Pain, Pain, Pain and more PAIN!!!!


I really can’t take anymore, it’s driving me nuts and to frustration. The hip of the left is fine, in fact it’s wonderful better than ever, it’s painfree and moving well and getting stronger everyday. So why the complaining i hear you ask? The bloody right side holds no regard for me and in fact hates me, why else would it play hell with my brain and stress me out? It complains as soon as i dare to do more than sitting down and watching Jezza on tv, which i can assure you is all the time, as i don’t to just sit down for the rest of my life! I have goals and dreams of actually living and taking part in sports again, so this pain is crushing my dreams. I dearly would love to at least strap on a snowboard this year, or season if i can’t manage this last 6 weeks of the year. But the dream is to board for at least 10 mins, something i haven’t been able to do for at least 5 years!

The pain is a burning pain and it wants to give way, i’m telling you mainly in case anyone can identify the pain. It hurts and nags like a toothache dull pain on the outside of the hip. But the left has developed a groin pain, heard that this is common after my surgery, so not too worried but i will be asking when i see my Consultant at the end of the month.
If that isn’t enough to deal with, and dreading moving off the sofa as it hurts so much! I have this awful pain my my shoulder, the left one. It feels like an air bubble and weirdly numb too. And my stomach ulcer has been playing up, i have been taking my tablets faithfully and i though perhaps since i hadn’t felt anything for ages, perhaps it had gone? Got better? So today i missed it, and ate tea which was fish with peri peri and BAMN it hits me, the pain is vile and the shoulder kicks up a notch too, are they related? Should i seek a doctors opinion? Wait it out.
I have been withdrawing from Tramadol so it could also be that, so i’m confused for sure. But i know it’s frustrating me and depressing me xx