Winter Blues

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I’m not one of those that hate Janurary, nor am I thinking it’s dragging on for months. But I do hate this time of year for the darkness and wet damp miserable weather. For these bring increased pain!!

So I do fall into some Winter blues myself, and it’s very depressing at times. Usually I would make jewellery or papercut to help combat that low mood, but recently hand wise that’s NOT at option. I hate #EhlersDanlosSyndrome and #Arthritis

And all us chronic pain (spoonies) know pain and depression affect each other, the more down I am, the worse my pain, so therefore I’m more depressed. It’s a vicious cycle.

First of all I would say Tell someone how you are feeling, sometimes just sharing thoughts can immensely help, or seek a pain specialist, as lack of sleep, increased pain is guaranteed to pull you to the depths.

Take in some fresh air, I know it’s wet and miserable, but this has truly helped me so far, quick visits outside, have done wonders for me mentally. And though it’s only a little bit, I feel less burdensome, and actually productive.

Remind yourself it will pass, and it’s ok to let chores pile up until your ready, take a rest. Housework isn’t essential. So take some me time, have that rest and binge watch some awesome Netflix shows (European crime thrillers my guilty pleasure)

Treat yourself too. Life sucks when you’re constantly in pain ( yea I really do mean constantly, all day every day) so be nice to yourself when you can, a nice Sheet mask and bubble bath guilt free, a bit of chocolate and a movie ( I recommend Maleficent 2) or a nice wine at the weekend.

Hold on we are nearly through Jan, it will soon be Imbolc (First stirrings of life on 2nd Feb) the next Pagan celebration. This always sparks renewed hopes and dreams when the snowdrops start to show

Physio Adventures

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So far this year, I know it’s not far into the year, but I’ve been going steady with simple exercises done most days, with a few rest days and then walking outside too.

I’ve been using the Losing Weight App, found on the play store, and it’s free.

I know its says Man, but i am happy with it and I’m female. You can also adjust for any disabilities or hindrances you have. And they set up some structured exercises to do each day, they are merely 5mins long.

They include lunges, squats, crunches, cobra pose and planks. You can do as many or as little as you like. From this I’ve discovered I actually can’t lie down on my back and have my legs up at 90degrees, they are too heavy, too stiff. It’s not happening!!

It’s to kick start me back into a routine of doing some exercise every day, and get these hips strong.

Early days yet only just started, I’ve completed 5 days. But I’m hopeful

Have you embarked on any 2020 changes in your life? How is it going so far?

Happy Hippy 1st Birthday

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Whoa I’m actually at 1yr Birthday for my hip replacement. To celebrate I’ve been putting it through it’s paces,well as much as I can while not damaging the other one.

So for last week’s physio we did

  • Stationary bike level 2 x 5mins
  • Leg press 40kg x 15reps
  • Kettle bell stand up/sit downs x 15mins
  • Upside down Bosu ball squats (with parallel bars) x 15reps
  • Flat Bosu ball side lunges (with parallel bars) x 15reps each side
  • Trampoline marching x 5mins
  • Dumbbell walking lunges x 15reps each side
  • Resistance band squat walking x 15reps each side.

Holey mother that was a tough one, but I can see and feel improvement. So though I feel like I’m going to die afterwards I can only hope I fix faster and stronger.

We also walked in the countryside and saw beautiful Herons and Ducks too. The fresh air after being indoors all Christmas was perfect for my mind.

Walked with a walking pole, which is way way way harder and more taxing than a walking stick. So this was seriously putting me through the paces.

At the top of the socket, there’s a screw, which I’m sure is causing pain where I’d put my hands, if I was putting my hands on my hips. The cold recently is making it nag.

Had a truly epic enjoyable time, very grateful that determination and medication gets me through it. Though I will need days and days off to recover from it.

Knees are not improving when I go up and down stairs,they are still my nemesis

3 Weeks Post #Steroid #CMCjoint

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I’ve had a full 2 weeks on etoricoxib now and I’ve discovered that taking at 4pm onwards seems to be more beneficial to me than taking earlier.

So I’m glad I experimented with timings, to see how it affected me. Had a few days of icing my left hand, which really helps which I never knew before. But the right hand that had the recent steroid is doing well.

