Day 48 Post Op Appointment

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I’ll be the first to say I’m disappointed I’m not one of ‘those’ who get to walk into their post op appointment walking unaided, as I’d wrongfully assumed.

And I am wholeheartedly disappointed, but I can’t focus on the negative. I need to accept what will be will be. At least pains I had pre surgery are subsiding, though at times I couldn’t ever imagine that, Especially groin pain and knee pains.

My strength is returning, I just need consistent physio exercises and do them regular. And hope I finally rid myself of the Trendelenburg gait. I’ve had for 10years.

Obviously I’m wearing my Tragically Hip tee you can buy here it’s now my tradition to wear a tee to all my appointments. I also have this one

Now I need to find a bionic one really don’t I?

I saw a Registrar of McBryde which I haven’t seen before. No real check up or needed x-rays, (this disappointed me as I wanted to spy on them) but he did pull up an x-ray so I could take a photo of it.

I will say he seemed mighty impressed I have a custom made implant. He explained that because it’s custom and I’m complex a revision one will be extremely difficult, so sports that involves falling, and impact aren’t recommended. To try and preserve the joint for as long as possible.

So with that I may have to forever hang up my snowboard, and just accept it, or accept the high risks that come with it. This and jogging too. Though not jogging won’t hurt half as much.

Luckily there’s lots I can do, and want to do, which are hiking, cycling and swimming, so it’s not all bad.

He’s the second surgeon to say preserve it as much as possible, and also to be realistic about being totally pain free, I understand for some people that’s not what they want to hear, but I’d rather know the truth than skirt around it.

He says my ‘staple’ is possibly a stitch in the muscle underneath, (but I heard all this last time they did it, all the denials until a had another surgery and they found it!!)

Well that’s me apparently for a whole YEAR, he wants both hips x-rayed next year, I think they would like to keep an eye on the other hip. I can ring up and be seen earlier if I need to.

Day 47 it’s Hydro day!!

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Yay it’s my Hydrotherapy day, the best way to start the week. Finally a Monday I’m not dreading!!

Cue excitement as I love the water. The water is highly chlorinated so it’s more buoyancy, therefore more supportive, so once you are chest height in water, you can water unaided. (Side note this chlorine seriously eats your swimwear, so but cheap ones solely for these sessions)

As it’s the first session I’m making sure I don’t do too much beforehand or afterwards, as I know how tiring it is. As in water you can work your muscles so much more and not realise it until you get out. So my advice for anyone having Hydro is rest afterwards.

Once in the pool it’s important to warm up and to do that we gently walk up and down the pool a few times going forward. Then to do it sideways, switching leading leg to keep both sides evenly worked out. And backwards walking too. That’s a new one for me!

  • Walking forward up and down x2
  • Walking sideways up and down x2
  • Walking backwards up and down x2

Then it’s onto the actual exercises.

  • Step up forwards 20 reps
  • Step up sideways 20 reps
  • Hip flexion with float ring 20 reps
  • Hip abduction with float ring 20 reps
  • Hip extension with float ring 20 reps
  • Engage core, push float down with arms 20 reps (core exercises)
  • Floatation arm rise 20 reps (lying flat on back with floatation aids, one arm to raise out of water (core exercises)

Phew after that I’m pooped, but actually impressed I got some good exercises, and they weren’t easy either. I’m sure I will feel them tomorrow especially.

* On this day I had some personal family news that was deeply upsetting and devastating. I know this affected my pain levels, and the actual will to do the exercises. * So I think next week I will do better.

Day 46 rest days are important

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It’s a constant battle of guilt feelings of what I should be doing, with also feelings of ‘no my body needs a good rest as well’. It’s a full on war in the mind.

Not only am I fiercely trying to rehab the hip effectively, but inactivity, decreased mobility and medications of various nature’s have all piled on the pounds. So I’m keen to start getting into shape too.

I’m acutely aware that excessive weight is NOT helping my Arthritis, yet the Arthritis stops the exercise (catch 22 vicious circle)

In this all or nothing society we are all fighting the lack of motivation to do it, or the feeling we must do it all to somehow make up for lost time.

