Physio Exercises


While i’m still doing my physio exercises, i haven’t been doing them 3 times a day like 6 months ago! Mainly due to pain putting me off so i’ve become less active, which feels like a vicious circle as the less i do do them the more stiff and siezed i become which puts me off more. So have i created my worse nightmare and helped the disease of arthritis progress further, or is the arthritis causing me more pain and reduced my activity levels??
Also holidays are a big pain in the bum as i want to go, camping with the family as we all need to escape everyday life for a few days. And i want to go walking but do i go now and munch on every painkiller i own and grin and bare it? as it hurts anyway sitting down feeling sorry for myself, or wait until after surgery, but this could be 18 months later, and a whole lot of life has passed me by in that space of time.
On the plus side i’ve never studied so much before as i’ve enrolled on a few online courses to keep me occupied and i’m enjoying them so much, they do keep your mind off the pain. I have also just passed my Reiki course level 1,2,3, so i’m quailifed to Reiki Master/Teacher!! And whether it’s all in the mind or not, i’m finding that it is helping with the main pain at night. As i can’t take painkillers pass 8pm as they keep me up all night then, so i have to not take them to ensure i can sleep for a good few hours but the uncomfortable nagging feeling is always there, which in itself can hinder sleep so it’s a catch twentytwo situation. So since trying Reiki in the evening the pain levels have either reduced or i am managing it better so sleep has improved somewhat so i’m not knocking it. It’s early days yet with the whole Reiki thing but i’ll keep you posted on results or non results as they happen.




Well due to Hubby being ill i’ve had to do the school runs, which is 1.2 miles walk each way. So been doing 2.4 miles each day for the last 2 days ( as i only do the end of school run!) and although it’s hurt quite a lot,i’ve felt better in myself. As the more you stay in and do little to save your hips from hurting, the more you feel ill and old and it’s very depressing. So it’s good for the soul to get out and blow the cobwebs away, even if it does hurt for a wee while afterwards!

I’ve started going on my eliptical trainer again for 30 mins at a time, and even though it’s a walking motion it doesn’t hurt the joints as much and it’s far less painful than the real thing, so i highly recommend this for anyone with arthritis and are recovering form surgery.

I seriously think i need to buy a cane, for the longer journeys and just in case, so i hoping to buy a foldable one, so i can slip it into my handbag when it’s not in use.

Getting ready.


Well i’ve decided to give myself the best chance possible for the recovery period after surgery. So it’s out with my weights to help my upper body strength, as thats my weakest point, and i’m using my eplictical trainer for the legs, as somehow this is easier on my hips than actually walking. And i could lose some weight, as it’s amazing how much can creep on while your recovering from surgery, or from just being immobile. I’ve bought some hospital slippers and i’ve got around 4 months to spring clean my house ready for my recovery. So i feel more mentally ready than before, and hopefully i’ll be more physically ready soon too!

Finally got it!!


WooHoo i got my appointment through for 21st of April, bit gutted it’s ages away. But look on the bright side least i have some light at the end of the tunnel!! Now i hope they request my x-ray and MRI results in time for it, and i don’t end up chasing that too. Done fair amount of walking lately but soon suffer once you stop. In training to stop crossing my legs not even at the ankle, as once i have surgery i may dislocate the hip if i cross them,so better get out of the habit now!! And practice sleeping on my back too, which is sooooo hard as i’m a tummy side sleeper.


Finally after ‘lost’ letters i had the GP fax a copy through to O’Hara and it’s worked!! So i’m on the books at last, so fingers crossed it wont be too long. But the day after i had the letter faxed a lady from the Hospital rung to say i was excepted back on the 18th Feb but it’s pending….ie waiting for O’Hara to approve it, so i really really hope he does that soon.
On the choose and book system it’s meant to be 18 weeks from the referral to the actual treatment but i’ve done most of that just being lost letters or pending, somehow i don’t think i’ll be done within the 18 week rule do you?? Now i’m shopping for walking sticks, how dire is that at 32yrs old??