INR downs and ups!!


When i last wrote here my INR went down from 2 to 1.7 and a week later to my horror it went down again, to 1.3 so nearly back to the starting point!! I was gutted, and the dose went daft and confusing. On one day i would take 5.5mg and the alternate day i would take 6mg and so on, and it must of worked, as i had my bloodtest yesterday and it bloody hurt loads and i bleed heaps (good signs they are) and it was right, i was hoping for 1.7 or up to 2, but i hit 2.7 Whoohoo!!!! So my dose is staying the same as the 5.5mg and 6mg alternating days. Thank goodness it went up.
Been on the Wii loads doing exercises on the balance board as the PhysioTherapists said i could. I put a chair behind the board to sit on and we re-calibrated the board so it could be super sensitive and i could use without standing, and going over the half weight bear on the one leg. Perfect, and it never actually feels like exercising and you do it for longer as your not so bored either. The only tell tale signs of actual exercising the joints is being worn out the next day and aching loads, so you realise you did more than you thought.

Bit peeved that i’ve been signed off from the physiotherapists really as i have no-one to bounce ideas off, or to question and make sure i’m doing the exercises correctly and not causing more damage to myself. But then Rich is happy we aren’t doing the drive of hell to Birmingham every week, as somehow a 40 min journey has been taking us the better part of 2 hours each way for a 30 min appointment.

Been making lots and lots of jewellery this half term, and i’ve managed to forget the hip a few times too, which lets face it is a rare thing to do. I’ve managed really well going down to one crutch occasionally in the house, only do it a tiny bit per day so my posture is poker straight and i can walk correctly. As once i’m tired i get sloppy and lean and limp, things that can hinder the recovery. So better to do it in small doses, and i move way faster on 2 crutches so at least i’m more confident. But Rich does warn me of being too confident especially when i’m out and about. I’ve never had my crutches kicked so much, You’d think they would give me a wide berth seeing my crutches, but no they like to try and cut me up!!!

All in all the recovery is going well, just very very slowly. Next appointment is 27th April and hopefully then i will get to go down in crutches and be more successful. To help with my bone healing i’m wearing some Howlite gemstone earrings, so lets see if it will work?!

INR went down


So my dose of Warfrin went up too 5mg as the INR went down from 2 to 1.7. It’s expected too though go up and down often so i’m not worried. I’ve adjusted to live with 2 crutches as although i was keen to go down to one, i’m not stressing over it anymore. He the consultant stressed that i could not put more than half weight through the leg, less is better so i’m doing that with the 2 crutches, as if i try to do half weight with 1 crutch i end up leaning too much on the opposite side and will soon have major problems with that hip again and the lower back!! So not worth it. So it’s another 3 months for me, i just wish i could do more for myself to promote healing but the warfrin interfers with everything. Going to have a physio review tomorrow so hopefully i will be given some land exercises to do, and maybe he can help me with my clunking issue, as that really hurts.

The staple really is a staple, the consultant confirmed it. I’m leaving it in there until i have my screws and plates removed, as it doesn’t hurt and isn’t causing a problem. And i couldn’t go under the knife yet anyway as yet again the warfrin would not be agreeing with that and i would bleed too much. Wonder if they will let me keep it as a souvenir?? Does anyone ever ask for ther screws too keep, or is that too gross.

2 Crutches still Boo!


Had my Hospital visit today, for an updated x-ray to see what the joint is doing. And to ask some questions, like is that really a staple left behind inside my scar? Why is the clucking so loud the whole supermarket can hear it? Will this last forever or will i still need a Total Hip Replacement?? And the answer for the staple is YES it is there, but it’s not hurting me so they will remove it when i have the hardware took out at 12 months, so that will hopefully mean i’m off Warfrin by then too.

The clunking is also a positive YES it’s going to keep clunking because the ball of the hip joint is so oval and keeps catching, as i’m raising my leg above my hip, so it’s catching and making the noise. And yes i do need a otal hip replacement in 10 yrs maybe i could stretch it out for longer or maybe i need it sooner, not sure yet as bone not healing as it should and i have bad arthritis.

The bone x-ray shows a bit of shading at the join and not so much gap, but the Consultant not sure if that is overlapping bone or actual bone growth, so not too confident about letting me go down to one just yet. Then he says about seeing him in 3 months time, so i say WTF i have to use 2 crutches for 3 more months, so then he said, try half weight bearing with 2 crutches while your out and about and just one crutch at home, but still only half weight bear. The bone is not healed enough to support a full weight bear just yet. Bit gutted but gotta see the positives in it, i’ve got a physio review next week so hopefully there will be a new exercise routine i can try or maybe get onto my exercise bike soon, or even my Wii balance board