December Glossybox Uk. Mince Pies and Starry Skies

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Bit late, but better than never I guess. My #December #Glossybox #MincePiesStarrySkies first off the box is lovely, the writing and design, and I loved that touch.

#Naobay Equilibria Gel to Milk Cleanser. This gorgeous luxe gold gel transforms to a luxurious milk with water, nourishing with almond milk and olive oil, leaves skin hydrated not tight feeling
Full Size £15.99


#Laquaandco Cloud Lips in Daydream I believe, light as a cloud but with staying power, highly pigmented lipstick. The packaging is a bloggers dream being rose gold, and I used this immediately for my night out in Bristol.
Full size £12.70

#ModelCo 3D Lash Primer
Conditions and preparation ready for usual mascara, makes lashes longer and fuller. Again this was quickly used for my Bristol night out, made a huge difference.
Full size £7

#SteveLaurant Precision Tip Eyeliner, I used again for Bristol and with success, not known for a wing as I’m useless, but this helped me glide it on without too much fussy or FAFF. Really impressed.
Full size £18

So all those were full size, so I definitely felt spoilt for December, I loved the variety and quality of the products. Definitely a good box for me this time round.

My only in full size products were #raffaello sweets, not pictured as I scoffed them quickly. White choc and almond with coconut flakes.

download (1)

images (17)
Then this #Soaperduper Shea Butter Body Wash
Just a beautiful scented creamy lather body wash. Leaves skin smooth, soft and nourished. Not used yet, but I will be soon.
Not Full Size £6.50* when buying a Full Size

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I’m back, let’s chat…

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Well that’s the main part of Christmas over, and it’s time to begin getting back into a routine, both for the house and physio. And hopefully blogging too. But how often?? And what about??


Hope you all had a wonderful holiday, and got what you wanted. We had our first quiet one in 25years, first time i didn’t have ALL my children in 25years. This time it was just me and hubby and mini moon, my youngest. Who actually isn’t young anymore, she’s a young lady now at 17yrs old. What was yours like?

So Christmas morning was very different, all calm and relaxing. We causally made the dinner, while she created photos and blog posts for her own blog. And then got utterly thrashed at monopoly by her. Do you win at games? I’m usually good at #Cluedo but #Monopoly not so much


By stark contrast Boxing day was chaos and full of children, my other two elder daughters and my grandson. Even my parents popped round for some noisey fun.


The day after was for us to travel and see Hubby’s mum and family, but we’ve all felt poorly on and off over the whole Christmas time, so it was lovely, just felt sadly sensitive and overwhelmed. But all good, and more family visits in the form of my eldest daughter and her hubby as they’ve returned from Iceland. Board games all round again, and lots and lots of cheese!! Brie and cambert my faves, what are yours?


It’s been such a lovely break, and with more family visits to come it’s not over at all for us. Roll on new year, I didn’t think 2017 could top 2016, but it did. So let’s see what mayhem 2018 can bring. What do you have planned for the new year?


13 weeks post #hiparthroscopy Physio time

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These weeks are flying by, and its already time for another land physio appointment.

Last week you will recall, it was my first one, and though we didn’t do anything unusual, it hurt a LOT!! afterwards. And to fill you in, I had the appointment last Wednesday, and I spent Thurs, Friday doing nowt as I was still extremely sore. Saturday was a big day in Bristol, and I needed Tramadol and Walking Stick to cope with that day. Sunday was just as big as still in Bristol celebrating hubbies birthday, so used Tramadol and stick where needed.

And low and behold my Monday, Tues, Wednesday have been spent entirely recovering as I can. (Obviously I can’t rest too much, as daughters birthday Tuesday, plus household chores ready for Christmas) but its been harder, stiffer and more painful this week since that appointment.

Well I ended up doing the exact same routine for this physio appointment!! Even though I told her it killed me last time.