I’ve tentatively gone back to exercise too,as I’m also rehabbing a hip replacement, so I need to move as much as the body will allow.

So onto my Xbox Kinect I have EA Sports, and using my lightest weights 2kg I have created a custom workout, to help lubricate the joints.

* Note others with cmc joint arthritis don’t do this unless you’ve spoken to a physiotherapist or doctor * For a warm up I did

  • Shoulder rotation 4 reps each side
  • Rainbow squats 4 reps each side
  • Good mornings, yoga move 8 reps
  • Bicep curls 8 reps
  • Bent over rows 8 reps
  • Lateral raises 8 reps
  • Heel raises

Not a lot, but early beginnings of moving and trusting the hands once again. I do feel like They need splinting to help stability, so I will do that in future.

Still getting a few moments of heart palpitations so I wonder if it’s worth mentioning to the gp?

51 Weeks Post #HipReplacement #Blogmas

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As this year winds down, and my first year post op anniversary/birthday approaches, I am taking stock over what this year has entailed.

And my biggest thing is, I’ve smiled more this year than I have in 10years. I’ve had an incredible year, which I definitely put down to the successful hip replacement. And though me still needing a walking stick, meds and hot water bottles may not seem a success to you, for me it’s still a huge improvement.

Fitness is nowhere near where I want it to be, nor is my weight. But I’m finding that I care less and less recently, rather I’m enjoying life and all the new experiences this hip is allowing me. Ever mindful I have to fix other broken body parts, but I’m focusing on the victory!!

So no New Year New Me, or saying goodbye to the decade with scorn. My last decade I’ve learnt to re- walk 8 times, had 10 surgeries, used a walking frame, bath board, perch, walking sticks, and crutches for every year of the last decade. But each one of those brutal recoveries have got me here today. And for that I’m blessed.

I plan for so many more adventures and walking while other hip allows it.

I am lucky that stunning walks are so close go home, and that my partner loves walking too.

Paths not too uneven, so this helps the warm up and to keep a steady balance.

Hopefully I can do this more if my hip and hands allow. I’m still experimenting with #Etoricoxib tablets for Arthritis I’ve had a weeks worth so far. And while it’s not a 100 percent fix it’s certainly helping.

With that said I will bid you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR, and thank you for all the support of friendship you’ve given me, it means the world.

2 weeks post #steroid #cmcjoint #Blogmas

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Christmas has been and gone, and I’ve survived the festive period. The hand has been well behaved for sure, but the left especially on Christmas Eve was causing so much pain, and tears.

Wore my splints, bathed in ibuprofen and took the 8 paracetamol and 3 400mg ibuprofen. Nothing was shifting it. And this I told the GP as I had a telephone appointment.

The outcome was to try #Etoricoxib instead. Never had it before, so eager to try. It’s similar to Naproxen but hopefully it wouldn’t make my heart race, and cause total insomnia. I’m on 60mg ones, just 1 tablet a day.

Started them Christmas Eve. Took at 3.30pm and I continued with the remaining paracetamol and splint wearing for the rest of the day. At 7pm I felt sick and woozy. Didn’t last long though.

Christmas Day I woke up like a new women, hands felt fine, and I took tablet at 1pm to try and bring it forward. No splints, no gel, just 4 paracetamol and at 5pm I got a splitting headache. Thankfully lasted about 30mins, similar to day before sickness lasted the same length.

Boxing Day it’s incredible, no pains, just a touch of sickness again but before tablet. That was at 7.30am took tablet at 12pm and I didn’t get any side effects hours later like previous days. Happy days.

Friday 27th December the left hand is nagging a bit, but I have used the hand a lot with cooking and holding babies whenever possible, so I’m not too concerned. Took tablet at 12pm and at 3pm on our walk, I felt my heart race a bit. Seems to be a 3hour mark I start to feel a bit different. Splinted hand (left) for walking stick, but I still somehow crunched the joint (extremely painful) using taps are causing a lot of pain lately.

Saturday 28th December is visiting family so I can truly rest it, and gage how it is. Took at 11.30am had a small blip of sickness feeling at 4pm, nagging aches in the left, maybe some mcp joint swelling, but right hand continues to be well behaved. Had to use a bit of ibuprofen gel to settle them. Sore at the night time. Wonder what is different to Christmas day?