It’s wrong to think you need to do it all the time, with resistant training you cause microscopic tears in the muscles, so a rest helps repair the muscles, tendons and bone, allowing connective tissues time to rebuild themselves.

So when you’re telling yourself your not doing enough, remember this. Giving your body time to recover and repair is equally as important as moving your body too.

Day 45 swellings

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The ever swelling thigh is annoying, but I’ve been using a walking stick since a week last Sunday all day every day, even outside.

And then with physio exercises as well. Using the stick to stabilise as I do mini squats, or hip flexion etc. So it’s not as supportive as a crutch, making the hips work harder.

With exercise and physio, and walking a lot more, it’s making the hip irritated, good for healing. But it gets sore and swells a lot.

But I’m proud to say every day this week I’ve done some physio in some form, but not pushed as hard as I could, as I’m hoping doing it less hard but everyday is better than going all in, but then crippled for a week.

I’m loving the no compression stockings, skin definitely needs more tlc to get it less dry. But hoping the sunshine of this week will help too.

Day 44 post #hipreplacement

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The weeks are running away with me, and I’ll soon be seeing the x-ray of my new hip. I can’t wait.

This week I feel I’ve made some good victories. Starting with going out with a walking stick, to test stairs (my biggest nemesis)

To then trying out walking around a few shops again with a walking stick. I’m using it 100% of the time now. Though admittedly my splinted hand hates it compared to the crutch.

The tentative start to some weights and basic compound exercises have helped boost my mood and in feeling less helpless this week.

So when the chance to pop to the local castle and have a walk outside came up, I jumped (not literally, I’m not mad!!)

The chance to test incline and declines was daunting, but exciting too, to gage the hip properly.

This was a nice steady walk, arm in arm with hubby. My breathing and fitness were more of an issue than my hip!

Made it to the top, (I so should of sone a Rocky celebration at top). Now to wait to see if we can spot the Tornadoes doing a flyover to say goodbye, as they are retiring after 40years.

Sadly they turned around the back of the castle and not the front as planned, so super hard to spot them, definitely couldn’t see any detail. But I loved hearing them.

But here is a good photo of a tornado.

Feeling tired afterwards, in fact I promptly fell asleep once I’d settled at home, yet only was outdoors for less than an hour. I could feel aches and pains, but more from muscle weakness. The joint itself seems fine, a touch of groin pain sporadically.

Blog Book Tour Five Bloody Hearts by Joy Ellis

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#AD gifted book.

After a time away to have hip surgery and recovery, I’m back onto the blog book tour. So once again I can delve deeper into crime, and mystery and nurture that inner Sherlock in me. This time it’s a new author to me, so I have no idea what to expect.

Not everyday I can exercise or do chores, so what better way to spend some of my hip recovery, but to read and get lost for a few hours each day.

From multiple #1 best-selling author Joy Ellis, comes a mystery that will have you glued from first page to last, with a truly shocking conclusion.

Grace Repton, a beautiful older woman, walks into the police station to tell Matt she has information that could stop a murder. Her fiancé, the infamous serial killer Jeremy Reader, has told her that he has a disciple who is going to kill using Reader’s horrific methods.
Reader murdered five women and was finally brought to justice by Detective Ballard. Reader is safely imprisoned in a high security prison, and claiming to be a reformed man who wants to help the police.
But can Matt believe the serial killer or his peculiar wife to be? Can the love of a good woman really change a serial killer?
And the Fenland police also have another investigation on their hands. A Lithuanian migrant worker is found dead on the fens. There is no ID on him, but he has a Tree of Life tattoo. The third body to be found with this distinctive tattoo. Is this gang war or something even more sinister?

The police are stretched to breaking point with multiple copycat murders. And Matt and his girlfriend Liz will fight for everything they care about in a heart-stopping conclusion that will have you on the edge of your seat.
This is the sequel to the #1 best-selling BEWARE THE PAST.


My Review

This is a page turning read with many twists and loops, and so many What? moments? There are just as many dead ends to try and catch them out too. But even dead ends can reveal clues and leads to be useful. Will these leads hark back to Matt’s Past? Will it come back to haunt him and threaten everyone he cares about.