  • Stationary bike 5mins
  • Leg press 40kg 20reps
  • Hip bridges 20reps
  • All fours leg raise 20reps
  • Glute/Quad sit down raise (banded) 20reps
  • Pelvic tilt on swiss ball 20reps
  • Slide wall squats 20reps

But on the plus side, she said I was walking straighter, and with more stamina than before, so perhaps the nasty flare up was worth it after all?? Because though it hurts I am recovering well it seems. I even walked a bit unaided. I’m home now, nursing very sore hip and back. Hoping it won’t take all weekend for the pain to ease off again.

Have a lovely weekend you lovelies xx


Yule Celebrations, Part 2 #Blogmas

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images (9)

I can’t believe I’ve done it, in 21 days of #blogmas I’ve missed 1 day. Even though I’ve had 2 birthday celebrations, my husband’s and third daughters 21st. Along with weekend in #London and #Bristol. I’m pretty impressed, as I’m usually skittish and disorganized.

However I am disorganized at home, still haven’t got food for Christmas, or finished wrapping. But that’s a hip pain issue more than anything. So anyways its here, the #Witches #Yule. So here’s part 2.


A Yule Log plays an important role in the celebrations of the winter solstice and later became a feature in Christmas even, a large oak log was lovingly brought into the house and kindled in the evening, using a branch from the previous years Yule Log. It was deemed essential that the log, once lit, should burn until it was deliberately extinguished. The length of time, varied from region to region, from 12 hours to several days and it was considered bad luck if the fire burnt itself out. It was never allowed to burn away completely, as some would be needed for the following year.

In England, it was considered unlucky for the Yule log to be bought with actual money, and had to be acquired using other means such as favours, bartering, swapping, anything as long as no money changed hands. Often it was given as a gift by landowners, and sometimes decorated with evergreens. In Cornwall, a kernow tradition is to draw a figure of a man was sometimes chalked on the surface of the log, mock or block. In Provence, where it was called the tréfoire, carols were sung invoking blessings upon the women that they might bear children and upon the crops, herds and flocks that they might also increase.

The ashes from the Yule log were saved to make protective, healing or fertilising charms, or scattered over the fields. In Brittany, the ashes were thrown into wells to purify the water, and in Italy as charms against hailstones.

In some parts of the Scottish Highlands, a variation of the Yule log was observed, here a figure of and old woman, the Cailleach Nollaich, was carved from a withered tree stump. At dusk, the figure was brought into the house and laid upon the burning peat of the house fire. The family would gather round the hearth and watch the figure consumed into ashes, the rest of the evening was spent in games and merriment. The figure, represented, not fertility and life but of the evils of winter and death, the figure had to be totally consumed if misfortune and death were to be averted in the coming year.

images (2)

Mistletoe, from the Old English misteltãn, is really a parasitic plant that grows on a variety of trees, particularly the apple tree, it is held in great veneration when found on Oak trees. The winter solstice, called ‘Alban Arthan’ by the Druids, was according to Bardic Tradition, the time when the Chief Druid would cut the sacred mistletoe from the Oak. The mistletoe is cut using a golden sickle on the sixth day of the moon. It is often associated with thunder, and regarded as a protection against fire and lighting. In Scandinavian mythology, Balder the Beautiful was killed from an arrow made of mistletoe and wielded by the blind god Hoder. Shakespeare, in Titus Andronicus II calls it ‘the baleful mistletoe’.

It is interesting to note that mistletoe was excluded from church decorations, probably due to its connection with the Druids and pagan and magickal associations. This ancient ban on mistletoe is still widely observed.

Yule Candle 

This was an ornamental candle of great size, once widely used at Yule throughout Britain, Ireland and Scandinavia.  See how traditions havent changed much, not even the colours, as they were often coloured red, green or blue and decorated with sprigs of holly or some other evergreen. The candle was lit either on Christmas Eve, its light shedding on the festival supper and left to burn throughout the night or early Christmas morning, to burn throughout the day. It was rekindled on each successive night of the twelve day festival, and finally extinguished on the Twelfth Night. Here’s the tradition of the 12days. Its all pagan you know!!

