Round and Round We Go!

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Well it seems the merry dance of Hip pain and surgery is far from over, I walked into my Xray appointment confident and assured that this time, surely this time the bone has healed and it’s time to get the metal out. Bear in mind the longer it stays in the harder it is to get out, as bone fuses over it and can shatter the bone on removing it. I’m almost at that time it’s been in 16months already. But I have had a niggle,grumble and burning pain in the groin every time i walk or exercise for any amount of time. In fact it was now worse that ever before, with only the Steroid injection ever giving me some pain relief. All be it a very short amount of time of pain relief.
Well this must of confirmed the diagnosis to him as he’s decided that while i have the metal removed, i should be looking at having the socket corrected using the Triple Pelvic Ost, I have previously had this done on the left side, with the only difference being i had it done at the same time as the left femur. This left me in pieces and it was a hard hard road to recovery. This time he felt that to do the femur only we could/should of fixed the problem without ever doing the Triple Pelvic Ost on this side. But not too be, and as sad and frustrated as i feel, it know it’s the right decision.
Not looking forward to an extended time of recovery and surgery, but needs must. I could cry about it, but the increased pain and frustration of not being able to join in activities, and walk unaided make me cry more.

So this summer no hiking planned yet, i’ll be in a garden with bbq’s and pimms!