Workout Bore, Where has Summer Gone??

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Well I never thought it would happen to me, But I’ve become the biggest workout bore ever!? I’ve neglected crafting, even reading, and tweeting and all for Exercise? Something is definitely wrong!!

Ever hopeful that the hip flexor would heal itself, The Lower Limb Gym has been doing wonders for me, but you can’t only do something once a week or a fortnight, so I’ve had a program to do at home too. But it’s energy zapping so even when not exercising, I’m so exhausted afterwards that I simply flop on the sofa and veg out.

But the plus side to all this is I’ve lost 15lbs in 4 Months, and I can’t even do proper Cardio yet. Portion control is a big factor and I can’t recommend MyFitnessPal enough, you can count cals, exercise minutes and even find friends and workout buddies should you wish. It’s free and online, I have mine on my phone so I can always access it. It really shows up your bad eating patterns and when your most likely to lose motivation, so for that it’s wonderful. And finally my Hip Flexor is responding, not like it should fully, But definitely getting better and stronger too. So all dedication to working out is beneficial all round. And I’m pretty sure the hips are thankful for every 1lb I’ve lost thats 3lbs of extra pressure I’ve lost off the hips, which surely must be helping them.

Next xray is October 2014, hopefully at this appointment they can say it’s time to remove the Metal. Then by the time the waiting list is through, it should work out Jan 2015 by the time it’s done, That makes it 1yr since it was done. So pretty impressed as recently it’s been 20+ mths before I could even think of Metal removal, not 9Mths. Goes to show you how different this Surgery has been compared to others on the Same Leg, and Opposite Leg.

With all this working out and Family Drama’s too (Mainly Family Stress) we have completely missed out this Summer on Holidays, Not being able to book a chance to get away, or even think of ourselves even. This last year has been my worst year to date, emotional and stressful and for once nothing to for with my own health. So I guess working out has also given me an outlet to channel my anger, and frustrations into. I hope the next year will be so much better, but for now I will continue to increase my mobility and hope for a date asap.

Happy Hippie Healing xx