While the candle burns, it is believed to shed a blessing on the household, it was considered a sign of ill omen or misfortune for the candle to go out or blown out. Actually in ALL witchcraft it is bad form to blow out candles. Better to snuff them out. It was also considered unlucky to move it.  In some households only the head of the family could perform this task, it being considered unlucky for anyone else to touch it whilst alight.

So there you have it, not so different to Christmas at all. So eat well, drink plenty and make Merry, for the darkest days are over, the light is reborn. Life will return, we see its first sparks.

Don’t forget to leave an offering outside to the spirits. That’s what we do. And as for Yule log, we use a chocolate one now lol

images (8)

Yule Celebrations, what’s it all about? #Blogmas Part 1

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Yule: Winter Solstice – Dec 21st/22nd

What is the origin of the word Yule? It has been suggested that it has origins from the Old English word, geõla, or the  Old Norse word jõl, a pagan festival celebrated at the winter solstice, or even the Anglo-Saxon word for the festival of the Winter Solstice, ‘Iul’ meaning ‘wheel’. In old almanacs Yule was represented by the symbol of a wheel, conveying the idea of the year turns like a wheel, The Great Wheel of the Zodiac, The Wheel of Life. The spokes of the wheel, are the old festivals of the year, the solstices and equinoxes.

The winter solstice, is  the rebirth of the Sun, is an important turning point, as it marks the shortest day, when the hours of daylight are at their least. It also the start of the increase in the hours of daylight, until the Summer Solstice, when darkness becomes ascendant once more. Finally the light is returning, you can feast, party knowing that the darkest days are over.

Cycle of the Year

Yule is deeply rooted in the cycle of the year, it is the seed time of year, the longest night and the shortest day, where the Goddess once again becomes the Great Mother and gives birth to the new Sun King. The oak king rejoices once again. On this the longest night of the winter, ‘the dark night of our souls’, that there springs the new spark of hope, the Sacred Fire, the Light of the World. New life is set to return.

Fire festivals, celebrating the rebirth of the Sun, held on the Winter’s Solstice can be found throughout the ancient world. The Roman festival of Saturnalia was held on the winter solstice, boughs of evergreen trees and bushes would decorate the house, gifts where exchanged and normal business was suspended. The Persian Mithraists held December 25th as sacred to the birth of their Sun God, Mithras, and celebrated it as a victory of light over darkness. In Sweden, December 13th was sacred to the Goddess Lucina, Shining One, and was a celebration of the return of the light. On Yule itself, around the 21st, bonfires were lit to honour Odin and Thor.

The festival was already closely associated with the birth of older Pagan gods like Oedipus, Theseus, Hercules, Perseus, Jason, Dionysus, Apollo, Mithra, Horus and even Arthur with a cycle of birth, death and resurrection that is also very close to that of Jesus. It can hardly be a coincidence that the Christians, also used this time of year for the birth of Christ, mystically linking him with the Sun.

That Yule is another fire festival, should come as no surprise, however unlike the more public outdoor festival of the summer solstice, Yule lends itself to a more private and domestic celebration. It is definitely more private for us, firstl its too cold and so close to Christmas, so its easier to celebrate at home quietly. Yet like its midsummer counterpart, is strongly associated with fertility and the continuation of life. Here the Goddess is in her dark aspect, as ‘She Who Cuts The Thread’ or ‘Our Lady in Darkness’, calling back the Sun God. Yet, at the same time, she is in the process of giving birth to Son-Lover who will re-fertilise her and the earth, bringing back light and warmth to the world.


Twitter Competition with @jinks_karen and @featheranddown #blogmas

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I won an awesome competition the other day on Twitter. Hosted by jinks_karen

It was a collab with featheranddown

For pillow sprays, bath salts, bath essence and sleep kit. I actually thought it was all inside the sleep kit bag. Not extras as it was, so when it came I was shocked, at how big this prize was.


It was so much bigger than I thought, really feeling spoilt. The main packages were a HUGE sleep bath salts, Bath Essence and 2 pillow sprays.

