Physio Update

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Well since the x-ray back in Jan I have been left to my own devices to be honest as they feel there is nothing they can do with me. So it’s been a case of going back to basic’s and building upon them. Getting a bit stronger and recovering faster each time ready for the fully weight bearing hopefully at the end of March.

The knee seemed to take forever to settle down, so had to do a few weeks of absolutely nothing (which was very difficult) but it was so worth it! It’s settled down nicely and I’m so pleased with the result. I have now been able to tolerate the stationary bike at home for 5 mins sets and the basic physio exercises. This is what I’m building upon and it seems to be working.
Hopefully I will have some news about my tribunal after the end of this Month as it’s time for my second one. As we speak here I am building my case up and getting ready to go, Wish me luck guys x