Quickie Update

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Had the Scan at the A+E in Stafford and it showed NO dvt which to be very honest floored me with shock!! I was convinced as I know the pain isn’t normal. But I reassured myself that at least I was seeing the Consultant the following Morning.

Cue Tuesday and I was all excited thinking this could be the day I was going to be told I could fully weight bear and get on with fully recovering. Had the X-Ray and all was well, Saw the consultant and mentioned the whole knee problem, and he checked it over, taking me very seriously. He said it could be plate irritation and to keep an eye out over it. Or that it is a separate problem that the hips and femur has overshadowed, and now that it is fixing, the knee is coming out of the shadows.
But he said I could pick up the phone anytime and they would see me that day or evening to stop me needing to seek out the GP or A+E’s again. As at least they know what they are doing. Feeling relieved at that news, like a massive weight had been lifted, we settled down to discuss the Surgery and the X-Ray. Predictably the bone hasn’t healed, or grown enough for Fully Weight Bearing so another 2 Months on Crutches, as the previous surgery has shown that I’m very slow at bone healing, possibly due to EDS Type 3 Hypermobility. Least I was prepared for this so it came as no surprise to me or my Hubby.
Well Least I feel more confident that I’m not going to just die, and that I have some support whenever I need it from the Hospital.

DVT awareness


Yep it’s happening again, or at least we think so, I certainly think so. The old familiar pains are back and I’m worried it’s a clot again. Thursday night it reduced me too tears, it was so painful and I was too worried for words, so I took aspirin for peace of mind and put my Compression Tights on too.

Friday morning we went down to the GP’s as soon as possible, as soon as it opened actually and he listened to what I had to say, He sent me for a Blood test to see if that was positive or negative and if positive I would need to go to get a scan. Off to the Hospital we headed out, this is a massive ordeal on crutches. The Hospital and GP both said I would get the results back in a few hours time.
Queue hardcore worrying waiting time, I rung the GP’s to find out what would happen next. I was only given the most appalling service, I was told it would be Monday earliest for a result, as I was dreaming if I thought it would happen earlier and how dare I suggest it!! I told her what it was about and what the GP had said, and she said well we haven’t been told anything and there’s nothing I can do. Perhaps you should ring the Hospital yourself? WFT?? I cried and cried and i don’t care admitting that, if anyone has had one or knows about DVT’s it’s like a timebomb waiting to go off, this clot could break off at anytime and kill me, thats right KILL me!
I rung the Hospital and they said that unfortunately it would be Monday morning for the results, I told her it just couldn’t be as it’s about a DVT and it was marked Urgent, the results had to be done today. Finally she said, well you will have to get your doctor to ring for the results as they could not give them to me directly. Nightmare, this means I have to ring that Receptionist again? How will I ever get through to the GP? Surely she wont be helpful as she wasn’t half hour ago.
I plucked up the courage to ring, and calmed myself down enough too as well, I got ready to give this Receptionist hell if needed. But thankfully I got another Receptionist who said immediately well I will ring the hospital for you, get the results and let the GP know and once he has decided what needs doing then I will ring you back. How was this not offered before? Why couldn’t the other Receptionist be lovely like this one. Finally I felt listened too. She rung back and said it had come back at 770 so it was a positive and I needed to get to A+E immediately to get a scan.
I get there in Half hour, it’s 4.30pm Friday evening and I explain the GP has sent me because of my pains my history and the blood test results, and I need a scan straight away. I sit down and wait my turn, I get called in really fast, shocking, and it’s just to check in more detail before the scan to be told there was NO WAY I was getting a scan on Friday Night, I would have to wait until Monday!!! They said the only thing they could do was give me some Clexzane injections to make the clot stable and go back on Monday. If I hadn’t known that all they could do after a scan is put me on injections and then Warfarin then this could of freaked me out. But thankfully I did know, and although miffed and peeved I said ok. They tried to weigh me for the dose, but the scales wouldn’t switch on, so I said to the Male Nurse I know how heavy I am, i said I’m 10st 13 or 153lbs and the Cheeky Bugger said wow thats heavier than me! WTF??? What gives him the right to say that? I do have issues that I’m overweight, I don’t like my body, But quite frankly I’m terrified my clot is going to break off and KILL me, and I’m currently healing from broken pelvis and femurs, so losing weight while on crutches is NOT my top priority right now.
So from being humiliated and made to feel really small and a thorn in people’s sides. I have finally got home with 2 injections to do myself and 1 they did at A+E. Knowing I have to go after the weekend. I put on my OWN compression tights from HappyHealthyLegs as no-one mentioned them, or offered any advice in any way shape or form! They didn’t even give me a sharps box to put the used needles in!!
Shambles NHS and I’m Peeved to Hell

