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#Scrublove A 100% Natural and Vegan friendly, no mirco beads to destroy the planet, Scrub that is charcoal based exfoliator, known for its purifying properties, this scrub is a detox must have. RRP £13.95 for full size

#DrPawPaw Original Balm a multipurpose fixture that should be in everyone’s handbag, use on lips, hard skin, insect bites and cuticles. Contains aloe vera, olive oil and that paw paw ingredient, all Vegan friendly too. RRP £6.95
#Ruby Blush in Coral
They say that mascara and blushervis the most transformative product. But I can’t attest to this as I never use Blusher. It could be seen as a beauty sin, but its true. Maybe this will change my mind. RRP €14.99
#Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet
A delicate and lightweight cream with powerful antioxidants and patented polyphenols to calm, soothe and restore skin. I love Caudalie products so I get excited when I see them, as they are too pricey otherwise for me at times. RRP 23.00 for full size

#DailyConcepts Exfoliating Body Scrubber
The perfect partner to the Charcoal Scrub Love, a beautiful body sponge that’s soft on one side and rougher on the other, for that perfectly polished bod. And when this needs replacing, the sponge tells you!! As the labels writing will fade and alert you to change it. RRP £4 IMG_20170525_104038_194

I even got a £50 voucher off Mockberg Watches. But I won’t need it, so I’m giving this to my daughter who will put it to good use, as their watches are truly beautiful xx

Superdrug Product Reviews

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Last month I received a few items from Superdrug to test and review, and I would keep the products, and in return I would do a blog review.

Following many emails and conversations, we determined which products would be ideal for me to test. I’ve had multiple surgeries, and husband had a mountain bike crash last year which also resulted in many scars, so this #ScarGel sounded perfect for me. My scars range in age from 2009-2015 whereas husbands are from 2016.

I also received #ComfortSole inserts for my shoes, and #ComfortSoreSpots which were heaven sent on the 4th May as I was wearing heels for my daughters wedding. I don’t usually wear heels, and I needed this extra help.

To test the scar cream fairly we used it daily for over a week, but also then had a period of time without using it, to determine if results were only there while using the product. This was not the case. For my scars it did smooth them out, and evened some raised areas, but I felt that really time had healed them already, so there was minimal for the scar gel to do.





Then here are hubbies before and after photos and a good back to back one, so you can tell the differences.





And then back to back


This gel is Silicone based and aims to flatten, make them softer, more elastic and less visible. And for me it totally worked, it reduced redness surrounding my scars, softened them, and the thickness of the skin surrounding them. For my husband they reduced the raised areas, took the dark purpleness colour away, and made them smooth to the touch. Overall I was 100% impressed with this gel, I don’t have a price as I couldn’t find it online sadly. But I’m thinking its around £15 which is pricey, but you use the smallest amount and a good week of continuous use produces excellent results. I’ll be using this on my new surgery scars once I get my operation on my hip done later this year.

So after that success, I was eager for the comfort soles to be perfect for me, but although they did the job well, I didn’t have comfy feet. This could be me not used to heels, so in true fairness, I didn’t feel my feet move forward as they often do, nor did my feet blister in any areas. So for that they were the answer to my prayers, I just wish the ball of the foot was more cushioned for me personally.

And the Comfort Sore Spots did actually hit the spot, I borrowed some shoes for the wedding and my toes felt crushed and rubbing in areas, and these little plasters helped the shoe not rub and make them feel raw. Both I’d buy again, with the comfort soles I’d combine some party feet too though.


Above is one pair of shoes I used the Sore Spots for.


Second pair of shoes which were higher, I used the comfort sole inserts with.

All in all the three products I tried, I would buy again, especially the Scar Gel.

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