after this steroid, as it makes me moody, sharp, and tearful. So going to keep a pain diary and mood to see how it pans out (like I did last time too).