Sunday 29th December I think I know what’s different? I took the tablet late in the day on Christmas Eve, so I’m going to do that today and see if that helps my pain levels and changes how I feel. Planning to take around 4pm and hopefully the evening will feel better and the following day. Though peeling potatoes gave me the same pain. Hit an increased heart rate at 9pm so that was 5hours after taking it.

Monday 30th December, it’s been 2 weeks since the steroid in the right hand, and it’s working amazingly, very very happy with that hand. I just wish the left had responded like this, as it had previously too. Feel better taking it at 4pm yesterday, so that’s my future plan.

#Blogmas 1 Week Post Steroid Injection

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What a change a week makes!! It was pure agony prior to the injection, and obviously after the cortisone it went predictably stiff and swollen but not for long.

Injection Day

I was a bit shocked it wasn’t as painful as the last one, and very very relieved too. I had some family visit for birthday celebrations straight afterwards so they took all energy to focus on, a great distraction from my swollen stiff hand. Quite sore once the local wore off. Splinted for protection.

Day One Tuesday

Tuesday morning I woke up early due to needing medication. I’d had it done early Monday morning, and it was stiff and felt full all day. But the dull nagging pain started Monday night, and I awoke with it too. Wore splint Monday night and Tuesday day. Can’t use hand much at all.

Day Two Wednesday

Pain easing off, but still can’t hold a pen, or cope without my splint for long. Bruising going down as is the swelling too. Can’t lift anything as grip isn’t there yet.

Day Three Thursday

Slept last night with no splint, felt risky but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t relying on it too much. And it went well. In fact I woke up feeling so so much better. The boney point of the cmc joint is tender to touch, but the full feeling, and stiffness has eased off. I can now touch the ring finger.

Day Four Friday

I’m still taking paracetamol and ibuprofen to help stave off pains, rubbing gel into hands. In stark contrast the left thumb is crunchy and sore, but this right one is feeling good. Just need to start trying some exercises now. But ridiculous emotions have started, why does steroid affect me like this. Feel like crying though there’s nothing to cry over. Clearly sensitive for no reason.

Day Five Saturday

After a weird Friday full of tears and sorrow, it’s time to pick myself up as it’s merely days away from Christmas. It’s Yule tomorrow. So now my hand moves more free, I can finally wrap up presents. I’m glad I got the steroid injection for this hand. I can even touch my pinky finger now. Some dull aches and twinges but definitely improved.

Day Six Sunday

I’m glad the weird emotions have settled down. All I have is some resistance in movement and the occasional ache and twinge, but nothing too major in the right hand. Left hand however is getting progressively worse, so returning to ibuprofen gel and splints for that side. I even lifted a kettle!!

Day Seven Monday

It’s a week already, that flew by. Had a few twinges, worn both splints at times. But overall it’s all good, not needing gel as often or as many pain killers. Just some activities make it feel weak at times, so the splint supports it. The left needs more help, but that’s expected now.

#Blogmas 49 Weeks Post #HipReplacement

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The weeks and months are flying by, and inevitable progression has slowed down, and you don’t notice the victories as you did before. But overall I’m actually enjoying this hip, and I’m keeping myself on top of painkillers and hot water bottles. I’ll soon be at the hospital in Feb discussing the progress and the other hip. Looking forward to it really.

But as it’s the run up to the busiest time of year, I thought I’d share some self care tricks and hints that I use myself, to get through this festive period.

1, Pacing

Accept you can’t do everything, and be flexible with plans. Say no when you need too, leave earlier or nap whenever possible. It’s hard to keep high energy, when just getting dressed wears you out. Hard to implement at first, but no one wants you to feel stressed out and more in pain, just because it’s Christmas.

2, Medication

Its better to stay on top of medication than let it wear out and pain peak, so you are chasing the relief. So I become more regular and consistent with my pain killers.

3, Comfort

I have my comfort clothes, things without buttons (for my hands) and sweatpants for loosened around hips, and scars. Baggy snuggly jumpers for warmth. Not everyday has to be a fashion show, so be comfortable, it will help with pain levels.

4, Hot Water Bottles

My biggest win is a hot water bottle, it soothes most back aches, and hip pains, while warming me up overall which is a win for arthritis. Best Christmas presents ever to receive is a hot water bottle.

