Woop Woop, Walking on the Moon


Literally I’m on cloud nine, it’s weird I know, to be so happy about surgery and to be told you need it. But I was scared to death that they could of turned round and said we don’t think it’s the joint or femur itself, we think more phsyio or more exercising will cure it, and that I’ve not tried hard enough to correct it myself.

So to hear that NO amount of waiting or rehabbing is ever going to make it feel better was music to my ears. I feel validated once again, that it’s not all in my head like GPs love to say, or your family may think? The steroid confirmed that it is a Bone/Joint issue and there are ways to correct it.
They are thinking of breaking the femur at the top near the ball part of the Hip Joint and twist it around so the Cam Impingement part will be removed so it no longer catches on the socket,a nd once again plated and screwed together. But this way it is far less than what ever was talked about earlier, and the recovery shouldn’t be half as bad. So I’m looking forward to it, This steroid has shown me what life could be like pain free, and hinderance free.
I have lots of Jewellery to create to keep me nice and busy, especially for Christmas presents, I’m trying to do a Handcrafted Christmas once again, buying and swapping with crafty friends. It feels better this way, my friends and I gain from it in more ways than one, I can shop from home and it’s so nice to know your helping out others, their confidence and esteem, and being greener for the planet as most things are upcycled, or recycled.
Looking at just before Christmas for the Surgery Date, So fully taking this opportunity of waiting to build up the strength and stamina in the Left hip, so it can become the new ‘Good’ Hip and be able to carry me, once the right hip is operated on. To shift some pounds in weight to certainly help out too, as it’s super hard to control weight issues when your so immobile. I’m determined to not been on toe weight bearing for 6 months like last time, and certainly I want to recover as fast as possible this time round. It’s time to move on with our lives, get all these hips and joints behind us and go forward with a spring in our step and a new lease on life…….
Just gotta do the surgery, and then the journey begins