London for #SkyGarden #TheLionKing

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Last week we had an incredible crazy day in #London though we are all poorly in varying degrees, we had bought  #TheLionKing tickets and I was not wasting them. So doseing ourselves up we decided to go.

But it nearly didn’t happen, somehow none of us slept until 4am and getting up at 6am to get ready to go was a nightmare, ended up leaving super late!! 8.30am in fact. Totally forgetting it’s a weekday not our usual Sunday visit, so by the time we got to East Finchley ALL parking spots had gone! Omg what to do now?? Hubby checked out Google to look for more parking and we headed to Central Finchley, and omg there was ONE spot left!! Tight and oddly angled due to one car, but being a whizz at parking, Hubby soon dropped us off first, then did his magic!! Prayers answered, we are finally on our way. Didn’t get to London until nearly midday. Going to be a short fast visit.

First stop was #HydePark to eat our sarnies, because yes I’m that person that goes with a packed lunch, crisps and pop. Rather than trawl all around looking for somewhere to eat all day. So we picked the water view, and my goodness the sunshine, blue skies and views make this the best restaurant ever.

We saw the biggest swan, well maybe not, but I personally haven’t ever been that close to one, to realize how big they are. Lots of noisey ducks and very cheeky brazen squirrels. My day was amazing already!!

Next up was visit Knightsbridge house because it’s pink, and why not, daughter picked this out. We discovered houses on this street are sold at 6.5Million pounds, I can barely believe it.


It’s a bloggers dream, what a backdrop for fashion photos. After this we headed to the V+A museum mainly for loo I confess. But we had seen the marble online and wanted to see it for ourselves.

It was more grand than I ever thought, really pretty and I’m so glad we went. We’ve previously booked the #SkyGarden for this visit, so our plan was to head over to there. We take tubes, and it’s obviously busy, crowded and tiring. But we always survive it, just about. We booked it for 4pm. My hips were shattered already, and I needed a lot of painkillers to stand in the queue. Airport like searches, even my walking stick went through the x-ray machine! But in the fastest lift ever, we were transported up 35 floors, to the most decedent garden with views ever!! But boy it was cold too.

Once up there the sun started to set and it was the most romantic dramatic location. It was amazing

Not long later it was time to peel ourselves away, to grab a Maccies and buy supplies (sweets and pop) ready for #TheLionKing not many photos now as once there you can’t have your phones out. Burger was lovely, just what we needed, along with a very much needed cappuccino too.

We were greeted by some lovely staff, that helped regarding stairs, as we were high up. And now it was time to enjoy the main event, (we’ve only seen Wicked before) and omg!! I was mesmerized, enthralled and thoroughly entertained. Seating caused a lot of pain I won’t lie. It’s crippling to sit at 90degrees and with little support, so I’m grateful of the interval. I’m so pleased I hadn’t actually seen any spoilers for the production, nor had I even seen the film (bad I know) but I think I enjoyed it more because of that. It was full of humour, emotions and sheer amazing talent. I walked out feeling exhilarated and extremely lucky that we’d seen it.

All exhausted, it was a tube ride back to Central Finchley and then for hubby an epic drive home. I feel so blessed he does this for us, it was certainly a memory to treasure a lifetime.

My only downside is the cost to me personally, this one day on Thursday cost me Friday, Saturday, Sunday of NOT moving at all, I was broken in every joint, my back and hip especially. Monday it eased off enough to attempt some physio, but that was a mistake, soon back to painkillers and heat. Tuesday was officially Physio but it got cancelled, we went for a short walk instead, so joint got some physio in,  to see deer and ducks locally, but now again its wednesday (nearly a week later) I’m totally bodily broken. So as lovely as #London was, It takes a lot out of me.

Part Five #London Adventures #Blogmas Winter Wonderland

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To completely finish off our adventures in #London, we headed from Covent garden, made are way to town, heading towards #Hamsleys and #HarveyNichols to go to #Harrods (I was wanting to get a particular Christmas decoration) but sadly it wasn’t there 😢😢😢😢😢

Harvey Nichols windows were amazing

Harrods was sublime as well

After all this we grabbed some snacks and beer from an express #Sainburys over the road from #Harrods and headed to the craziness that is #WinterWonderland

First time we went I hated it, it was so bright, so loud, so busy I knew it was all me, I was too tired, and sore to appreciate it all. This time we had at least rested well, and it was remarkably quieter too. Bonus



There’s lots of rides, a circus (we didn’t have any tickets, but it looks amazing!! And I’d like to go one day) we also didn’t do rides, I’m not able too. But we enjoyed the sights and sounds much more this time, so a better experience. If we weren’t driving home, and perhaps without a child, I’d definitely check out the ice bar. Perhaps another day too.

We came out around 9.30pm and decided to head for home, it had been a long day, a crazy two days. I thoroughly enjoyed every second, even though it was painful and exhausting.


Thanks for reading….

Part Four #London #Adventures #Blogmas Covent Garden Bound

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Its Monday morning, I slept really well in my bed (always love Premiere Inn beds and pillows, so comfortable) which means a lot to a high pain sufferer like me. So we eagerly got up ready to plan the day.

As its our checking out day too, we carefully packed our bags, as we would be carrying everything all day and night, until we got to #EastFinchley.

I love covent garden, it reminds me of feminine romance, its probably the girl in me that loves #Chanel #Dior and I love the energy #CoventGarden has. So this is where we headed first.

But to fuel that, we tucked into a very satisfying and super filling breakfast at our #PremiereInn at Holborn. Service was top as ever, really well laid out, and our little vegetarian was well catered for.

