2 weeks post op, Staple Removal Day

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What a journey already and it’s only been two weeks!! feels like forever yet no time at all, all at the same time :o) I have been mobilizing the Leg everyday, because lets face it, no mother can truly rest all day and do nothing! As the family wont allow it, they always need something that apparently only a Mum can do. I disagree, I think anyone could do it, they are just too lazy. With the Leg exercises I have gotten stronger and can do more reps each time, and it’s wearing me out less too. So I have progressed to One Crutch around the house with excellent results. Not so sure I could do that outside for a longer amount of time, But early days and all that.

Well today was staple removal day, and I’m not ashamed to say I was scared of it. I know exactly what it feels like and thats why I was scared, I knew it would hurt today and it’s already pretty sore to begin with. Thankfully the wait to see the nurse was short, and it was my favourite Nurse Julie too, she did my last lot. She was nattering away to me, which really really helps keep your mind off it, as it does sting as you have to dig the bird tool underneath the staple to clip it in half, so effectively you are putting the bird tool inside the actual cut, that is the bit that makes you feel woozy and a bit funny. She did all 27 of them in one go, I was proud of myself to be honest, and re-covered with a fresh bandage. I can remove that after 48hrs should I wish too, or simply leave on as you can shower with it on.

Here is the cut with the staples in

and now without them
Now next up is MRI day in two days time, and hopefully they will decide what is to happen next asap and I can move forward. Probably wont be told until I see them for my post op appointment around about 4/6 weeks time.