5, Tv, Movies

I watch a lot of tv, or movies when I’m really bad in pain and feel like I can’t do much. It distracts me, much like a favourite playlist of music can do too. Binge watch some series, your body and mind will love you for it.

6, Bath

I love a good soak in the bath, I will take my tablet to watch a good tv show (usually supernatural) and have a long soak in bubbles or a bath bomb. Use a sheet mask, or hair mask for an extra pamper treat. Be kind to yourself.

7, Journal

I vent, I blog, I journal so I can log my frustration out onto pages, and work through it. Sometimes it’s good to see what affects you and why it did, to see the pattern of change. I notice my moods and pain levels change with my menstrual cycle, and weather.

8, Sleep

I know Christmas is exciting and lots to do, but really honestly don’t short change yourself of sleep. You may need it more than ever. Crowds and travelling always exhausts me more than I realise. So a good sleep will help.

9, Prep

I helped myself out a lot more this year, by buying online, and before December even started. As I knew I wouldn’t be able to cope with the crowds, and the stress. Having it all delivered at home, meant less travelling, less people and ultimately less stress. So I find myself enjoying December more.

10, Enjoy

Try to enjoy the festive period, I do more now I released all the things that stressed me out, and I started to accept more assistance from others. Start meal prep on Christmas eve, wrap presents early, Enjoy nice food and stop the guilt train that we often impose on ourselves.

#Blogmas Steroid Day

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Omg the day is today (16th December) it’s officially 12 weeks since my last steroid injection in the left hand. And today is the right hands turn.

And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bag of nerves and dread. But needs must, especially as both are getting quite painful and nagging dull aches at night. Last time I had an injection it honestly felt like the thumb was going to explode. Thankfully it settled down, but it took 4 weeks too.

I don’t want to scare anyone though, as this wasn’t a normal reaction, as I have had 2 prior to that one.

I’ve been trying the 8 paracetamol and 3 ibuprofen, since seeing the GP. But I’ll be honest it’s not really helping. However the hips aren’t really behaving either, so could be a weather thing?? Hands are still swelling up in various places.

I really don’t like the injections through the thumb pad, it’s guided by an ultrasound though. Like this photo below.

I’ve had 3 injections through the thumb pad. Not sure what the difference is though, perhaps a better view of the joint.

This time it was so so much better, I saw on the ultrasound that the joint space was larger than the left hand though, so could that be why??

The other way I’ve had an injection is like this photo below.

Now I guess we wait and see if this helps, I’m hoping it doesn’t cause a flare up for 4 weeks like the previous one.

We talked about seeing a hand specialist as well, to map out my options for the future, as they don’t think my left is worth injecting again.

Now somehow I need to tackle putting up my tree, that’s already Very Very late at going up. Where has December gone???

#Blogmas 10 Weeks Post #SteroidInjection

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It’s finally #Blogmas and yes I’m a day late, but Happy December, it’s such a busy month, but should be good.

This month I am attempting to take control of pain, as some days it’s consuming very thought I have, and it’s ruining my positive mentality slowly slowly.

December brings two birthdays, 1 for my husband, and 1 for my third daughter, and also a birth too!! Due in 18days.

These are the reasons for chasing the help I can, so I can be present and happy for these occasions.

Today is the day I see the GP for some guidance on reliving this ever present burning thumb and mcp pain in my index and middle fingers.

Not sure what I expect, but I’m feeling desperate at times, with lots of tears at night from pain.

Left hand which had the steroid injection 10 weeks ago.

See above the MCP joints are swelling up.

Right hand swells overall, not as localised over MCP and DIP joints.

It’s like lightening at times, dull aches other times, and it’s getting me down.

I’ve been wearing gloves, and splints religiously, and taking medication that I have too.

I bit the bullet and booked my right cmc steroid joint injection in for the 16th Dec. So that’s 2 weeks from today. I’m very very scared and nervous. Especially after last time. But I’m hoping I can hold my baby granddaughter due near Christmas, and have a pain ish free Christmas day.

But at the same time I know it needs doing, as holding a pen, or my cup is becoming an issue. And forget shoelaces, I can’t do it!!

And I need my hands to build the Christmas tree up!!