Surgery Update


Well it’s been just over a week since the Mini OP and physically the recovery is going well, the Right hip is still niggly and aches like a toothache, I really hope it goes soon otherwise this does mean surgery wont work. And i have no idea what we can possibly do then, as a lifetime of this hip pain with no action plan scares me to death! Way more than facing a surgery and recovery period.

But man, No-one ever ever told me how this Kenalog steroid was going to affect me mentally and emotionally. I’ve been on a total rollercoaster since, i look fine and i guess everyone thinks i’m fine and treat me accordingly, so no help around the house (except Hubby, Or begrudingly awful stressful help from teen), still have to listen to bickering kids 24/7 now it’s the holidays. So no-one gives you any leeway to be a liitle messed up inside, tearful and overwhelmed by it all. Which i will admit has hit me hard, I’m finding myself crying at ridiculous things, my temper is 0 to 60 in meer seconds and i know it’s ALL me, so it must be the steroid. So i checked out the side affects and yep! They were listed, in fact so was Round Face (Lol sounds funny, until you read it can affect you months after the steroid injection! Eek!) So i’ve had to try and explain to kids that although i look fine, I’m actually not and too ignore me. They shouldn’t fine the ignoring bit hard, they ignore me pretty well when i ask for housework help!
To top off our stress levels, we have recently failed our ESA medical held by ATOS once more (i knew i would, i failed before when i was days away from the whole Triple Pelvic and Femur surgeries lol As if you can look for a job while you can’t even walk) So it’s back to the stress of medical certs every 4 weeks from the Gp’s and waiting for a tribunal date (probably 18months away) I’ve asked O’Hara to write a letter again if possible as he did last time and i’m sure we won our case by a landslide because of that letter.
Anyways guys, It’s annoying not being able to work the hip and see if i can do physio until 13th Sept. Really hard to try to rest it, I want to be able to do physio and workout and work. Hate being at home more than anything!! But the Kenalog says i must not work the hip in case i can do more than i should do due to it’s pain relief (if that ever kicks in).
Happy Healing guys Love you all xx

The Mini Op and coming home


It went fantastically well, got to the Hospital by 7.30am Monday the 18th July My Mum’s Birthday and my friends Kim’s birthday. And by 12.30pm I had been down, given the injection of Marcaine into the joint, had my Arthogram, X-rays and Kenalog Steriod inside the joint and brought back to the ward. It was quick painless and I was treated fantastically by the staff. They were friendly and thorough and all you could ask for.

I had to stay for observations for at least 2 hours so it was around 3pm before we got to the car and ready to come home. Bit nervous as I normally have a day or two in Hospital to rest away from the Children and household chores, so not sure how this will pan out.
Got home and the journey was easy enough thankfully, and I had the first set of pain killers and I fell asleep straight away. In fact I slept all night, right the way through to 7.30am the next day!!
I was woke up with pain, a nagging toothache like pain in the pelvis. And on rising from bed I noticed how strangely stiff and cracking the Left hip was. The Right hip is sore too but thankfully the Marcaine is still in affect and will be for a few days. Once it wares off though I’ve been warned it can feel bad, and too be prepared by taking full doses of Painkillers every 4 hours rather than waiting for the pain to arrive and the deal with it. Got a bit more emotional and weak today, as I think the children think I’m better than I actually am and just bickering, arguing and generally being too loud and too much for me too cope with. I ended up crying my eyes out, mainly from sheer exhaustion and feeling pain. I just need to sleep and eat at the mo and not much more.
I slept perfectly again, I could get used to this, If only I didn’t still feel worn out and like I’ve been hit by a train. I can feel the Groin pain more today and when I get up from seats, when the quad muscle contracts. So stocking up on doses and riding the waves as best as I can. I’ve had to do some chores, like washing and making drinks, breakfast and wrapping up parcels from things I’ve sold and after each small chore, I’ve felt like I’ve completed a marathon, the chest is all tight and I find it hard to breathe. And I’m still shaky when standing for too long. I know I have pushed it way too far today, so pulling back and I’m taking the rest of the day off.
Got to keep a diary about the pain, and whether the Kenalog kicks in, in around 2/3 weeks time and if so how long for etc…. As I have my post op appointment on the 13th Sept 2011 and hopefully we can find out the results and decide on the action plan. Fingers crossed the Kenalog will work and the femur ostestomy will go ahead come Christmas.

DVT’s PE’s and Blood Clots in General.


Well I’ve now had my Pre-op and all is well, seems to be there are taking the past dvt seriously (thank goodess) after the BBC news peace I found, shame it wasn’t screened or prevented as it should of been in the first place! Here is the link

I think you will find the results shocking, and depressing. We need to spread awareness of blood disorders more, especially when 25,000 deaths can be prevented. No one tells you that you will and can be forever changed after experiencing a blood clot. Most people know it can kill you, but most don’t realise that some clots go symptomless (mine) for weeks and then kill you! In fact for obvious reasons the symptomless ones are the worse as it only takes one small knock to dislodge it. There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not grateful for being alive, and that it was discovered by chance at 6 weeks. By that time the clot had spread from my Pelvic cut, the join where the hip meets the pelvis down to the back of my ankle. It only started to swell ad get painful down near the ankle, prior to that the thigh was badly swollen anyway from the surgery, and it was painful behind my knee which was tendinitis which dvt’s have the same symptoms as.
If I had been given the correct tablets and stockings at the hospital I know it wouldn’t of got that bad. But in saying all that I understand that I’m young, likely to recover quicker (before we found out I’ve got EDS Type 3, that explains the slow healing now) and be mobile quicker, so resources would be better on an elderly patient and not me. But I didn’t heal, Blood was thick and I got the dvt within the first night of hospital. After finding out that stockings alone can prevent a dvt 100%, this has driven it home that every patient should be getting them, even if in bed for one night, anything that makes them sit down for longer periods than normal and exercise or walk less needs these stockings. You can even find funky ones at run by a funky young lady, which has suffered herself with dvt’s and has to wear these compression stockings all day every day.
So campaign and campaign and more campaigning is the way forward. Get it trending on Twitter and hope some people are made more aware. DVT is NOT something you ever ever want to suffer with, as you will do exactly that, SUFFER if you LIVE!

Holiday Evissa Baby!!!!


The Holiday was totally amazeballs and just what the doctor ordered, In fact they should prescribe sunny holidays for those recovering!!! I feel like a new woman…… well not quite but it certainly lifted my spirits and cheered me up again. It was beautifully hot and warmed the old bones up, and we spent lots of lazy days on the beach or in the hotels garden. We pottered around the town a little a night for our late tea’s and to visit the beach near the hotel for the best sunset views on the whole island. It was sheer heaven, and physically,mentally and spiritually i needed it. For 9 days we could forget chores,bills,medicals,doctors and hospitals and be pampered and catered for.

Although it’s all there when you get back, you feel renewed so it takes the sting out. The hip played up every day but i took a full days dose of Tramadol and Co-codamol to help cope with the situation. And a sheer bloody mindedness really helped too.
Well the next appointment is the 18th July and i thought it was just for a Cortisone Injection and MRA but i have found out they are knocking me out for the entire time, so they can examine the hip and joint without the hinderance of me moaning and the pain. In one way i feel blessed that Mr O wants to examine the hip properly rather than open me up and see, and he is taking the problem seriously (something i have struggled with, with other doctors and physiotherapists) But the otherhand i’m terrified of going to sleep once again, fear the pain the examination will bring and the decisions to be made afterwards. I guess i will know more and i should have a better idea of what is going on. So catch you guys in a few weeks time when it’s all done and i’ll have something to tell you lol………..