Post Op and tales to tell


It’s 5th Dec and I had a short time to wait for surgery really, got there at 7am and went down at 12.30pm the IV took a while to put in and it was painful too, they used the wrong hand too (rightie) but the morphine pca was planned so i felt at ease. I went to sleep at 12.50pm and was at high dependency at 2.30pm but didn’t really come round til 3.30pm and took to a PRIVATE ward (spoilt girl) at 4pm then i finally got to see Rich and prove to him i was ok. only got a private room because there was no other beds available lol Lucky me, so room to myself with a freeview tv as well. The first night was pretty rough and the morphine wasn’t quite enough pain relief, and the following morning i was sick everywhere. I felt stupid and they had to change the bedding etc… but i had an Oxytocin (sp) and the pain subsided enough for me to try and get up and try crutches for the first time, and sit in a chair while they changed the bed. Managed a quick wash, dress myself in my own nightie. Felt more human and slept most of the away. Mum and Dad visited me in the afternoon and brought loads of food to me. (last time my food was always freezing cold, and too rich to eat) which is my saving grace.
Wednesday i woke up early and fresh after a good night sleep and being on top on pain levels too, so today they said i could go home if i could do the stairs which i did in a flash! the private room was lovely, the food was a million times better as was the care too (shame you don’t get that throughout the hospital) anyways i was eager to get home and give up my room for someone that really needed it, as i have full support at home.

Been great at home ever since, slept loads mainly as the anaesthetic has took it out of me, but hubby understands and is easy going too. Knee kills as i have a dressing there too, perhaps where a camera went in or tool of some kind? and everytime i move it knocks which hurts like hell. But early days yet, tried one set of physio on Thursday but was so sore and stiff Friday that i’ve not done any today.

The Big Op Day


Is nearly here! This is my last weekend so been wrapping up some loose ends and finalising bits and bobs off. We put the Christmas Tree up with the kids which is early for us, but I knew if I didn’t now I wouldn’t be able to join in later on in the month. And we had decided to pull Richard’s birthday forward so we can all enjoy a Birthday tea and open presents while we are all together.

Then obviously a last bath, shave and wash hair so I’m clean and ready to go, and finalise my bags ready. I’m super nervous and worried about the pain levels, seen as it was days before they got a handle on it last time, and of course the dvt stresses me out once again.
Christmas presents are bought, but not wrapped I’m not that organised! It was hard enough to arrange 2 Birthdays and Theatre visits with Surgery as well as wrapping Hundreds of gifts lol. I’m shutting all my Jewellery shops in preparation for recovery and stress free relaxing lol Truth is a probably will miss them dearly and as soon as I’m out of hospital I’ll be back online lol.
Happy Holidays and Next time we speak I will have a femur facing the correct way I hope!