Physio and WK5


Update for me, I have physio and the appointment went well, and i came away feeling good and confident, and hydro is being arranged (i didn’t know that until then) all the exercises i was given he was happy with, except the small squats. he felt i shouldn’t be doing them while part weight bearing, and possibly this is why i feel sick at times. So not doing them until i can fully weight bear. Went round town to get my watch strap adjusted and ended up walking for about 90mins. Super proud of myself as this is the most time i’ve ever stood up or walked ever since the surgery. I am 5 wks post op so you’d think it would be strong now, or building up stronger? But no, I slip again (third time out third slip!) I put the crutch on Hubby’s foot and before realising it wasn’t secure i’d committed to stepping and was stepping down with the right leg, (Operated leg) So of course all 11st of me went through it, once more i got the stabbing shooting pains, flying up the leg from the knee. I couldn’t speak, or focus for a few mins. Then because i had a fair walk back to the car, we walked slowly back and the pain subsided. Thought nothing of it until later on, the knee felt twisted. I’ve had pains like that before so wasn’t too fussed, and decided to elevate the leg and rest for the next day as i knew i’d need it bad.

Anyways the rest was needed as my shoulder has proper popped in and out of it’s joint all night and day, the pain is unreal. I know this is purely from the crutches and walking, so hot water bottles and tens machine for that. Leg is much better after a full day of resting as i had a duvet day. But the knee is swollen and i have a vein bulging behind my knee on the right leg. I never had that on the left leg even though i had a massive dvt as well, the dvt was all up my leg and blocked behind my knee so i would of expected it there. But now i’m not sure if this is new and because i slipped? or because i walked so much? Or because of the blood blocking the vein? or simply it’s always been there but i’ve not noticed because until now the knee hadn’t hurt and wasn’t been scrutinized. I’ve took measurements of my calves, and they measure the same, Took them at the top of the knee and they are different by 0.5″ and at thigh they are a difference of 1.5″ so think i will keep recording it and see if they change.

I’m alittle worried that i keep slipping everytime i go outdoors, am i being careless, or not concentrating hard enough or perhaps the tablets are puddling my brain?

Besides all that, I am doing well, and fingers crossed on the 24th Jan i will get the go ahead for fully weightbearing. I don’t hold out any hope to be honest as i would of thought it wouldn’t hurt as much as it does if it was ready? Last time it took 6 months for the bone to heal, which is common for Hypermobile people, poor healing. But thinking positive to try and wish it, as i’m fed up of crutches already lol

4 Wks Post Op and Rehabbing


I’m now 4 weeks post op and recovering well thankfully. I’ve had a few slips where I’ve put my operated leg down harder than I should, which admittedly killed and I nearly passed out in pain! But ultimately think it has made me stronger and it heal faster. The staples came out after 2 weeks and the wound is healing well and cleanly. The scar is around 10inches long and although it’s not the the old scar being used (as we were hoping) although I can see why, as that one is wide and rough and tough. But I’m happy with it and even if it is used for the screw removal, if i sick and couldn’t do it as planned. Thank goots fine.

Physio is damn hard work, and I’m trying to do some everyday even if I am sore. I have dropped from 8 Tramadol and 8 Paracetamol down to 4 Para’s and 4 Tram and 2 Co-Codamol even though I have upped the activity which is brilliant news for me. This is better than pre op!
Christmas was hardwork, I had to wrap the presents and cook the dinner with help though of course as poor Hubby washe Wii for Wiiabilitation last time which was grdness for my perch seat in the kitchen, and My Mum and my eldest Daughter helping in the Kitchen with the Christmas Dinner. Christmas was fantastic and I’d do it again any day, it was the first time ever I’ve ever done Christmas Dinner for anyone else, My Parents came up and Daughter came home from Uni which pleased all the sisters.
Now I’m feeling mentally and physically stronger it’s tempting to try the Wii, as I used ts, I’m going to give this hip the best I’veat, and perhaps try my stationary bike too. Bit scared of the bike but my Hubby will be there to help me get on and off. Like he does with the bath and the bath board (thank heavens I was given that!) Totally recommend the perch and bathboard to anyone having Hip surgeries as they help give you a sense of independence even when you don’t really have any! Lol
New Year New Me, Well New zest for pain free living and activities, I’m going to give this hip the best I’ve got and do every bit of Physio and exercise I’m asked to do, to give myself the best chance ever. And of course lose some lbs as that can’t help the pressure on them. All these surgeries have made me go up a couple of stones, which is a nightmare.
Happy New Year and Goddess Bless