Then packaged separately I also got a cute sleep bag, which also had incredible goodies inside. The perfect travel pack, it includes a sleep balm, pillow spray, shower cream and eye mask.

Such cute detailing on the sleep bag too. It feels nice and spacious, perfect for me to take to London.

You can find more info on

Follow on Instagram Jinksy_beauty

Or follow her home account, which is sublime home ideas Jinksy_Home

And check out FeatherandDown

Or their Instagram Featheranddownsleep

This is a fabulous gift set, and I’m really looking forward to using it. So thank you to both Jinksybeauty and FeatherandDown






My #Boohoo Top 10 Christmas #Blogmas


Welcome back, and apologies for missing yesterday, I was out celebrating my husbands birthday Saturday night, and somehow Sunday was a hungover disaster.

But I’m back and here’s my festive top 10 from #Boohoo. And it was hard to just pick ten, they’ve really got a huge selection to choose from. 

Star Jumper  £18.00 now in the sale. I love the sequins, and its a jumper you can wear long past Christmas too, so better value. You can’t beat a good sequin, especially around this time of year.

Witch T-Shirt £6.00 Okay, okay its not exactly Christmas, but I love it, and this witch isn’t going to pass on such a wicked T-shirt. Besides who doesn’t want one… 

Elf Door + Accessories £12.00 my children are all grown now, and were before the whole elf on a shelf phenomenon, but I love it, and if I had small ones now, I’d be tempted to join in. I mean how cute is this?! 

Santa Letter Kit £4.00 the magic of Christmas is the letter to Santa, or Father Christmas as he is too me. The list you write was always so exciting, and I loved the letter he wrote back. 

Love Laughter Prosecco Lamp £14.00 I love prosecco, and fairy lights, so this combo is perfect as a Christmas gift. Stars and Lights are always a winner for this household.

Checkerboard Cardigan £13.20 now in the sale. Its a perfect cardigan for that gent in your life. Reminds me of Vans shoes. Its a top that can be worn casually or dressed up smart. Very versatile.

Long Sleeve Pj Set £12.00 if you have a gent that isn’t down with garish print, cartoon print, then these are perfect. Smart and chic looking, while being relaxed and comfy.

Slippers £8.00 you can’t beat a good slipper, its festive winter print. And these look super comfy. I’m definitely looking for some of these for myself.

Filthy Muggle Christmas Jumper £12.00 in the sale now. Its a great harry potter reference, while being Christmassy too. A HP fan like me would love it.

Oh Deer Maternity Pjs £16.00 I know I’m not pregnant but these PJs really caught my eye, I love the pattern, I wish Boohoo could do them non maternity too. But aren’t they fabulous.

So there you have it. My top ten. Do you have any favourites? Not long now until the big day, hope your all organized and excited. Me… I’m totally behind, disorganized and stressed. But I’m sure it will work itself out.

My Favourite Top 10 #H&M Christmas Items #Blogmas

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Hello blogmas buddies, I’m back once more for another Top 10 but this time its H&M.

I have a love/hate relationship with H&M as I’m now a lot bigger than I used to be, and I find their sizing is often off!! So I struggle to find everything fitting well, but when you do find one, its a real gem!! And worth the wait.

So here is my top 10, starting with this beaut


This makes me giggle, my crazy husband and youngest daughter sing Feliz Navidad loudly every Christmas. So it reminds me of them. Feliz Navidog Jumper now in sale for £12.49 bargain!!

I’ve always seen Christmas bedding, and wanted it. But I can’t justify it for a king size bed. But if I had a single bed like my youngest daughter I’d pick this one.

Its perfectly vintage styling, woodland animals wearing cute scarves and mittens. Matching cushions available too. Christmas Bedding  £17.99 for the size available

I love Christmas decorations, but I’m a bit fussy, but spotted these and thought they were very pretty

Christmas Decorations £3.99 for a 2 pack
If you tire of the usual cracker hat, that fits no human, well it fits my hubby, but never me. Wear one of these instead.