I had waffles and syrup too. Sadly I couldn’t finish everything, but I loved it all. Another fabulous thing I love about Premiere Inn.

In a fair amount of pain today, to painkillers were needed to get me through, gloves to cushion my already severely swollen hand, I knew it would come with a price to pay, for a good day out.

So many pretty buildings along our much quieter and gentler amble. It felt nice to stroll more, rest more because we could. Unlike the hectic crowds on Sunday that made this impossible. So we managed to appreciate the buildings more, read history more, and just be real tourists.

To whole area is just so pretty, and I never tire of it, and that’s in the summer! Now I’ve seen it in Festive season I love it even more. You can’t help but feel festive, and I love the vibrancy of #London (though as an introvert I have to choose my time, and amount, so couldn’t live with this 24/7) but its sure good to visit a few times a year.

You know #Laduree do the BEST macaroons ever!! So this was a must visit shop.

Wen into #Kiko as well, first time for me visiting them.

I wanted to go into #CharlotteTilbury but it was sooooo busy I just couldn’t, especially with a rucksack bag, I’d be too nervous of knocking stuff down.

Next up we walked towards #SevenDials and #NealsYard as we’ve never been before, but I’d seen pretty photos on an Instagram page, so we hunted it out for ourselves. Safe to say we loved it there. So colourful, peaceful.

Loving all the present styled buildings

After walking what felt like forever, it wasn’t really, but my feet really ached, bad shoe decision on my part. We rested up in some court yard that had benches and people playing ping pong. We grabbed a few mins, ate our leftover packed lunch, and had a drink to fuel us up.

Even made a friend there, little Jefferson. The pigeon, like me had swollen feet and a dodgy leg. Poor fellow.

This concludes this part, as we are fast coming to the end. Daylight slipping away, its time to move onto the latter event of this day, going to #WinterWonderland. So check back soon for part five..

#Blogmas Christmas Window Displays. Part Three #London

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Last Sunday we hit #London as you’ve probably read in Part One and Two of London, so here in Part Three I can show you my wonderful #PremiereInn room, and all the wonderful windows we saw on Oxford Street, and Regent Street, along with others we found along the way.

Our room was spacious yet cosy, beds super comfortable, in fact their comfy beds is what drove me to find a new mattress and bedframe at home, as I was frustrated that we only had a nice comfort when we slept away. Now I can honestly say my bed at home is comfy like Premiere Inn.

We walked from our hotel, down towards #TheWaldorfHotel, towards #SomersetHouse to capture some pretties along the way.


This year the windows have been insanely good. The creative talent is so impressive!! Some were traditional, some almost futuristic, and some so much Fun!! Especially the interactive windows of #Debenhams and #JohnLewis

We actually caught our first London bus, and though I was using my crutch for my hip surgery recovery, I was soon bullied out of the priority seats by an elderly gent!! Sometimes younger folk need these seats too. Not to make a fuss I did move, but he’s wrong to assume his need is greater, and he could of asked nicely. This saved my achy bones, bad back that was developing and sore crutch hand, and we could still enjoy a lot of Christmas lights along the way.

Here’s my very swollen crutch hand. Crutches don’t have a moulded handle unlike my walking stick. Which means it rubs, and a lot of pressure goes through it, but not evenly. Seriously someone should invent moulded handles for crutches!?


Part Two of #London adventures #Blogmas #SundayAfternoon

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After the poshness of #Tiffany, we ambled down and saw #Chanel #Sergio #RalphLauren which we loved.





Wanted to see #Liberty and #Carnaby street. And stopped off for much needed Caffeine break at #MacDonalds I’m addicted to spiced cookie lattes.



Its really felt Christmassy, and each window more inviting and more creative, I love the effort they put into them. Bit confused of the carnival theme of Carnaby Street but loved it none the less. After hours of walking, the pushing and shoving of crowds we sought sanctuary at MacDonalds, then we planned to check into our Premiere Inn. Before the madness of the evening began.


Back with another Part for the Hotel room and Sunday Evening. Catch you laters.

Part One of our #London adventures #Blogmas #SundayMorning only.

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Today I’m going to share some photos of our most recent London trip, we went last Sunday, to Monday. Just a quick trip, to see the #Christmas lights and windows, visit some shops (not that we planned shopping) and maybe #WinterWonderland

First part was drive to East Finchley station, we found this to be the easiest way to travel to #London. Park there, and tube the rest of the way. Its relatively quiet and easy to park, so its stress free. Only bad point, there’s NO toilet there!! 

So Padders is packed, I’m hoping for a #PaddingtonStation visit, but its a wild card, and its far out, so its debatable if we go. But I pack my Padders just in case.

We come to a decision of where to travel too first, I want #BondStreet for #Tiffany so we opted for #LeciesterSquare to walk around, see the screens, and we can walk to bond street. 

We check out some shop windows, I find some Paddington friends. Checked theatre ticket prices in case we want to watch on Monday night? As nothing is set in stone for this visit. We also constantly look up at the amazing buildings, I love it. Though its so busy, sometimes it’s hard to stop and really drink in the views.

Here I found #Padders to say hello too.

We spotted a Christmas market in Leicester Square, and with hindsight we should of gone in, but it felt like we’d only just arrived, we were already 2hours later than planned, so we went along with the scheduled plan of Bond street.

This took up most of our #Sunday daytime. More to share in Part Two for Sunday. As you can see the weather was brisk, but blue skies, bright and it was busy busy busy!! All in all though, this kicked off an epic adventure for this family. Catch up more tomorrow