The characters are eye opening with realistic flaws and personalities. I felt no only did I learn some medical facts on complex mental health issues, but also learning about different cultures, and they’re struggles through this life.

6 weeks post #hipreplacement

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Finally the damn compression stockings can come off. Freedom at last. Though I say this, and yet at the same time, every twinge will send me into DVT panic. So it’s bitter sweet to get rid of them.

Such dry skin from them though.

Scar is looking good, but hip still swollen, especially over the bony area. And numb, around the scar I can’t really feel anything at all, I often knock it as there’s no sensation.

I have another week until hydrotherapy and my 6week post op check up. (It will be 6 weeks 6 days) So it’s just me bumbling along trying new things to challenge the hip, but at the same time not aggravate the sore bits.

So today I am trying to do some compound exercises, so not just physio, more weight loss exercises. These use more muscles groups all together, and help burn fat.

Goblet Squats 10 reps

I honestly can’t go this low, but I pretend I’m about to sit on a chair, then come back up. But holding a weight means I’m relying on my legs to push me back upwards.

Three Point Single Arm Row 10 reps

Isolating the arm and working the shoulders, which badly need it after crutch and walking stick usage.

Chest Press 10 reps

Working the chest and shoulders again and the chest, help build some strength and stamina back into them. I do mine lying on my bed or floor.

Reverse Lunge (But as I can’t stand solely on one leg yet, I have swapped this for) Hip Bridge 10 reps

Helps the back, and hip flexors and build glutes back up. Slow and steady as everything has been cut, and need to repair.

Supine Marching 10 reps

Pull your tummy in, pelvic aligned, march on the spot but lying down, on the bed or floor. Works the core while protecting you from weakness in the back, as well as stomach.

Day 41 post #hipreplacement

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Following on from the success of Sundays first true day of using a walking stick 100% of the day and night.

I wanted to truly test myself, as Sunday I went from a bungalow to a family members house, so the only thing different was the stairs.

But this time on Monday I needed to post some things, collect some parcels and buy some items, so I wanted to try this out with a walking stick.

I managed to walk up and down the shop layouts, get in and out the car a few times, and I was happy to move around alone (which means no hubby glued to my side, which i often make him do)

We didn’t do much, but overall I was happy with the progress, and it was my version of physio without aggravating the sciatic/piriformis area.

So for me it was a big milestone, to get back the confidence to be around other people, navigate the difference inclines and slopes.

I got back home, and needed a hot water bottle and rest for aches, and I was extremely tired. But I’m a happy bunny x

Day 40 post #hipreplacement

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It’s been a trying time since last Tuesday, of settling pains, and resting. Thinking I’m fixed, doing a little movement, only for it to re tear!

So it’s been a test or a lesson that’s for sure. Some days I feel like crying, others I feel there’s nothing wrong with it. When they say it’s a roller coaster it’s absolutely true!!

But it’s not all doom and gloom, I had a victory. Rest has done me good, and not to rush into physio I chose to try and switch to the walking stick again.

So visiting the mother in law’s house, for a lovely Sunday dinner, and she has stairs, so I’ve even got to try them with a walking stick. And all is good.

So baby steps for now, but progressing slowly baby steps. I guess forward is forwards no matter how slowly you go.

Day 39 post #hipreplacement

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It’s been days now and I can say it’s definitely better, not 100% but certainly improvement is there.

I have Hip tenderness over the bony areas.

It’s initially sharp but becomes an ache.

Pain gets worse with over repetitive usage, or prolonged time.

Leg pain radiates down the leg.

Pain worse climbing stairs, or lengthy walking.

And to help speed up this healing, I used a few torture looking devices to help.

First up was a super light resistance band, to do Clam exercises, but on my back rather than side. Then help engage Glutes.

Then to activate quads using a ball to do Short Arc Quads.

Then to help get feelings back into the hip. I’ve used some rollers to stimulate the skin, awaken the nerves and ease some pains in the tendons, bursa too.

Its important not to aggravate the bursitis, so roll around it and NOT on it.