One Crutch

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Since my last X-Ray on March 27th I have officially been allowed to walk on one crutch, and I’ve managed town twice! The progress with Physio is not going well though, I’m feeling completely left alone yet again, with Easter Hols here I guess it’s hard to catch the Hospital services so although I’ve rung and rung and left messages I’ve still not heard back, nor managed to secure a physio appointment for this Leg. But no matter I can bike at home and once kids are back at school, I can get myself off to the local swimming pool and get doing aquafit if necessary.

Weight is definitely becoming an issue, as I can’t believe how much weight I’ve put on over the last 2 years, I’m sure it’s not even that much in the grand scheme of things, but for me I’m beginning to feel HUGE. Super frustrating as Eating and Snacking are the only things you tend to enjoy while recovering, and living with daily chronic pain losing weight is not a priority. But now the pain is reduced and activity is now allowed to be increased it can now become my main Summer Goal and as the weight decreases the Hip should feel alot better too.
Just waiting for Physio on the shoulders due to the Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, hopefully the exercises given will hold the joint into the capsule, if this happens and the Hip improves I will feel like a New Woman!
I can also proudly say my BIGGEST News is My Jewellery Business was Chosen By BBC Dragon’s Den Theo Paphitis #SBS Small Business Sunday for MysticMoon on Twitter, and now I’m featured on his website for all the SBS winners. WooHoo!