Physio and WK5


Update for me, I have physio and the appointment went well, and i came away feeling good and confident, and hydro is being arranged (i didn’t know that until then) all the exercises i was given he was happy with, except the small squats. he felt i shouldn’t be doing them while part weight bearing, and possibly this is why i feel sick at times. So not doing them until i can fully weight bear. Went round town to get my watch strap adjusted and ended up walking for about 90mins. Super proud of myself as this is the most time i’ve ever stood up or walked ever since the surgery. I am 5 wks post op so you’d think it would be strong now, or building up stronger? But no, I slip again (third time out third slip!) I put the crutch on Hubby’s foot and before realising it wasn’t secure i’d committed to stepping and was stepping down with the right leg, (Operated leg) So of course all 11st of me went through it, once more i got the stabbing shooting pains, flying up the leg from the knee. I couldn’t speak, or focus for a few mins. Then because i had a fair walk back to the car, we walked slowly back and the pain subsided. Thought nothing of it until later on, the knee felt twisted. I’ve had pains like that before so wasn’t too fussed, and decided to elevate the leg and rest for the next day as i knew i’d need it bad.

Anyways the rest was needed as my shoulder has proper popped in and out of it’s joint all night and day, the pain is unreal. I know this is purely from the crutches and walking, so hot water bottles and tens machine for that. Leg is much better after a full day of resting as i had a duvet day. But the knee is swollen and i have a vein bulging behind my knee on the right leg. I never had that on the left leg even though i had a massive dvt as well, the dvt was all up my leg and blocked behind my knee so i would of expected it there. But now i’m not sure if this is new and because i slipped? or because i walked so much? Or because of the blood blocking the vein? or simply it’s always been there but i’ve not noticed because until now the knee hadn’t hurt and wasn’t been scrutinized. I’ve took measurements of my calves, and they measure the same, Took them at the top of the knee and they are different by 0.5″ and at thigh they are a difference of 1.5″ so think i will keep recording it and see if they change.

I’m alittle worried that i keep slipping everytime i go outdoors, am i being careless, or not concentrating hard enough or perhaps the tablets are puddling my brain?

Besides all that, I am doing well, and fingers crossed on the 24th Jan i will get the go ahead for fully weightbearing. I don’t hold out any hope to be honest as i would of thought it wouldn’t hurt as much as it does if it was ready? Last time it took 6 months for the bone to heal, which is common for Hypermobile people, poor healing. But thinking positive to try and wish it, as i’m fed up of crutches already lol

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