Alice Band Reindeer Antlers £4.99 and of course you can wear to any Christmas party too.
At Christmas its almost law to have a Christmas mug isn’t it?? For all those Hot Chocolates and cream and marshmallows. Or in my case Gingerbread Cappuccinos.

Christmas Mug £3.99 I think this is the cutest, and that wink is the best!!
You simply can’t sleep without new PJs or nightie surely, and you want to make Santa proud.

Gorgeous Minnie and Mickey Mouse nightie Disney Nightwear  £9.49 its on sale right now.

To go with your nightie, I always have to have socks, I’m actually addicted to socks. And these are perfect.

Fleece Socks £6.99 and these are so cosy. Thick warm and heavenly.
To wrap up outside, if you cant grow a beard, you can cheat with this silly hat.

Its totally festive at least. Santa hat with beard £8.99

I don’t usually wear costume jewellery, bizarrely considering I make it myself. I like precious metal mainly due to allergies. But these really caught my eye.

And even with my metal allergy I could wear them for a night or two, so just for special occasions, rather than daily. These look fun, and you could make endless matches if you mix them up. Party Earrings  £9.99

And of course after Christmas you need the right headband. To see in the new year of course.

New Year Alice Band £6.99
There you have it, another cracking 10 items for Christmas. Not as much to choose from as #Asos but lovely pieces none the less.

1st Land Physio Session in Gym, 12weeks post hip arthroscopy

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We are here at last, 3mths or 12weeks post op! And I had my first Land physiotherapy appointment. I was dreading it, as I knew I’d feel like I was going backwards, compared to how fit I felt in the pool at hydro.

But I wasn’t actually that prepared for how painful it actually was. Now the pain didn’t start until I was making my way home, so I couldn’t tell my physiotherapist. But I sure will be next week, in case its something we can avoid.

First up was stationary bike, I did no resistance cycling for 5mins.

images (8)

Then it was leg press with weights. Now I have a feeling this is an exercise that caused my pain afterwards?? As it did not like this harsh positioning.

10 reps

images (9)

Hip bridges next, which weren’t too bad, as I’d already been practising these as homework physio.

10 reps


Then onto all fours (this killed my wrists a lot) bring bent leg to chest, then straightening it. Possible groin aggravating exercise?

10 reps


Then onto a swiss ball for pelvic tilts, this again could be my source of the pain.

10 reps

Pelvic-Tilts (1)

My easiest exercise came next, only easy as I’m quite quad dominant, so this works them out. Sat down, resistant band leg raises.

10 reps


Finally exercises of the day, again one I’ve been doing at home, its slide wall squats, only difference being I was bndd at knees.

10 reps


I walked out feeling like the groin was pinching, which then got worse and worse, I couldn’t wait to get home, take some painkillers and hot water bottle. Feeling quite deflated, and frustrated to say the least.

Part Five #London Adventures #Blogmas Winter Wonderland

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To completely finish off our adventures in #London, we headed from Covent garden, made are way to town, heading towards #Hamsleys and #HarveyNichols to go to #Harrods (I was wanting to get a particular Christmas decoration) but sadly it wasn’t there 😢😢😢😢😢

Harvey Nichols windows were amazing

Harrods was sublime as well

After all this we grabbed some snacks and beer from an express #Sainburys over the road from #Harrods and headed to the craziness that is #WinterWonderland

First time we went I hated it, it was so bright, so loud, so busy I knew it was all me, I was too tired, and sore to appreciate it all. This time we had at least rested well, and it was remarkably quieter too. Bonus



There’s lots of rides, a circus (we didn’t have any tickets, but it looks amazing!! And I’d like to go one day) we also didn’t do rides, I’m not able too. But we enjoyed the sights and sounds much more this time, so a better experience. If we weren’t driving home, and perhaps without a child, I’d definitely check out the ice bar. Perhaps another day too.

We came out around 9.30pm and decided to head for home, it had been a long day, a crazy two days. I thoroughly enjoyed every second, even though it was painful and exhausting.


Thanks for reading….